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  1. Thanks @tuanphan! I appreciate your help! I will try out the code and keep you posted! Thank you for the quick reply! x nicholas
  2. Hi @tuanphan Thanks for your help. The reference I like is (made on SS I believe) > https://www.mikeperrystudio.com My address where I will use the navigation > www.nicholaskonert.com thanks again and speak more soon! nicholas
  3. Hello SS community ! Hi @tuanphan I am looking to create a navigation using images, versus text. ex. https://www.mikeperrystudio.com/ Does anyone have any experience with this, or know how I would go about solving this? 1. I use Squarespace 7.1 2. I would like to create a NAV using images, instead of text. ex. https://www.mikeperrystudio.com/ 3. On mobile, I would like the hamburger and X to be a custom
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