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  1. Hi Paul, thank you very much for the feedback. The problem with third-party solutions is, that they cannot control all Squarspace's cookies. So far we have used Cookiebot in connection with the Google Tag Manager. But also here, only cookies that can be entered in the Tag Manager are controllable. Obviously this is possible on the German Squarespace site with Trus Arc. Example: Adobe font (typekit) and LinkedIn My next question to the forum is, who has experience with Trust Arc or with a GDPR compliant solution of a third party. I need this solution for 10 Sqaurespace customer sites.
  2. Site URL: https://de.squarespace.com/ I have seen the new Squarespace Cookie Banner on the German Squarespace website. When will it be available for our customers? Finally it is possible to control Cookies without Cookiebot and Google Tag Manger. see screenshot
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