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  1. When I put this code in it un-centers the entire nav. How can I fix that?
  2. Are we still unable to do this in 7.1? My client wants a sliding gallery of videos on her site, so I need to find the code to make it happen.
  3. @tuanphan I've injected the code into the footer with no effect. You can still see "Test description" on the masonry grid, not in the lightbox (both captions and lightbox are activated in the gallery section). Is there CSS code I need as well? https://www.michael-pressman.com/coast-of-maine-gallery pw NewWebsite1!
  4. This isn't working for me in 7.1. What am I missing? I've injected the code into the footer. michael-pressman.com/coast-of-maine-gallery pw: NewWebsite1!
  5. Do we have any idea why this is happening all of a sudden? I'm experiencing the same thing. Have tried multiple browser types.
  6. I don't understand what's being injected where to make this happen. (Also, how on earth is this not something we can just change without code!?) youmeandojai.squarespace.com
  7. @tuanphan Any updates on this? I'd like my gallery in 7.1 to show captions in lightbox mode only. kabirbedi.squarespace.com
  8. @tuanphan thanks for sticking with this thread! I also have a 7.1 gallery and want captions showing only in lightbox mode. The code you shared Jan 15 is not working for me either. https://kabirbedi.squarespace.com/, home page. You'll see a "Sample Description" on the first image.
  9. I have this same question. I at least want the option to add my logo on the email people receive for digital gift cards.
  10. I'm building out a new site for my client from the ground up though Squarespace. The client has some old Dreamweaver-built exhibit galleries that they want to continue to have access to through the new site. Is there a way to house these existing DW exhibits within the new Squarespace site I've built? Example of the DW exhibit: http://americanbeethovensociety.org/exhibits/beethovensvienna/index.html Currently the DW pages are hosted on webhostinghub.com, and I want to close that account out entirely for the client. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Built out caracoutureinvitations.com using the Jones index for home page.Client wants the galleries (currently displaying at very bottom of page) to appear at top of page. Is there a simple code to do this?
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