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  1. Having the same issues....being said...H1 missing, but the blog post titles are all H1, at least what i thought and read over the last 10-15 years. So Google is just ignoring them? Any insides on that?! Would be amazing to know what it could be? Thought SS is so amazing with SEO...any tipp why blog titles are just dismissed?
  2. CSS for PHOTOGRAPHER AND ARTISTS when it comes to gallery options and displaying meta data There are several bugs in each of every element not listening the need of artists. Photos are cropped or just certain aspect ratios. So you can just have a gallery with horizontal or a gallery with vertical images. Some display Title, some description, Some both, Stacked doesn t have a Lightbox. Some import meta data. Some ways importing DON T. What made Squarespace great for artists back in the days is MISSING in so many ways. So i really appreciate if there ll be at least a view CSS options to make some ISSUES better. 🙂 Would be really amazing if you can help Becca. If you re so kind to get code out for 1-GALLERY SECTION masonry Lightbox display the description BELOW IMAGE on hover and permanent and how to change style or font 2-GALLERY BLOCK in blogpost Lightbox display the description BELOW IMAGE on hover and permanent and how to change style or font 3-A code to make vertical images NEVER be bigger then the screen height on desktop. Would help SO MUCH. I don t know if nobody is thinkiing about desktop view anymore. Seems that its a common issue on all the platforms out there. Its not nice not being able to see an artwok fully on desktop. There is really a lot missing in the 7.1 update and i m wondering how SS got Magnum photographers on board not having a prefect presentation for their images. BUt i assume that was a lot of Jqueries and code for them to run their sites properly. PLEASE make SS great again for ARTISTS
  3. Hi Paul, could you recommend another option to achieve this look and feel with CSS? Much appreciated.
  4. Hi Ian, do you have by any chance a code for some know metadata issues of Squarespace?! Gallery Blocks are supposed to import TITLE and DESCRIPTION. BUT they import FILENAME and DESCRIPTION which is a mess. I d be happy if you can help with that issue?! Squarespace wasn t able to fix this in over a year. 🙂 All the best and thanks a lot.
  5. YEAP!!! it is really super annoying. There are a bunch of bugs like that.
  6. Not just that, but when i remember right 7.0 gallery pages had the option to categories and tag. so you could have a huge gallery with all in it and then like summary get all need files out of that one. ANY one a solution for 7.1 ... really freaking out 🙂
  7. This is amazing. Is there a chance to change this code so that the controls are just visible on hover left and right?! Would be lovely if you can help with that!!
  8. Wow...4 years and Squarespace wasn t able to implement a LR Plugin yet... Would be amazing if that s on the list of NEW FEATURES.
  9. Hello Tuanphan, tried to find a solution with all listed CSS above and what I found on the net... but in mobile the video plays just half of the screen. Can you help? https://www.veronikaschmederer.com Much appreciated It works on the Mobile View in Squarespace and on my old iPhone SE. But not on the iPhone 13 and others. So not sure what is really wrong.
  10. Hello Tuanphan...tried to use your code on a 7.0 page. But the Lightbox Caption Block still appears in black 50% and caption text aligned left. No changes. Not able to find a workaround on lightbox caption design Would love to have the block below the photo. No background And a possibility to change the text and position it in the middle. Excactly what was asked on the beginning of this thread. THANK YOU
  11. @paul2009 would this feature work as well if I ll try to program a page set up with model cards / as product? Just need an option to put various models to choose from online. Actually something like Squarespace has for their solution favorites of the templates? Just got the reply its not available and its custom code, but if your extension does that...brilliant!!!
  12. Hello tuanphan.
    maybe you have an idea what's wrong with this resize mobile video background code.

    In the Squarespace overview all works fine. 
    On the iPhone 5 SE or others as well - NO PROBLEM.

    Some other phones such as iPhone Mini 13 and got told some others as well..the video is just half part of the screen. 
    No idea what's wrong.


    this is the code


    /* resize video banner mobile */
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    .homepage #page section:first-child iframe {
        width: 100% !important;
        left: 0 !important;
        height: auto !important;

    can t find a solution since in the squarespace mobile preview it is okay as well!!!

    Maybe you can help. Thank you.


  13. any solution for this so far?! the free version won t work and Squarespace wasn't able to put up anything in a year... not really cool. and I got so many clients to switch over since I love Squarespace but this is pain in the ass. if any one can help. would be awesome!!!!
  14. @bangank36 Hope this is the right listing to ask. Is anything like this able to programm in 7.1 ? video Gallery Portfolio with hover of caption / text on video Target: https://alex-freund.squarespace.com/fashion Would be lovely if there is any possiblity to make it work. THANK YOU.
  15. @bangank36 This is a great solution for videos and HOVER. Is it 7.1 ? and how was this achieved? Would love to know more about it. THANK YOU
  16. @UntitledInc The page looks like you found a solution. Was it just the option to work with blogposts? or any other work around? Would appreciate your help. Best Sandra
  17. would be interesting?! The style of the gallery....full width and three videos with padding. like a nice photogaller normally AND hover maybe a color or the name and like on the page he mentioned the video to start?
  18. So its just Wexley which offeres the Masonry Style HORIZONTAL bigger then Vertical? Did anyone ever try to find a solution for this? Still would love to implement it to my page since i love horizontal bigger way better then the vertical. Best Sandra
  19. I m not sure what you mean. Just still trying to find a solution. 🙂
  20. Would be lovely to know what works...for a horizontal masonry. Just finding vertical solutions. Lovely greetings
  21. Isn t there any option to simply just CSS code this? VERSION 7
  22. Would be amazing if anyone could help out!!! Looking for the same tweak...either get the grid the wexley style or horizontal masonry. THANK YOU!
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