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  1. May be a related issue, but I am noticing that certain custom CSS doesn't work if you are logged in, but does work if your aren't. So I have to keep a second browser or incognito window open that isn't logged in to Squarespace to see what things look like to the average viewer who isn't logged in.
  2. Actually that combination didn't quite work for me. Had to do this: .sqs-announcement-bar { background-color: #ab1313; } .sqs-announcement-bar-text { color: #fff; }
  3. Thanks, I would have figured it out, but easier to look up. You'd think this would be a pretty standard this to have a customization setting for, Squarespace.
  4. I actually went. back to your original selection and added "target="_blank right after the URL, and that did work. I didn't think it would unless I was writing out the full code, but seems it did. Thanks.
  5. So that works on the first image thumbnail, but not the others or the headline links. Getting close though. Is there some adjustment that will hit the others?
  6. Site is here https://jameslang.squarespace.com (pass=langview) Its the section on the home page under "Recent Essays" The three illustrations and headlines all link to another site. Links are set in the Blog interface for each post by checking "Post Title Should Link to Source URL". Unlike other places, there is no choice to open that link in new window. I know how to use target="_blank" if I'm writing it out in a code box, but this is just a toggle, and I don't think I can just add that on to the URL can I? I'm only a hack coder, so maybe there is a way, but can't. understand why Squarespace does give you the new window option here, as they do most other places.
  7. I just ended up cropping the image with extra space at the top, but can't do that in all cases, so be nice to know another way to change this.
  8. Building out a new site in 7.1, and I'm using a summary block to link some images to offsite pages. There are other ways I could do this, but the summary block gives me the best look and functionality for this. Only problem is, I don't have the ability to open the links in a new window, which I generally do with offsite links. Most other areas in Squarespace give you a toggle to chose to "open link in a new window", but I don't see this option in the summary block. There is a selection "Post Title should link to Source URL" but no option to open the link in a new window. Am I missing something, or is there any easy way to add this with code somehow, or any plans to add this feature?
  9. Working with 7.1 for the first time, and I have a full width image that I want directly under the page header, but it seems the header is covering up the top of the image when its in the top block. If I push the block with the image lower on the page it crops correctly, but if its in the top block, it seems to be running behind the header. If would seem there would be some simple setting to change this behavior, but I can figure out what it is.
  10. I went through this a few months ago, and was very frustrating, but as far as I know the issue has been fixed. Was with my site, at least.
  11. This works great, but wondering if there is an easy way to have the look of the button match the style of the standard Squarespace small button style.
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