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  1. Hi everyone, Is there a way to set time slot to adjust automatically depending of my Availability and duration instead of fixed hours ? Let say i am already book from 9.00am to 10.15, i would like Scheduling to present next free slot at 10.15 whatever the duration of the event type (from 10.15 to 11.30 for an event type of 1h15 and from 10.15 to 11.45 for one of 1h30 ). Thanks
  2. Is it possible to add people as "optional", like you can in Google Calendar?
  3. I have an appointment type that would need the availability of two staff members. How do I go about doing that? For example, when customers book a couples massage I need to have two therapists available - how do I create an appointment type that would allow for that?
  4. Hi, My main email address I use to login to my Squarespace account is not the business email I would like to use to receive my notifications from the Scheduling app. Is there a way to separate my email address so I can use my business one for the Scheduling emails? Thanks!
  5. So since SS took away the ability to change the text on the client scheduling page I could do with some help to change the word appointment to booking throughout. Does anyone know how to do this?
  6. Our company uses the scheduling feature to rent out our inflatable bounce houses. Is there a way that when one bounce house is booked it shows as unavailable to book while keeping the available units open? I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Either it blocks out all bounce houses when one is rented, or it doesn't block out anything at all....
  7. Hi, I've setup a calendar but it's offering these additional links. What settings will remove these settings. Thank you, Nik
  8. Hi There, We are starting wellness cafe where clients need to be able to book a group class for their kids at a play gym while also simultaneously booking a manicure for themselves. The issue we are running into is allowing a user to book multiple reservations for the same timeslot for example a 9-11 am playgym reservation for their kids and a 9-10 am manicure appointment for themselves. Is it possible to "double book"? Thanks so much!
  9. Trying to figure out how to mark outstanding invoices that clients paid for in person...any help would be welcome.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to schedule in a blog post but its not giving me an option to select a date. Does anyone know why?
  11. Hi, New to Squarespace and struggling with some parts of scheduling. I'm advertising group tuition courses, in which customers sign up to the whole 7 week course at a cost of £60. Some customers wish to sign up late (e.g. after the first week has passed, for the remaining 6 weeks), but the course disappears from my calendar for booking after the first lesson has gone by. The only solution seems to be to remove the 'client must attend all available dates' and then it allows them to book, but it appears that they are paying £60 for one selected date only. Is there a solution to this - where clients can book on to a currently running course for the remaining dates? Thanks for any help!
  12. Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to change one of the headers in the "Scheduling block" provided by square space. I've attached a picture below, but I would like to change the section that says "Book an Appointment" to something else. I would like to do it without custom css if I can, because I would need to double what I'm paying to be able to access that. Thanks so much.
  13. Hi, I'd just like someone with more experience than me to help me think this through. I've created a website and member areas with the intention of emailing my members once a week. That's the whole function of the membership. I was considering creating separate blog posts for the individual groups and emailing those. I had hoped to be able to schedule the blog posts/emails to be published/sent ahead of time. I've already subscribed to the member areas and was planning to subscribe to a Squarespace email plan. --- --In reading about the member area/email issues, I'm wondering if my plan can even be implemented. Is it possible? --Would I need to add a newsletter block to get all of my members to opt in to the emails? --I understand that Mailchimp integration is possible, and wonder if that would be a better solution? I would appreciate any insight you can offer me on how to set this up.
  14. Is it possible that when a customer schedules an appointment for a certain date/time (public holiday/peak hour) that Acuity will recognise the date/time and charge a booking fee?
  15. Anyone know why a stripe account connected to your Commerce section (physical products in your store) works flawlessly, whereas when you hook a stripe account (even the same one) to the Scheduling section (bookings) it does not?? As in nothing is showing up on my stripe account. Thanks
  16. Hi! I'd love to change the text "With..." to "Select a location..." With makes it sound like they are booking services with different people when the calendar really indicates different locations. Any custom CSS that would make it possible to adjust this? Thanks so much!
  17. Hey all—just wondering why the "Change Wording" feature was removed from Scheduling? It's especially annoying for my clients who are only offering Group Classes when all we can display at the top of a Scheduling block is "Choose Appointment," which doesn't quite feel like the right call-to-action. Is there any way around this? I have a lot of clients trying to move to Squarespace from other class-booking systems like Mind Body Online, GloFox, Kajabi etc but this has been a stumbling block for them. It kind of adds to an overall feeling that we're forcing the system to do something it wasn't really designed for, since you can't really organize and present group classes for booking in an elegant way. Curious if anyone else has noticed this or is struggling with this issue with clients?
  18. How can I make appointments last one full hour instead of 59 minutes?
  19. Hi there! We use squarespace for direct bookings of our rental property. These are done via a simple form submission. We manage our booking calendar manually and would love to display a simple calendar block that also shows when the property is booked/free. Any suggestions or solutions? It seems like now I would need to link each booking to a separate event, which would require its own page. I don't want to have to create event pages for each customer booking if I don't have to. Many thanks in advance for any assistance!
  20. Hi All – hoping for direction or a solution to the following workflow I am trying to implement in Squarespace Scheduling. Specifically, the Location field that appears in the Initial Confirmation, Reminder, Cancellation, Rescheduling & Follow-up emails. I require the ability to select from multiple location options when responding to a client. Currently I have setup 3 Appointment Types with the possible location options as listed below. 1. Google APM Coaching – location will be Google Meet link only 2. Connection Call - location can be either Zoom link or Phone Call 3. 1:1 Coaching - location can be either Zoom link or Phone Call Any suggestions on how I can accomplish??? Thank You
  21. It began a couple months ago but just thought it was something temporary. When I schedule a client for an appointment and begin to type their name into the name box, generally (or used to) it will autofill the fields with their phone number and name. Mine no longer shows the phone number. It shows the email address and all the other fields...just not their phone number. I also went to the client list and it's also the same, however when I click into their name, the phone numbers are there. It makes not sense. Anyone else having this same glitch or knows how to fix it?
  22. Bonjour, Je souhaiterai créer un site internet pour un institut de beauté. J'utilise Planity pour la prise de mes rendez-vous et je souhaiterai l'intégrer directement dans le site internet comme le lien du site que je vous ai envoyé. Hors je ne vois pas comment faire, avez-vous une idée ? Merci pour avance, Lili
  23. I created multiple classes on scheduler. They are duplicate classes offered on different dates. Only the very next class shows on scheduler. Why is this and is there a way to list all the classes concurrently?
  24. Hey there , As I have provided the link for my scheduling, I just need some help from you to manage the page data, such as getting data from my web application to be filled out directly, and the second issue is that I am unable to proceed in my web application after scheduling.
  25. Hi All, Is there a way through coding or customisation where we could schedule a removal of a blog post? Or even, a date range for a blog post to be displayed e.g. for 30 days only from Published Date? Or a work around this? Currently we can only schedule blog posts when to be published. Thanks in advance Jess
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