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7.1 Event page - no buttons?!

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Hi, How does everyone manage with no buttons on the 7.1 event page? They can view the event, but then can't do anything like click to join. Most of my events are digital, so clients would expect a link to a webinar or live stream once they have landed on the page. I have been manually adding buttons to the individual event pages, but can't add them to excerpt, meaning none show on the complete event page. Very odd! I need clients to be able to book 2-3 seminars quickly, but the event pages are slowing everything down. Clients click from the summary on the main page to land on one and book that, then get directed to the Events page where there is only info and no way to book others. Very odd! Not sure that Squarespace can handle digital events now.

Any experience of this or advice on getting around it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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23 hours ago, tuanphan said:

Have you found the solution yet?

Hi Tuanphan,

Thank you for getting back to me. Very kind. I have found a workaround by adding text links in excerpt and buttons to the individual events. Just strange that the summary blocks can show any. Thanks anyway. It's a 7.1 quirk I guess.

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