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  1. Unfortunately, the Switch Templates approach doesn't work with 7.1 sites, as the whole concept of different templates has been removed. So, we really do need SS to add a new, supported, method for making preview changes to a site.
  2. Another vote for this. I see no good reason why Portfolios and Galleries should not be available in Summary blocks. The workaround that I just had to do for a portfolio was to fake it using single images and hard coded links, which is inefficient, doesn't update and could lead to broken links. 🤯
  3. I am finding that the button is missing on all upcoming events, but does display on past events. In either case, I can't find an option to toggle button visibility, which would be nice.
  4. The Grid Overlay layout for portfolios has a problem with its display of titles on mobile. Because the layout relies on the :hover attribute to display the title, this is never triggered on a phone or a tablet. There are other posts on the forum about this, where workarounds have been suggested--using media queries to always display the title on small screens--but it shouldn't be necessary to add hacks just to get titles to display properly. Personally, I would consider this a bug in the layout code. Given that for most sites, most visitors will be using a mobile device, there should be a good fallback when there is no mouse to trigger the :hover behaviour. The other problem with the media query hacks that have been suggested, is that they are only good for a phone, and don't deal well for viewers on an iPad (or other tablet), where the page size can be as big as on a desktop, but there is still no :hover support.
  5. I have also come across this issue with portfolio project descriptions. In the portfolio settings, there is an option to 'Show Description' -- for Grid Overlay and Grid Simple. However, I cannot find anywhere to edit the description of a Project, such that it would be displayed here. The only place I can find to edit anything like a description in a project, is in the SEO sections of the project settings, where there is an 'SEO Description' field. However, text entered here does not display in the portfolio. If someone knows how to set a description for a Project, please do enlighten us. You can see the protfolio in question here: https://artemis-college.squarespace.com/staff-crew (password: beetroot)
  6. I am trying to solve this on https://artemis-college.squarespace.com (password: beetroot). Near the bottom of the homepage is a gallery of partner logos, that I would like in a 2 or 3 wide grid on mobile.
  7. I'm trying to use a background video (hosted on YouTube) on a 7.1 site. However, every time the clip loops, there is a momentary flicker to black (sometimes one, sometimes two or three times) before the video starts playing again. This is obviously very distracting and not a great experience. It also flashes up the YouTube chrome (logo, share links, video title) most times around. This happens both on the desktop (Safari) and on mobile (iPhone). Has anyone else come across this probably, and have any suggestions? You can see it in action here -- https://artemis-college.squarespace.com/performances (password: beetroot)
  8. Not collections, options for a collection. From the Wright template index.conf: { "title" : "Index", "newTitle": "New Index", "folder": true, "fullData": true, "acceptTypes" : [ "page", "gallery" ], "addText": "Add Section", "icon": "stacked", "index" : true, "indexType": "stacked" }
  9. The Template docs (https://developers.squarespace.com/collections) specify the 4 basic options for custom collections. However, I know from example base templates that there are additional options -- at least 9 that I know of. Is there any more complete documentation anywhere of all available options, and the accepted values for each option (e.g. "icon" only has certain values that work)? Or, does someone have that information that could be posted here as a reference?
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