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  1. Is there a setting which allows the visitor the option to either continuously scroll down through the page or hit a button?
  2. I would like the two pricing lists to appear side-by-side when viewing from mobile for this particular page. I've searched and tried some codes provided by @tuanphan without success. Any info/advice is appreciated! https://www.arielna.com/atompricingchange2023
  3. Hi, I created my website and I’m basically done. The only issue I’m having is there is this white bar at the bottom of my screen and I don’t know how to get rid of it. It’s at the bottom of all of my pages. Even on my store.Can someone please help. I have to publish my website soon. I’ve been trying to figure this out for days.
  4. I would like to have white color of heading menu on my home page, and black on other pages. Is that possible somehow with css maybe on in any other way.
  5. Hi all! This is the first time I've been using Squarespace and I ran into a problem that I cannot seem to fix. Every new page I create copies a certain section of another page. When I delete said section on the new page, the contents are also deleted from the original page. Is there a setting causing this issue? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there, I'm hoping to find a way to achieve what's written below, however at the moment I can not find any solution. Any advice / help is much appreciated. I started my Squarespace page as a way to sell my instrumentals online. I chose squarespace for the uniqueness and customization that's better than the normal businesses and websites for this kind of e-commerce. However, now I can't find a way to make the website function as I want it to. Simply put, I'm looking for a way to blend an audio preview with a product. In a perfect world, on the page titled "beats" (that I linked in this post, I would like to add an image (which would act as cover art) that has the ability to preview audio (my instrumental) with the option to purchase / add to cart (I've also attached a visual example). At this time, I don't know if Squarespace has the functionality to do something like that and I can't find a work around. Please advise if you know of something / have any ideas!
  7. Hello, My website is for a pet sitting business that I run. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to advise me as to how to add my new brand 'The Cambridge Catsitter' into my existing website 'The Stamford Catsitter'. I'd like to avoid the arduous task of making and setting up a whole new website for it (and save double the monthly costs that would incurred), but I don't really know where to start with building it into my current website. Ideally I would have a navigation bar at the top, one tab would say 'The Stamford Catsitter' and one tab would say 'The Cambridge Catsitter', and each would include all of the sub-pages. Therefore acting as 2 websites within 1. I'm on version 7.1 and can't find a way to do this... any help?! Thanks in advance, Lydia
  8. Hi, This may seem elemental, but can I have a different header on the home and interior pages? I've got my home page looking just about right, but the header isn't right for interior pages. What can I do?
  9. Site URL: https://coconut-grasshopper-b736.squarespace.com/config/pages/632491ecd2457c0d3e60fa0e?p site password : gingerkev Hi all I've added a section underneath the header - I used contact section simply because it was easiest to customize: 'corporate and consumer live experience photographer info@kevinmoran.co.uk 07932 490979' Is it possible to make this section 'sticky' and not disappear when scrolling down, just like the header? Ideally I would have added the line to my header (under logo) but didnt seem to possible... any help gratefully received! Kev
  10. Twice I have had a disaster with my shop page settings. I have set up a SHOP page with products created in the commerce section as 'services' (I also have 'products' shop page), and saved it, then later come back to find that the same page is no longer a shop page but an EVENTS page, and all the products details have been disconnected. (I also have a separate Events page with links to the services shop products.) The last time my Shop page mysteriously became an Events page, I had to not only create a complete new shop page, but also recreate all the service products themselves, as the option to transfer products to a new shop page wouldn't function. Is there a button I can push to magically undo whatever has happened to make my shop page an events page, and how do I make sure this never happens again? Advice appreciated.
  11. Looking for some help updating my page password. When I click on the page settings and select password protected I am not able to update my password from an old one. I am able to clear the input and type in a new password I press 'save' settings close, but when I return to settings it has changed it to an old password. I have also tried it in multiple browsers but has not resolved the issue. Any advice would be really appreciated!
  12. Site URL: https://www.diallekt.com I just installed a Cookies Banner on my website, and it seems to be appearing on every page on my website except for on my homepage. Can anyone help?
