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  1. Site URL: https://www.templederryproperties.co.uk/ Hi, I have two images the correct size on Desktop however on Mobile they are big. How can I resize these (on Mobile? https://www.templederryproperties.co.uk/ It is the two images on the left (Two Logos, Master Builders and Trust Mark. Thanks, Lee
  2. Thanks Tuan - I can't seem to find the SLIDESHOW FULL option (I normally use 7.0!!) Edit: I found it. How can I have a white box that sits in the middle like: Currently I have: https://www.theshoreatgerringong.com.au/ (Pwd: theshore) And need the same sort of box with a Notify Me button to sign up to the mailing list. (Header can stay as as header where it is)
  3. How can I set up a Coverpage on 7.1 similar to this? https://www.curatedandmade.com.au/ I have added CSS to hide the head and footer however can not find a setting to have the slideshow background with a text box with white background like the example. Was curatedandmade.com.au designed on 7.0? Thanks, Leanne
  4. Hi Tuan, I would also like An Intersection of ASrt, Culture, HUmanity & Desire to have the same border/button as join now
  6. Would this work if I wanted to rearrange the image (of the guy at his desk) to place it inbetween dry needling and corporate massage on Mobile only? Desktop is correct and I have attached an image, Mobile loads as attached image https://www.melbmyo.com.au/ Thanks
  7. Hi TuanPhan, not this is not solved - do you know what I can add to fix it? Thanks
  8. Hi Meeee Did you manage to find a fix for the alignment? "It's a bummer because it doesn't stretch the ProductItem-Summary over towards it, so there is a big gap in the space. I guess you could align?" I used your code (THANKS) but now have the big space. Thanks, Leanne
  9. Site URL: https://pigeon-orange-s7hm.squarespace.com/ Hi, https://pigeon-orange-s7hm.squarespace.com/ How do I make the Footer text smaller on Mobile only? I have searched and cannot find CSS for the Footer in 7.1. Thanks, Leanne
  10. Hi Tuanphan - no I have not yet - if you could take a look that would be great!!
  11. Site URL: https://whitney-kear-6txs.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am helping with this site and I cannot get three lines on the banner the same. I.e - it should look like this: Global Circle of Friends - As in Photo An Intersection of Art, CUlture, Humanity, & Desire - Same as Photo Join Now - Same on Photo but on the next line Is there CSS to format this for this banner only? Thanks, Leanne
  12. Thanks for confirming Paul and for all of the info! Is this a service SF Digital provide and would you be able to provide a ballpark quote to add this option?
  13. Site URL: https://www.setcollective.com.au Hi! I have a site that is currently set up to sell individual products and then 'sets' of the same individual products. For example you can buy: A Singlets in three different colours A Tshirt in three different colours A Long Sleeve Tshirt in 3 different colours all as individual products or you can buy them as a set i.e You can buy a singlet, tshirt, long sleeve top all in the same colour as a 'set' however when someone buys this product, it is not taken from the stock count because Squarespace does not know it is also another product. Is there a way to add more than one SKU per product line i.e CLASSIC SET (1 Singlet, Tshirt, Long Sleeve Top in Grey is Sku0000, Sku0001, Sku0002) so that it takes the three skus and subtracts this from the overall same stock count. You can see the site here: www.setcollective.com.au I'm pretty sure it can't - is there a plugin or can this be customised? Thanks, Leanne
  14. LeeLee


    Thanks TuanPhan!! I really appreciate all of your help!!
  15. LeeLee


    Site URL: https://www.milkandhoneycc.com/shop I want to add a page title on my shop page, the same as my other pages i.e https://www.milkandhoneycc.com/work i.e I want the shop page to say SHOP like this page says GALLERY Can I do this with CSS? Thanks, Leanne
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