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  1. Site URL: https://www.leleandbeane.com Hello! I run a wedding & portrait photo business and am currently upgrading my 7.0 site to 7.1. I want to display my services using a Store Page, but changing the "Add To Cart" button to "Reserve Your Date," which would redirect to my Scheduling app either in a pop-up or another page. I managed to get rid of the "Add To Cart" button altogether with CSS and now just have a link for "Reserve Your Date." But I love to look of a button instead. Any tips with CSS? =)
  2. I love beefree.io for example. Is there any way I can send those out for the Scheduling confirmations, reminders, etc.? I have searched high and low and have not seen one person on Google or YouTube that has done this.
  3. Hello, I assigned a group class to a coach who is no longer teaching that class. Now I need to change it to a different coach, so that she can see the class members in her third-party calendar. How can I do so? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have an issue where a client booked into our intermediate class and after some discussion with the client, we decided that they should be in our beginner class that is starting up instead. The client has already paid so I'd like to try and avoid the hassle of cancelling the booking, refunding the money, only for them to rebook into the beginner class and pay again. I'd rather just move them into the new class if that's possible? It keeps telling me that I can't reschedule them because the appointments are part of a series. Any help would really be appreciated!
  5. Hey friends. I have 3 different calendars and I need the scheduling page to say something different for all 3 of them. Any ideas how to do this?? So far I can only find the one scheduling page to edit….and then it goes across all 3 calendars. HELP!! Thanks in advance!!
  6. Site URL: https://www.reactiondancecompany.com/the-studio I see that when I Create New Page > Add New Product, there's an option to sell Classes from my Squarespace Scheduling. However, when I choose Scheduling, I'm redirected to the Squarespace Scheduling page and nothing happens. Please see atatched. Is this a bug? Am I using this correctly? Ultimately, I want to be able to display upcoming Classes in a Calendar block. Screen Recording 2022-09-21 at 3.22.25 PM.mov
  7. Hello, We recent switched to Acuity and initially everything seemed very streamline and easy to use. Once already too deep in there's definitely things lacking that are standard in most booking systems. Hoping someone can give me insight, maybe I'm doing something wrong. - Booking Confirmation: My clients are not getting a Text notification when we book an appointment, which makes them feel like they don't have one. I do have the 24hr hour Reminder set up, but clients like to see something once they book. I saw the email option, but is there really not a text option? - Booking multiple services - Clients like to book multiple services. The work around seems to be use the Add-On feature. This is incredibly frustrating since that would mean we would have to re-enter every service twice in the system. Plus it gives the booking box a convoluted look. In addition, there are services that I don't do vs. the person I share the scheduling with. For example, we added Brazilian as an add-on since they often combine it with other services. Because it is an Add-On without the capability to have restrictions, someone can book me for a Facial and choose Brazilian Add-On. I don't do Brazilians. Having to contact the client to say no, after they booked on a system that said it is available is frustrating for the both of us. I put a lot of time into setting this up and am already regretting the switch. How can these basic functions not be apart of the system?
  8. Site URL: https://www.janiejennings.com/ So the lady I am helping has a Pilates studio, and we have one calendar for her. I know how to add multiple calendars and set availability, etc. for the new teachers however, what I can't figure out is how to allow the new teachers access to the calendars without giving them access to everything else. Acuity says to go under "Users" and add new users, but because this is Acuity through Squarespace I do not see that option anywhere. Any help would be SO appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I love beefree.io for example. Is there any way I can send those out for the Scheduling confirmations, reminders, etc.? I have searched high and low and have not seen one person on Google or YouTube that has done this.
  10. Hey there, I embedded the acuity scheduling booking system into my Wordpress site. Appears to work fine on most devices apart from one user who has a samsung galaxy S10+. She reports that when she tries to use the booking system, when she needs to add her contact details the form becomes too big for the screen and requires tricky scrolling to enter details and move between input fields. I also have an android (Huawei) and I don't have this problem. Any support with this would be much appreciated. Thanks booking video.mp4
  11. Is it possible to close sales to a class (group appointment) a day early? This way the instructor would have 24 hours to prepare the class. Thanks! Dan
  12. Hello, I am not sure why the appointment types are not available for scheduling? I am on a the business plan and have just purchased scheduling and being able to take a deposit. Do I need commerce plan for this? I didnt think I did - It is through Paypal
  13. On the Scheduling app, when I'm signing up for an appointment, I'm wondering if it's possible to make the following edits: 1. Change the initial form fields - so replace phone number with a couple different options 2. Have the pay what you want button content open by default. 3. Change the button copy on "complete appointment" Thank you!