  13. Hi I have created the web-site and in the Squarespace viewing pane the desktop version works great. However, when I move to the mobile display the linked Location page is completely out of whack. Would anyone be able to advise please? Many thanks and Merry Christmas. DJay
  14. Hi All Does anyone know if it is possible to split test landing pages? So when a visitor is sent to a URL they are redirected to 1 of 2 pages in turn. Landing page provides are stupidly expensive, I will have a lot of URLs so this does not make sense at the moment. Thanks
  15. Hello! I need to organize 300 Images on my Website. Every Image should be in a Gallery and every Image is also a "profile" with 3 additional Images. Those additional images should come from the community (Is this possible with member areas?). Now my question is: How do I organize this? The most obvious way is to create a page for every Image. So I could create a page with Image01 + 3 small Image placeholders. And then I copy this page for Image02... Image03... Image04 and so on. In the Gallery every Image is linked to it's own page. Problem is: Does Squarespace allow for this many pages? And what if I want to change the layout for all pages or add an Element to all pages? Also I don't really know how to make the 3 smaller Images bigger. They are just small and not clickable Thanks in advance for everyone who can help me with this problem. I attached an example of one page.
  16. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and can help with this on the YORK Template. So I've just jumped back on to adding new work to my site. When I've added media to the page settings the background should automatically match the background colours but on some of them it is not. (image attached) Any code wizards out there that could help me add the correct HEX colours to these backgrounds so they match? or know how I could solve this issue? Many thanks in advance!
  17. I want to put a product's description under product name, as following. I will realy appreciate if someone can help me . Thanks ahead!
  18. Hello. Working on a site the first section of each page (except homepage) is not loading correctly in mobile. Instead of loading at the top of the section, it is loading in the middle of the content, and pushing some of the section content down to overlap with the second section. Examples below. Rendering correctly in desktop version. (https://hibiscus-dachshund-wk7b.squarespace.com/config/design)! This is only happening in mobile. Can someone look at my CSS to see if I have anything incorrect that could be causing this? Or if there is a fix? I'm still pretty mid-level with SS. password: forumhelp THANK YOU!
  19. Hello! Due to how I wanted my website to work, I have my home page set as one of Squarespace's "Portfolio" pages. Issue is, I'm not a fan of particular portfolio projects showing up in search results. Screenshot attached as example. However, in the SEO settings of each portfolio project it is not giving me an option to hide from search engines. Screenshot attached of what I see in that menu. Any advice? Thank you!
  20. Is it possible to make the QR cod for my shop, collection? I have some collections, and one of them now on the exhibition - so, I would like to make more easy to open immediately page with that collection
  21. Hello, We have a problem about page structure, We do understand how to change and play with the spacer blocks but whatever we try, the outcome stays that it looks different on different types of devices. The layout of the project pages on our website should all look similar, but unfortunately it looks different on my laptop (MacBook) than on my colleagues computer (LG). This problem is not only limited to the brands of the computers but also to the devices: phone and tablet. How can we arrange it in a way it looks similar everywhere? And, if we need to code for this, which code do we need and how do we do this? …because we have never done this before.
  22. I am trying to add a custom text block onto each of my category pages. The idea is when you click on the category page, a brief summary of the products will show up. Currently, the same text shows up amongst all the pages when adding a text block. https://ukulele-flamingo-4zf8.squarespace.com/
  23. Hello guys Is there any code to manage padding on Pages (not gallery page or home page). I want to cover more space from the sides. Thank you!
  24. Hi, I want to hide the Page Header (Logo and Navigation) for a specific number of pages within a site. I have worked out I need to insert code into the Advanced Settings of the specific page and have used: <style> header, footer, mobile-bar {display:none !important; } </style> This worked and hides the Page Header on a desktop machine but when I view it on a mobile the template still inserts a Menu. Is there anything I need to add to make the Menu disappear? Thanks in advance John
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