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  1. Urgent Help! No support until Monday, which is absolutely ridiculous. Can anyone help solve my issue with Acuity? On my class booking option, the add on's (which are body scrubs and face masks) price are being multiplied if a customer is booking more than 1 person onto the class. Eg: 2 people on class = £30 + 2 add on's each (should be £20 - £5 each) but is totally £70. So the system is multiplying each add on line by 2, as the customer is adding 2 people to the class. As instructed by Acuity, I have created a separate SKU for each treatment eg: Face mask for 1 £5 / Face mask for 2 = £10 and so on. But clearly this doesn't work if the customer is trying to book multiple spaces for themselves and friends to a class. Does anyone know how to remedy this? Absolutely desperate as I've had to take off my treatments, so customers have no way of paying for extras now. This is lots of money lost for awful set up. Thanks Lorna
  2. Hi, Sure, screen shot below. Its subtle, but its brown! How do I change this to white ideally. Many Thanks Lorna URL:- https://www.oceansoulsauna.co.uk/bookonline
  3. AH! Doh! Thanks, I didnt think of that. Many Thanks for looking again.
  4. Hi, Sorry for slow reply. Can you still help!???! Below: - So I have my desktop set at 100% zoom page size. This is what I can see on my laptop. Below:- This is at 80% desktop 'Zoom' no over lap. I'm really confused, as everything was set, so I'm unsure why it would just change? Is there a fix for this? I haven't changed my browser window width. The URL is - https://www.oceansoulsauna.co.uk/sauna-experience-options
  5. Hi, How do I fix a formatting issue with my website. At 100%, the writing it looks balanced but too many gaps, I've reedited again and at 60-80% the buttons overlap the copy writing. Shouldn't the formatting just stay the same? no matter the page size. Mobile works fine, so that's one thing. I'm confused, as it was all set perfectly, so I have no idea why its suddenly moved. Any ideas? Many Thanks
  6. Hello, Hello, How do I change the font colour, so its actually eligible? Its currently brown colour, it needs to be black. This is the same for Add on's too, you cant read it. Any ideas? P.w - Sauna@1 Many Thanks
  7. Hi, The Iframe is generated from Simplybook.me (online booking platform) and I've put this directly on the page. URL - https://www.oceansoulsauna.co.uk/book Password - Widemouth@sauna@ Thank you 🙂
  8. Hello, Can someone please help with my booking button issue on mobile setting? - On mobile its completely mishappen/squeezed. Photo attached. On desktop its fine. I've set the embed box across whole of page so plenty of room for code. The widget is Iframe. Additional code has been created for the colours. Can this be sorted with code at all? Thanks Lorna
  9. Hi, Is there any remedy to this apart from taking off CSS code and putting it back in? I've got the same shudder when scrolling on my iphone 11 on various pages. Thanks
  10. Hello, My navigation bar is tipping over into 2 lines. I need it to sit on one line. Is there any code to move it? The setting is LOGO - Navigations Links - Social Media- Button. Password - Widemouth@sauna@ Location - Header navigation bar Many Thanks, Lorna
  11. Hi. Yes. Is there a way of keeping it small in mobile mode? Its on medium in desktop mode. Many Thanks
  12. Hi, The google map I have embedded on desktop wont resize in mobile. Please can someone help with a code to resize. This is in - Location page. p.w - Widemouth@sauna@ Thanks 🙂
  13. Ive added in the close tag and its all on the next line but nothing has changed if I go in and change the font size on mobile. It still reduces the desktop.
  14. OK. Do I use the next line, as I have code already in there. It doesn't appear to be working so far.
  15. Oh dear. I've re-entered it. Can you try again?
  16. Hi. I'm having issues with gallery size. How do I reduce size of gallery to small in mobile, while keeping medium size in desktop? I thought mobile was supposed to be separated! Many Thanks P.W Widemouth@sauna@
  17. Hi, I'm struggling to find code that I can use to isolate my mobile site heading size. Currently, its too big but if I reduce it, it looks rubbish on desktop. Can anyone help? I just want the heading to be heading 4 not 3 for mobile. Thanks Lorna P.W Widemouth@sauna@
  18. Hi, I embedded an Iframe Widget from Simply Book.me a few days ago. Ive gone back in and found I can move any of my text/blocks and the homepage, if I click on it drops to the bottom. Its buggered. Another forum person suggested its probably code thats caused this. Im literally having a meltdown. Why has it stopped working? I can add elements in but just not move any blocks around. Can anyone help? https://minnow-octagon-tnx6.squarespace.com/config/pages PW. Sauna1
  19. Ive taken the script/widget out and nothing has changed.
  20. I'm trying to edit a different page. Looks like i'm having similar issues 😞
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