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  1. Hi @tuanphan, I also have a question it's the same as the second part of question 1 from @Campcamp How do I change the Shopping Cart Title Font Family and Font Size? I'm using Jaunt Template (squarespace 7.0) - even if I try to remove the title (instead of changing the font) it doesn't work yet my other CSS works (to remove social links from product page).
  2. Thanks for the information https://www.5thavenueskin.com.au/cart
  3. Hi, I need to change the font for 'Shopping Cart' text on my cart page. Where can I add this so that it only changes the Heading for this page only (CART) ? Google inspect and this is what is currently set for the Heading (H2) font-family: Playfair Display SC - I need it changed to Lago. Also where exactly do you enter CSS for the cart area? Thanks, Lee
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