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  1. Yes! Thank you. A strange place for the solution, but yes it works.
  2. Hi I am trying to build a release form into our website so people can fill it out electronically. There's a lot of text that's involved that does not neccesarily have a field to fill out. In most other form tools, there's an option to create descriptive text without a field attached (for introductions, instructions etc). Am I missing something obvious in square space? Is this not possible?
  3. related to this - can you specify or change the google sheet the form results are stored in? It seems to me the only option is to create a new sheet for each form.
  4. Darn - this is another square space feature that makes no sense. We have multiple pages for programs and want to have a single waitlist to collect (and store in google sheets) submissions for follow-up. But creating and managing individual waitlists and google sheets is frustrating.
  5. Oh interesting. I had added that original code to every page individually. Are you saying I could have put it in the overall site custom CSS section? Regardless, here's the page where I would ideally like a banner but that is messing up the blog layout. https://www.seasailing.org/news
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure what that does that not using code on the news page wouldn't do. I'm still getting the header image problem on the main news page. original code injection Fixes banner image location, but messes up the layout on main page and all blog pages Your updated code injection Fixes layout, on main page and individual blog pages but banner image is offset No code injection Seems to do the same thing as your updated code. So not sure how to address image position.
  7. Hi - don't know why I didn't see your reply before, thanks for looking at this. Here's a news page link https://www.seasailing.org/news/sea-awarded-horder-trophy-for-youth-development-through-sail-training And yes we do have some code that you helped me identify because images on our top blocks were getting cut off on mobile. Below is the code. I tried deleting it on the news pages, and that does fix the news layout issue, but the header image is again flawed in mobile. I'll put it back in for now. Love to figure out a solution if there's one that can address both issues. If not, I can come up with an alternative header image approach for this one section. <style> @media screen and (max-width:767px) { article section:first-child { min-height: unset !important; height: 30vh; margin-top: 15vh; } } </style>
  8. Got it. I think I'll leave it alone. I was trying to see if I could just prevent it from being considered at all. But seems like not. Thanks as always!
  9. Thanks. I found the Jr answer - you can reorder the products in the product category page and that flows through to summary blocks. Appreciate your response though for more advanced needs.
  10. Yes. We have a similar product "button" as thumbnail for each item, and I don't really want it showing up in the product page in the slide show or carousel. If it's a major hassle, it's not the biggest deal, but if there was some code to limit it, I'd try that.
  11. Hi. Wondering if anyone has seen this before. My news posts are running over the body section into the footer when seen on mobile (see attached). Not sure how to adjust the mobile layout so this doesn't happen as I don't see how to change the section height or anything. Welcome suggestions and pointers....
  12. @tuanphan I see what that does which kind of works. It hides the thumbnails below the slideshow (or carousel). You can still scroll through the images and see the product button (2nd image in link below) that way. Is there an option to entirely hide specific images from the product view, but have them as a thumbnail still? If not. It's fine. https://www.seasailing.org/sea-store/p/sail-cards-pdjw7-h77d2
  13. I have a similar question that may need a slightly different option. I want to totally hide the thumbnail on the product page. I'm using thumbnails kind of like a button on summary blocks since we don't have a product exactly, but a service. So when people click through to the product page, I don't want to have the thumbnail in the list of possible pictures. See here for the summary listing of products and then click on any and you can see the thumbnail is a possible option. https://www.seasailing.org/activities Any ideas on how to adapt css for this?
  14. Hi - trying to figure out if there's a way to control the sort order of a summary block. It seems to default to alphabetaical, but that's not ideal for some product summaries (we have camps that should display in order of age / difficulty). Anyone have ideas?
  15. I found some css that has worked in many cases, but not always (such as that page) @media screen and (max-width:767px) { #join-us { min-height:initial !important; display:-webkit-box; display:-ms-flexbox; display:flex; background-color:#B25A27; //change as needed -webkit-box-orient:vertical;
  16. Not the home page, but most other pages. For example, see the join-us pages.
  17. Curious about an element of this as well. Our service products are camp sign ups and I'm trying to figure out the best way to set it up so if a parent wants to sign up 2 kids they can, but we need information no each kid. We have a custom form for enrollment, but it seems clunky to have fields for Name or names. Wondering if I can have the customer buy each enrollment as a separate item, even though they are the same sessions. That way they would buy an item for each kid even though its the same item. I don't think I want to globally limit services to just 1, but each item in the cart should be singular. Ideas?
  18. I'm kind of appalled by this thread and the lack of response. The inability to do batch changes to your mailing list (apply tags, delete groups, etc.) is insane. I thought I found a workaround by exporting my full list, editing in excel and then reimporting, but when importing you can only import three fields (email, first, last). What is up with that? Why let me export all that data and then not import it back? Why have things like segmentation and tags if you can't group things over time? SQUARE SPACE PLEASE ADDRESS
  19. Hello @tuanphan this seems like an older thread, but I'm interested in this solution as well. We have banner images on our website (seasailing.org) that are great on desktop, not so great on mobile. Maybe there's a more straightforward way to do this, but if not, we can come up with different mobile banners if we can swap them out using CSS.
  20. LizzyLou817 did you get a response to this? I'd love to find a way to build a workflow that moved content from product forms to google sheets.
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