  14. Hi, I put two appointment blocks on a page and the second one ended up with an unwanted vertical scroll bar. How can I get rid of it? I tried some codes I found on here but they did nothing but disable scrolling for the site. Thanks for any help.
  15. Squarespace Scheduling lets your clients book appointments or classes using the scheduling block or through a separate scheduling page on your site. Scheduling is a versatile tool if your business is appointment based (like a nail salon, tutoring, or fitness class), as it gives more autonomy to your clients when it comes to setting appointments with you, deciding which service to purchase, or seeing if their favorite professional is available. How have you used Scheduling? Are you using it in a non-traditional way? We’d love to hear your stories! Let us know in the comments! If you are interested in learning more about Scheduling, register for a free Squarespace Scheduling 101 webinar or watch it on demand.
  16. Has anyone successfully implemented custom conversion tracking for Pinterest ads in the Squarespace Scheduling tool? We need to track conversion (appointments booked), and are using Squarespace Scheduling pretty much 'out of the box' (we have not embedded the scheduling experience on any pages we host/built ourselves). We have tried adding the code our Pinterest reps provided into the custom conversion tracking section under 'Integrations' but as yet have not had success getting it connected.
  17. I'm trying to set up the integration between Google Meet and Scheduling. When I go into integrations, the Google Hangout Meet doesn't have a setup button like all the others. When I click on the logo of Google Hangouts Meet this empty dialogue box comes up. This is what the dialogue boxes for the other integrations look like when you click setup. Any ideas?
  18. Need to switch email hosting provider. Can't be Google. Wondering about experiences with compatibility between scheduling/email campaigns/other integrations with particular email hosting providers (Apple iCloud+; ProtonMail; RackSpace; other???) Any tips or caveats? Stories of glory or horrible warnings?? Thnx
  19. Can anyone help? I have just opened a cricket centre (for those who don't know what cricket is - think Baseball) It has three lanes for batters to hit. Two of those lanes have bowling/pitching machines. How do I create a schedule that stops people booking a machine when the two machines have already been booked out? Any help, appreciated?
  20. Is there a way, with Squarespace Scheduling, to require a customer who is canceling an appointment to give a reason for canceling? It would be helpful to know why someone suddenly decides to cancel -- like, did they choose a different business? Do they actually need to reschedule? Did they prefer an appointment at a different time that wasn't available?
  21. Hi, when someone books an appointment though my online scheduler, the email notification is being sent to my personal gmail account, NOT my business email. How do I change this? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://octopus-clover-4z6b.squarespace.com/config/scheduling/admin/scheduling-link/booking-button Hey there, A short and simple question. I prefer the same style for my scheduling buttons as for my regular buttons on the website. How can I accomplish this? I cannot see how I should change the code for fonts and colours and do not see any options for adding an regular button and then embeding the code for scheduling button. This does not function. Any idea how to solve this? Regards, Bibi
  23. I am curious if there is any way to change the pricing text listed under Booking? I would like it to read the price per hour and not the total price. Is there anyway to do this? Thank you!
  24. Hello all! Total neanderthal here. I'm probably about one step removed from pecking at my keyboard with a single finger. I'm trying to set up a blog on my site with scheduled releases that are password protected for the first day or two and then become accessible to the public. Is it possible to schedule your password protection to cancel after a set period of time or is this something that will need to be done manually for every post? Thanks a ton!
  25. Hello, I started with Acuity scheduling, and I'm now creating a website with Squarespace. I went to add scheduling, but it doesn't list my current scheduler. I found I can add a link for it, to load it in a block, but that's keeping it separate. I'd like to import it, so the emails are connected to the marketing campaign, and the analytics will be showing as well. Plus.. I'd rather have it all in one place. I'm hoping I'm just completely missing how? Or is the only way, recreating the schedule and it's auto responses in square? Thanks.
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