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  1. Site URL: http://originswithin.com My client is paying for the scheduling feature and all emails from this feature render horribly (attached screenshot). I looked at the code and it looks like the width is supposed to be 500px max. It never looks right as some of the items are flush left to the edge of the email window and I have to scroll to see all of the content some is flush left. The only info I changed was adding a logo image and some text at the bottom of the email. A smaller window pane still cuts off information Any help/code to contain this to one column of space that is 600
  2. Hello, I've tried looking through every possible setting, but I could not find a way to edit this page. I want to add a middle name and date of birth section on the top portion instead of having it on the form. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi all. I run a fitness website where clients in my area sign up for outdoor fitness classes. We charge a recurring monthly fee and a per class fee. So if a client books zero classes in a month they are charged $20. 1 class: $20 + $8. 4 classes: $20 + ($8 x 4). Etc. I am unsure of how to do this (or even if I can do this) in the new squarespace site that were building. Does anyone know of a way to charge a recurring monthly fee (which occurs monthly obviously) as well as a per class fee via the appointment-setter for each class an individual schedules. Please do not just
  4. Site URL: http://www.thebagboyz.com I need to make the scheduling block embed within the checkout page, OR embed it onto the form at checkout, OR redirect to scheduler after checkout, OR force the site to first go through scheduling page before checkout. Anything before payment would probably make the user experience a great one... It just has to prompt the customer in a seamless way. Whichever is easier on the backend but still allows me to tweak the Scheduling every once in a while... I am helping a client build essentially a (shipt/instacart to a very small microarea)
  5. Site URL: https://www.leleandbeane.com Hello! I run a wedding & portrait photo business and am currently upgrading my 7.0 site to 7.1. I want to display my services using a Store Page, but changing the "Add To Cart" button to "Reserve Your Date," which would redirect to my Scheduling app either in a pop-up or another page. I managed to get rid of the "Add To Cart" button altogether with CSS and now just have a link for "Reserve Your Date." But I love to look of a button instead. Any tips with CSS? =)
  6. Site URL: https://asparagus-chicory-7en4.squarespace.com/location-nautique I need help with the scheduling of my website. I am trying to allow clients to rent different types of jet skis during my working hours. I have 5 jet skis, each a different type and I would like for clients to be able to only book 1 specific jetski at a certain time, while keeping the same time slot available for the remaining 4 jet skis. I currently have my scheduling set up in different appointment types and groups each with 1 max appointment per time slot, although for some reason if I book 8am on 1 jet ski, it rem
  7. Site URL: https://brainandbabes.as.me/schedule.php Hello, Is there any way to customize the payment buttons in scheduling? I find it irritating for customers when it says "Pay Now" and "Pay with PayPal". I would rather call the top button "Pay with credit card". Thank you and greetings Anil
  8. Site URL: https://www.or-never.com/ Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me with choosing the best scheduling software for my clients Yoga Website. Any recommendations? It can be both, Squarespace scheduling or als the integration of a third-party provider. I have heard form sutra.fit. But it should only work with a personal plan. What about Acuity? Many thanks Sibylle
  9. I'm trying to edit the font size and general style of the scheduling block. I've tried doing this by referencing the block id in the Custom CSS panel and then adding code, as per this article https://www.kayleighnoele.com/blog/how-to-target-edit-and-apply-css-to-a-specific-block-on-squarespace but it's not working. Any suggestions as to how I target the scheduling block for CSS?
  10. Site URL: https://piano-bat-bea8.squarespace.com/config/ I am trying to add the PeekPro code to my site so that customers can see my schedule and book tickets. PeekPro provides an APi to put in the header and code to insert. When I add the code I get a "spinning circle" as if system is trying to connect, but with no success. Has anyone been able to integrate PeekPro? If so, how to I add the code for each of my Tours?
  11. Site URL: http://www.ellesat.com/about Hi all, I'm trying to add individual scheduling buttons to my page but had a hard time tweaking the Acuity stettings to match the other buttons on my page. I've tried to create the Booking button with the code blocks from the Acuity page, and then change the class to points to to the style used by my default Squarespace buttons, but when I do this the popup functionality is lost. On this specific page, I want the "Book Now" button under Anita to behave in the same way as the "Schedule Appointment" button under Julian, but I cannot seem to figure it
  12. Site URL: https://bison-gazelle-kyzl.squarespace.com/config/scheduling/appointments.php Hello, I just got a sauna business set up in Scheduling. We currently have one appointment type that can be used across 3 different calendars. Right now I only have the capacity to change the colour of the appointment type but I'd like to change the colour across each calendar so that I can differentiate what room is being used. Right now all I can see is green everywhere, no matter what calendar (room) is being used. Hoping someone can help me!
