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  1. I'm planning on offering walking tours - as of right now, I have been able to figure out how to do multiple bookings for one tour I've capped at 20, but what I can't figure out is if there's a way to offer said tour at different pricing levels (i.e. adult, child, family). For now I've used the add-ons to add a child ticket, but is there an easier way to integrate this into the actual pricing options?
  2. I have really been struggling with trying to find a scheduling option for my client that is opening a dance studio. We need something that will allow them to have some classes (usually group classes) that are ongoing, as well as some that are drop-in (pay as you go) classes, as well as some classes that the dancers have to sign up for a full term (36 weeks). When I create the Full term classes I have to set the minutes because I can't set a certain date to a certain date correct? So I thought a workaround would be to make these classes a 'product' instead and they pay once for the full term. We also require class cards where someone can purchase a 10 class card for drop in classes, so these would likely be 'products' as well? Just finding it a bit strange that in a Scheduling platform you can't actually "schedule" a class from a date to another date and call it a class...am I missing something? I did find this site and their set up would totally work for us but I can't seem to figure out how they got a link to their Intro Specials, Class Cards & Memberships at the top?? Are those products? If someone is able to help break down how this scheduling is set up(I think it is actually acuity), and if I can create something similar it would make my day/week/month 😄 TIA!!!!
  3. My client is asking if we can move her scheduling/payment software from Acuity to 17Hats. I'm not necessarily opposed to this, but want to know if anyone else is using 17Hats and what your experience with it has been. Thank you!
  4. Hello! Is it possible for our art studio business that offers one-time and ongoing classes to have all of these features? 1) a way to charge people monthly at the full price for an ongoing class subscription (Because our ongoing class subscription is allotted for 4 classes every 4 weeks, the full price is split in 4 payments, but we would like an upfront full price payment instead- havent figured this out yet) 2) allow a set class schedule for the customers (so they can automatically be signed up for that time & day of week slot every week & month until they reschedule/cancel? // haven't figured this out yet) 3) ongoing monthly payment subscription (we currently have this enabled under Scheduling -> Subscriptions - as mentioned in feature 1) 4) allow signup/login for customers for rescheduling/canceling etc. (I realize this happens for Subscriptions only through the Acuity app after purchase - would like it to be on the site instead - similar to how one-time classes provide a way to register after payment - or if there is a way for customers to sign up prior to paying or registering for a class?) We currently use Scheduling for our classes, but haven't found a way to configure all of these features. I've contacted the SquareSpace support team but they said they said they don't have a way to create a product with everything I described. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations about these 4 features? Doesn't have to be within Scheduling, could be an external integration or another way within SquareSpace. Thank you!
  5. When clients go to book online, it only gives them a 9am time, but not an afternoon time to choose. How do I fix this? Also, I'm confused as to why it won't allow clients to schedule appointments, when there is an open time slot. For example 5/9 there was a 1:30 available, but it says there isn't any availability until July. I ended up scheduling a client in that spot through my Ical which integrated. Very confused. How do I fix this on my end? Thank you! Emmy
  6. Hello. I currently subscribe to Accuity and it is working great. One feature I have not found out how to implement is a simple calendar showing my availability. Right now I have to tell my customers to click on an appointment type and then it will show the month. I wish I could have a small calendar that I could embed on a page to allow my customers to see the my availability without having to click into a booking page right away. Has anyone found a way to do this or had this issue?
  7. Hey everyone, I am very green to all things business. I utilize the scheduling under my square space account to book clients. I am about to add another provider to my business who will be needing to schedule her own clients as well. I'm curious if anyone has experiencing sharing the scheduling space with others in their business and how that works well or not. Also, are there other scheduling apps, websites that are better for multiple users? Thanks for your feedback! Erin
  8. I'm just setting up scheduling. I want to get payment from the scheduler. How do I create that option? I've read that I may be in "test mode", but when I open Payments the button stated is not there for me to turn on or off
  9. Squarespace Scheduling lets your clients book appointments or classes using the scheduling block or through a separate scheduling page on your site. Scheduling is a versatile tool if your business is appointment based (like a nail salon, tutoring, or fitness class), as it gives more autonomy to your clients when it comes to setting appointments with you, deciding which service to purchase, or seeing if their favorite professional is available. How have you used Scheduling? Are you using it in a non-traditional way? We’d love to hear your stories! Let us know in the comments! If you are interested in learning more about Scheduling, register for a free Squarespace Scheduling 101 webinar or watch it on demand.
  10. Is there any way to enable Afterpay for scheduling purchases? I sell appointments and people obviously want payment plans. The PayPal pay-in-4 option is so unreliable I’ve never seen it work on my site. Im out of options to give to my clients, other than a service like Partial.ly or Splitit. Does anyone know of solutions that offer a code at checkout, taking you to another payment processor that splits and takes the payment for you?
  11. Hello, I am a developer looking to customize the URL or location of an appointment based on other data in the appointment form. As an example, say would like to add ?appointmentType=initialConsulation or ?startDate=1-1-0001 to the end of the URL that is generated in the "location" part of the appointment? The reason I want to do this is that I have a script on the page that will check for these query string parameters and update the page accordingly. I have looked through the API documentation and it looks like I could achieve this by having a webhook on the scheduler that will fire for each appointment and then I could make an api call to update the location with my new URL. I don't really like this solution because I would then need to maintain a resource is Azure or AWS to ingest the webhook and make a subsequent request. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure attached to my solution so if there's a completely different way to accomplish what I'm trying to do, I'm all ears.
