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  1. Hey community! https://www.youbynatseleen.com/services My website is public! I have an issue with the videos being played on that page. They work well on mobile but when they're viewed on desktop the sizing of the video gets messy and the fallback image does too. I either want to: Be able to solve this issue so both image and video are the same size (square) or Be able to hide videos on desktop ONLY and display just the image, while being able to show both video and fallback image on mobile. Thank you!! Screen Recording 2023-10-26 at 00.38.01.mov
  2. Hey @Kalie I came across this forum and I'd really love to implement it onto my website, did you put all the codepen code into a code block? What was the format to get this to work? Thanks!
  3. So I added this line of code: padding-top: 10vmax !important; to the original code I had and it worked! section[data-section-id="64ca4120ff73c555d9acab5d"] .content-wrapper { width:100%!important; padding-top: 10vmax !important; background: linear-gradient(180deg, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) 0%, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) 60%, rgba(20, 20, 20, 1) 90%, rgba(28,28,27,1.000) 100%); z-index: 1; max-width: inherit; }
  4. It's taking the whole effect off completely, I also tried to adjust the rgb/rgba's as is coded for my other page and that hasn't worked either
  5. Thank you @Ziggy! However it hasn't worked and removed the gradient all together unfortunately 😞 see code in the custom css box on the left!
  6. sure! https://www.youbynatseleen.com/education I always add it when it asks me to before I post a discussion.. I thought it shows up! Thanks @Ziggy 🙂
  7. Hey all! I have an issue with the gradient overlay that I've used between the sections on my website for a client. I don't think it was doing this previously, and it's not an issue on mobile version, but what to know if there's something I can do to stop this from happening. As you can see in the screen recording, I've used the same code for another page (about us) and it's not doing the same thing. Thanks! Screen Recording 2023-09-07 at 10.33.00.mov
  8. Hey all! I have this codepen that I think is really cool to show previous projects on my website https://codepen.io/thomassaulay/pen/XWJdORa (currently I have a similar layout on my home page with a portfolio section but the images are static). However when I use this codepen and refresh the website it doesn't create that parallax effect I'm looking for. Could someone help me achieve it? I have also put the css code in <style></style> and JS in <script> </script> https://khaki-bumblebee-rgm8.squarespace.com/&nbsp; website is live - no pass Thanks!
  9. Hey @paul2009 https://fox-porcupine-3ldj.squarespace.com/ pass: ybn123 thanks!
  10. Hey all! I have a slightly annoying problem. On my mobile version of the site, the links in my accordion have this weird spacing that I can't seem to get rid of. The accordion isn't coded, it's just the normal squarespace block, and the text looks fine in desktop mode. The words 'here' and 'Instagram' are the linked words (and they just link to a page on the website and social media) Any solves? Pass: ybn123 Thank you!
  11. Amazing!! That worked! Thank you so much for your help 🙂
  12. Incredible!! This worked perfectly! Thanks so much!
  13. Hey, thank you for this! Unfortunately it doesn't give me the desired effect. It makes the whole header become a little translucent, even from the top, when I want it to be solid and then on scroll have like a 50% opacity. Also another issue i'm having is that when I change the colour code to the darkest colour on my site rgba(28,28,27,1.000) it just turns into a solid header and the code seems to stop working (so the blur doesn't work etc)
  14. I want to create a seamless gradient transition from one section of my page to the next, so far I have done this by editing the image and adding a gradient, then uploading it, but is there another way through css?
  15. sure https://fox-porcupine-3ldj.squarespace.com/ pass: ybn123
  16. Hey all! I have a fixed scroll header in place, with the solid style. I would like to basically change that solid opacity on scroll, so once we've scrolled on the page the header stays fixed but the opacity of it changes as to not disrupt the content in the background. Thanks in advance!
  17. @tuanphan I guess it's not as choppy as I thought. Since I'm here, could you also help me with the following please? I've written the last comment. I was wondering whether you could help me figure out a way to make this mobile responsive. Thanks in advance!
  18. @tuanphan I tried, but unfortunately it still looks quite choppy when I scroll. Any fixes?
  19. Hi! @tuanphan Could you post the mobile responsive solve on here too please? I've used @Nancygallardo562 code to stylise mine, but as she mentioned, it doesn't look great for a mobile site. I'd like mine to look like her mobile mockup (posted above) https://khaki-bumblebee-rgm8.squarespace.com/ pass:newyorkminute
  20. @tuanphan omg thank you!!! Just one more question, the scroll motion when scrolling down and up when coming across this feels a little glitchy, anyway I can make the scroll a little smoother? Thanks!!
  21. @tuanphan unfortunately it's not the exact effect I would've liked to have. I would've preferred the logo image to centre more in the middle of the first section, and while scrolling down become part of the header... It seems a little more complicated than I had originally thought!
  22. @tuanphan https://khaki-bumblebee-rgm8.squarespace.com/ pass: newyorkminute Thank you!!
  23. Sorry I should’ve been more clear! I don’t want my logo to necessarily come together like that. Just meant more in the way that it’s in the middle of the page. When you create a header on squarespace it’s right at the top. I wanted it to be a bit more centred and then as you scroll it sticks to the top. Any solves for this?
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