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  1. Hi @Trina68, I literally add a text link or a button block in the excerpt of the event (assuming you have the option of an excerpt showing). That way the link/button will direct the user to the event single page. I had to use code to hide the View Events → button from past events: <style> .eventlist-button { display: none !important; visibility: hidden !important; </style> The code above is what I used and I think is pretty universal for Squarespace 7.1 but I've only used it once so far so I can't guarantee it 😉 At the very least it can serve as a starting point. Hope that helps.
  2. Anyone find a solution for this? Having the same issue, the past events display a View Events → button, but active events do not. I prefer if they both have the button (or at the least, that they both don't). It seems inconsistent. For now I'm adding manually, but... why? lol
  3. Hi! I'm wondering if this solve works with either version of Squarespace. Tried it on 7.1 and having no luck (with either the Ajax and non-Ajax code). Still tinkering but thought I'd ask in the meantime.
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