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  1. This isn't the world's best coding, but it works on a 7.0 site (might work on 7.1, haven't tested it). Add this to the page's header injection, or to the site-wide injection (for all pages). It should auto-populate the country field. Note: it will only find the first instance of a country field, not multiple forms per page if it doesn't find a country field it will continuously run in the background... in most cases that is not a big deal, but it isn't good form. So probably best to only add this code to pages that have an Address field on them. Hope that helps someone. <script> function fillCountryField() { var field = document.querySelector('.field.country .field-element'); if (field) { field.value = 'United States'; } else { setTimeout(fillCountryField, 500); } } fillCountryField(); </script>
  2. I have a blog page on a 7.1 site, with categories. When a category link is clicked (in an archive block or in post meta info) it takes the viewer to the blog index, filtered to only show the posts with the selected category. But, there is no on-page indication that the list has been filtered. On 7.0 sites (at least in some of the templates) there was a "Showing posts in [category name]" or similar. Is this missing in 7.1? I can't see it in the code or a way to enable it and hope I'm just missing it so far (we're certainly missing it, but you know what I mean). If it is missing, does anyone know if it is on a road map to be implemented? This seems like a basic feature (I know, everyone says that about their particular request :-). Thanks for your help!
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