  12. Site URL: http://www.recoupia.com I would like to show 1 type of package exclusively for one appointment type. However, after choosing the appointment type within the package definition, I can see that it doesn't really show up for that specific appointment type or any other in the customer scheduler block (configured per appointment type). If I configure the scheduler at the calendar level, then the package shows up but it shows for all appointment types. Bug?
  13. Hi, we offer on premise courses on a weekly basis which can be booked via a monthly rate (as an abonnement). Unfortunaltely I do not see an option to create a regular course over the timespan of a year or longer and create an abonnement package so that all 4-5 courses of the abonnement month are automatically assigned to the customer booking the abonnement. Unfortunately you always have to select individual course dates, which are not restricted to the monthly abonnement timeframe. Suggestion: add an option for an abonnement to automatically book all instances of the course assigned to the abonnement for the monthly (selected) abo time period. That would be great. Currently we solve this by manual bank transfer from the customer.
  14. Hello, A client of mine has asked me to compare Squarespace Scheduling with Cliniko. She's an acupuncturist and is quite keen on Cliniko, which she thinks might suit her better for forms and clients digital files management. Does anyone have any experience with Cliniko and know how they actually compare? Or if anyone has integrated Cliniko scheduling to a website I'd love to hear your feedback. Many thanks! Emmanuelle.
  15. Site URL: https://www.leleandbeane.com Hello! I run a wedding & portrait photo business and am currently upgrading my 7.0 site to 7.1. I want to display my services using a Store Page, but changing the "Add To Cart" button to "Reserve Your Date," which would redirect to my Scheduling app either in a pop-up or another page. I managed to get rid of the "Add To Cart" button altogether with CSS and now just have a link for "Reserve Your Date." But I love to look of a button instead. Any tips with CSS? =)
  16. Is there a way to setup booking for couple services? For example Couples Massage. How can my clients book a service that will block off two calendars simultaneously (2 service providers)? Help, please. Thanks!
  17. I'm trying to figure out how to change the size, the color, and the text on my code-embedded booking buttons. To further clarify, these buttons link the user to specific appointment and class types in the scheduler.
  18. Hi, when someone books an appointment though my online scheduler, the email notification is being sent to my personal gmail account, NOT my business email. How do I change this? Thanks!
  19. We're evaluating whether to use Squarespace Scheduling (because it's already integrated into Squarespace) vs. the standalone version of Acuity (because we could continue using it if we decide to switch to a different hosting platform). Does anyone know how they differ on the Squarespace platform? If we use the standalone version of Acuity, will we need to access a dashboard to administer it with a different login than we use for Squarespace? Any other differences you know about? We would also love to know if anyone would recommend or has feedback about using other scheduling software with Squarespace. We're looking at VolunteerMatters, GovPilot, Volgistics, Raptor Volunteer Management, and Get Connected. Thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://honesthustle.ca/coffee-chat Hi there!! I created a page with the option to book a call with me, https://honesthustle.ca/coffee-chat After they book their appointment/call I want to redirect them to https://www.honesthustle.ca/coffee-chat-booked Is there any way to do this? I don't want ALL my other appointment bookings to redirect to a page, just this one. Thank you for any help!!
  21. Site URL: https://www.thebigredbox.co/hepburn-hire I wonder if there is clever code/widget/integration/workaround for this... I'm a wedding supplier and would love for people to be able to see if my product is available for their wedding date, before they fill in any forms or email me via my contact form: 1. I'd be able to input the unavailable/available dates on the back end... 2. The calenders etc feel visually too big/involved at the stage I want people to interact with my site
  22. Hey there, I embedded the acuity scheduling booking system into my Wordpress site. Appears to work fine on most devices apart from one user who has a samsung galaxy S10+. She reports that when she tries to use the booking system, when she needs to add her contact details the form becomes too big for the screen and requires tricky scrolling to enter details and move between input fields. I also have an android (Huawei) and I don't have this problem. Any support with this would be much appreciated. Thanks booking video.mp4
  23. Hi, Has anyone been able to use the booking calendar from airbnb to sync with scheduling on their site? I want to be able to sync both airbnb, vrbo and squarespace calendars to avoid double bookings. I can embed the airbnb posting but that is not what I am wanting to do. I want to sync the dates and allow for bookings directly through squarespace website as well as the other two sites.
  24. Good evening, I have been trying all day to link the scheduling calendar to my checkout page, giving the customer the opportunity to schedule pick up after all items have been added to cart. Ive been close but no cigar. For some reason I can't edit the checkout page to embed the code. Would anyone have a way to get this done... please and thank you in advance.
  25. Hello Squarespace community! Are you interested in learning about Squarespace Scheduling, or recently added Scheduling to your site and would like guidance on tailoring it to your needs? The Squarespace Community team invites you to join us for our expert-led webinars in the Squarespace Scheduling series. In Squarespace Scheduling Fundamentals you’ll learn the basics of the tool and get comfortable with actions such as setting availability and appointment types and creating intake forms. In Squarespace Scheduling: Next Steps you’ll go deeper into the tool and learn about creating appointment add-ons, syncing third-party calendars, and more. During the webinar, you'll also have the opportunity to ask questions you may have with our team standing by to assist! The webinar is free for current and prospective Squarespace Scheduling customers. Register now for a live or on demand session: Sign me up We'll see you there!
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