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  1. Thank you for flagging this issue. I have logged this for the Squarespace team to investigate. For now, I am closing this post; for any further questions regarding this issue, please reach out to the Customer Support team.
  2. Following up on Pauls2009's comment above, Squarespace has two platforms: Our legacy platform, Squarespace 5 Our current platform, Squarespace 7 Your screenshot is from the Squarespace 5 platform. We have documentation on how to access this area of a Squarespace 5 site within the Members and audiences overview guide. Given that you don't see these settings, it's possible that your site is on Squarespace 7. As Pauls2009 mentioned, Squarespace 7 has a different set of member permission features. More information can be found in our Contributor basics and Squarespace permi
  3. An Instagram feed can be added to your site using the Instagram Block, which can be added anywhere Blocks are used: Regular Pages, blog posts, footers, etc. For further help here, sharing your site URL will help the community in seeing your site and what you're looking to accomplish. Hope this is a helpful start!
  4. Hi there, You can! Squarespace offers a Dependent on weight shipping option. To set this up, see the Depending on weight shipping guide.
  5. Hi there, This is helpful feedback and a great suggestions for the Squarespace product team. As the Answers forum is not monitored for product feature requests, I'd recommend reaching out directly to the Squarespace Customer Support team to officially submit this request. They'll be sure to document and share it with the appropriate team. Squarespace Customer Support is available per the [squarespace Contact page][1] .
  6. Hi there! As this could require some backend troubleshooting, I'd suggest reaching out to the Squarespace Customer Support team. They're available 24/7 via email, and 4am-8pm EST via live chat from the Squarespace Contact page.
  7. There are different loan calculators available on the web that you can embed onto your website. For example, here's one from Practical Money Skills and another from Mortgage Loan Calc. I found these through a simple Google search. I'd suggest doing a search of your own to find the best one for your needs. Once you determine which calculator you want to use, copy the embed code and then paste it into a Code Block on your Squarespace site.
  8. Removing this answer as it advertises paid services without first providing helpful information. Please see the terms FAQ here.
  9. All templates have regular Pages and Text Blocks, which it sounds like will be your two main building blocks in creating your site. For news and updates, you may also consider using a Blog Page as you can create a new post each day, which will then display in chronological order with the most recent post/update at the top. See here for more information on using a Blog Page. A couple of templates that may interest you are Om or Five. To add external links to recent articles, you can either create a Navigation Link or a text link within the page content.
  10. I see what you mean. As this is an Image Block, it will naturally stack under the text when viewed on a mobile device. The Spacer Block that you've added to the left of the image does not apply to the mobile display. What you could do to maintain this small "FSC" image is create an image file replicating this current configuration. Therefore, you'd create an image with a thin, wide white (or transparent) bar to the left and this small "FSC" image to the right. Save this file and then upload this into an Image Block. As this would be the file's natural display, the "FSC" image would then mai
  11. All Squarespace sites use a Responsive Design that includes optimization for display across different browsers and devices, including mobile devices. This means that content will automatically respond to the size of the browser window and adjust accordingly for optimal viewing. It sounds like this is what you're referring to as Image Blocks and some Gallery designs will stack the images on mobile and display them the full container-width. For more information on mobile display and responsive design, see here. As markomelko mentioned, if you'd like the share your site's URL, the community wou
  12. Clearing the cache and restarting the browser should display the new favicon image. If you're continuing to experience issues with the favicon display, it may be best to write into Customer Care so they can take a deeper look into this issue. Squarespace has more information on Favicons and best practices here.
  13. This can be done using a Grid Gallery Block and enabling the Lightbox option. As a note, the Squarespace Templates page is custom built using the Developer platform. Each thumbnail represents an example website and, when clicked upon, opens that full site as opposed to a static image. However, if you're looking to use a similar design for static images, the above should work well!
  14. To clarify, you would like a Gallery Page design that displays thumbnail images that, when clicked on, open full screen -- is that correct? Is your current gallery in this desired design, and is this on a Squarespace site? Do you have an example for the community to reference?
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