  13. Hello I am new to Squarespace Scheduling and I am simply trying to set my hours on the calendar to 6pm - 2 am to allow my clients to book within that time. When I add this into the availability, the calendar says "closed". Why is this?
  14. I have a client using Scheduling. She has a custom email with her domain set up through Squarespace/Google (work email). Per recommendations, she is using her personal iCloud email as the main account email to login to her site. She has connected both her iCloud and custom email to the scheduler, as we need it to check both her personal calendar and her work calendar for availability. However, all of the client appointments that are getting created are being sent to her personal calendar. Is there a way to keep both connected, but only have new client appointments go to her work email?
  15. Hi--Is it possible to setup more that one location in a calendar? I only see the ability to setup one location in the following: Availability > Calendars > Calendar Settings > Location. Thanks
  16. Hi, we are a body sugaring studio offering many services on our scheduling page. i.e. If a customer wants to book an upper lip (treatment #1) with a brazilian (treatment #2) how do they do this in acuity scheduling? ...the "add a time" pop-up only let's you book the same treatment twice, not a different one. Thank you.
  17. Hi All – hoping for direction or a solution to the following workflow I am trying to implement in Squarespace Scheduling. Specifically, the Location field that appears in the Initial Confirmation, Reminder, Cancellation, Rescheduling & Follow-up emails. I require the ability to select from multiple location options when responding to a client. Currently I have setup 3 Appointment Types with the possible location options as listed below. 1. Google APM Coaching – location will be Google Meet link only 2. Connection Call - location can be either Zoom link or Phone Call 3
  18. Hi, I'm working with a client who has a wedding / event planning business. They also rent out 'items' for use at events (including magicians, bands, DJs, food stands, etc). Anyone have any experience in managing this kind of business in Squarespace? I'm assuming it will need to be a third-party integration to manage the items (dates, returns, etc), so happy to pointed in the right direction or if anyone has done something similar with SS without external help, I'd love to know. Ideally linked with Scheduling to know when things are booked (or not), etc. Any help would be appreciated. Than
  19. Site URL: https://www.syllyweek.com Hey everyone, I just wanted to bring up this request in hopes of gaining support. I run a small business as a personal driver providing on-demand rides. Due to the nature of my business I give people rides late at night and can't always get clients to schedule ahead of time (sometimes they themselves don't know when they will be heading home). Many have my personal number but I want them to use the website. It's less than easy for a customer after a late night out to look for, get out, and enter their credit card information to pay on the site, but I
  20. Site URL: https://www.adventuretoursvernal.com/ Hey Guys, I'm currently working on a website for a company of which has service offerings, yet no tangible product to display or "sell". The company is offering Guided ATV Tour packages, all with the set price of $300 per rented machine. With this there are five trails to choose from all with the same durations and pricing as mentioned. My question is, what SquareSpace product would best serve and streamline the process of booking and paying for our service? Scheduling? Ecommerce Store? Reservations Block?
  21. Hello. I run on online studio that combines pre-recorded video content with livestream video content. All of this is covered by a single membership. Would I be able to recreate this on my website using Members Area and Scheduling? I can't seem to figure out if these components are integrated. Do they share a member database and would signing up for a single membership give you access to both?
  22. Site URL: https://www.jaxmariephotography.com Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to customize appointments through Acuity Scheduling. For example, I would like to make it so that the customer can pick the number of photos and level of editing for their appointment. Can I do this? Or does another plan work better for this type of custom package? Thanks!
  23. Hello! I have a site using Scheduling. Customers can choose from 3 services, schedule their appointment and checkout. Is their a way to restrict checkout to customers from a certain geographical area? Specifically....I offer real estate photography services and am based in NY. If a random person from California stumbles on the site and books an appointment, there is no way I could fulfill it. Please help :)
  24. Site URL: http://www.seisui-calligraphy.ch Hello, I have a question regarding th scheduling feature: We want to set a certain amount of classes dates, let’s say 15 dates and allow people to select amongst theses dates a maximum of 5 classes depending on their personal availability. We would like to see all available dates and a countdown saying select 3/5 for people to understand they still have 2 to select to go. And if the appointment were to be cancelled by the customer later, we would like him to be able to select only amongst the remaining available dates.
  25. Site URL: https://quinoco.squarespace.com/schedule On this page: https://quinoco.squarespace.com/schedule, password: quinoco, when a client selects a date then a time, we wish to remove/disable the recurring option. How do we do this? Thank you!
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