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  1. I am wondering the same. It seems logical I should be able to edit the Project name.
  2. After troubleshooting any possible browser or router caching issues—clearing my browser cache of everything and restarting my router—we determined that it's not either of those. Next, when I tested on my desktop system (not a laptop touch-screen), the issue was gone and I was able to rearrange my form fields. So the issue seems to be specific to my laptop (HP touchscreen) and cellphone (Android). Per Customer Support: (1:27:20 PM) John: We also have an ongoing issue with hybrid computers like your Laptop that results in not being able to consistently edit your site. Thank you for reporting this to us...This issue could be related to an outdated cache in the router but I strongly believe is due to our ongoing issue. I linked this case to the ongoing issue so our Engineers can use it to implement a fix. In the electronics world, anything that is a combination of analog and digital technology is a hybrid. For example: D-A and A-D converters, some microprocessors, most telecom devises, and if you stretch it, certainly digital microphones, some headsets, cell phones and all laptops, PCs, iPads and the like. --Quora.com
  3. Thanks, Paul. I'm on Chat right now with Support.
  4. I don't have those dots either, nor the "Edit" button in the top-right corner. Custom CSS is empty. Chrome is up to date. Version 121.0.6167.185 (official Build) (64-bit) I have cleared browsing history, cookies, and cached images and files. Here is what I see in Chrome on my laptop. And the same page using Chrome on my phone.
  5. I've somehow lost the ability to rearrange/reorder my form fields. Edit Form >> Edit Form Fields gives me my list of fields, which I can then edit individually (Label, Description etc) and I can Add a New Field, but I have no way to reorder the fields. I used to be able to do this. I have no idea when this started happening since I haven't had to edit our forms in quite a while. Per the Form block Help page: " Click Edit Form Fields to manage your form's fields. To add a new field, click Add Field. To rearrange or delete fields, click Edit in the top-right corner." There is no "Edit in the top-right corner" for me to click to rearrange fields. This is not a site-specific issue. I manage eleven sites. I've tried to rearrange fields on four of them and all are experiencing the same issue. I've tried different browsers but the issue persists. I've created an new site to see if the issue is due to something in my existing websites, but the issue persists on the new site. Any ideas what might be going on? thanks.
  6. I'm having this same issue, though my redirect goes to a file that people can download. Is there a fix?
  7. I have noticed in my own experience of this situation that the closer I get to the 250 image limitation (250 images per gallery max) that the upload becomes slower and slower, until it finally just stops working entirely.
  8. I've got over a thousand images to upload. I don't think even I can drink that much coffee. :¬/
  9. Ah. Got it. Still, I'd love to see the same feature in the new Asset Library. (Which I happen to think is very cool, btw. Thank you for adding that.)
  10. Seems SS has a *new* Asset Library. (Wow.) Why don't they also include a file upload feature, so we can just batch upload our images files to our Asset Library that way? Maybe it'd bypass the glitch in the Gallery Image Upload thingy. Funny, I just noticed, at the bottom of this very message box, an option to attach files: " [paperclip icon] Drag files here to attach, or choose files.... Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, mp4, 3pg, mov, ogg, ogv, mpg, mpeg, flv, webm, wmv, avi, m4v Max total size: 48.83MB" That's what I'm looking for in the Asset Library! Clearly they have the technology and the resources.
  11. Same problem here. https://www.gsp-rescue.org/events I want the button to be visible—on both past and active events.
  12. Same problem here. https://www.gsp-rescue.org/events I DO want the button to be visible—on both past and active events.
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