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  1. Thank you for your help! #2 - worked perfectly for the product page. thanks! #1 - it has only partly worked. It shows the text but not the image. When I refresh the page it then shows the image. Do you know what I can add to show that image on first load? See attached image.
  2. Hello! I'm trying to reduce the space on my product page (mobile view). I want to reduce the space between price & button, and also reduce space between button and description. Are you able to help with the code? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your response! Sure thing - it's just my blog page: https://www.eventkit.co/blog When viewed on my smart phone, it doesn't show the first post so there is a white space. It is fine on desktop view. PS. Can I ask you about another issue I have that is unrelated? I have too much space showing between the 'add to cart' button and the product description on my product pages - again this is only in the mobile view. Do you know why this would be? Or have code to fix it? Here is the pic of the space. Sorry to ask two unrelated questions, but hopefully you can help?
  4. Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me! I have used the 'side by side' layout for my blog page. It is showing correctly in the desktop version, and it also shows correctly when I am in the editing/preview mode for mobile view. HOWEVER when I look at it on my smart phone it is not showing the first blog post, and yet there is a large white gap where the blog post would sit. I have tried multiple browsers on my smart phone and all of them show a blank space for that first post. Attached are three photos - blog page on desktop, preview of mobile view and screenshot of my smart phone. Anyone know why this might be? is there CSS code I can use to fix it? thanks in advance! Rachella
  5. Yep is second that.. I have a box that shows up in it. Looks terrible.
  6. Thanks for responding. It still isn't working. If I take the code out of the Code Injection (Footer) and place it in the BlogPage Header Code Injection - it shows at the top of the page - see image - and it doesn't show on the blog. If I put the code in Post Blog Item Code Injection then it disappears completely. I am using Brine template and the instructions were to put this in the general Code Injection. <!-- Start of Blog Post Reading Time ----------------> <div class="reading-time"></div> <script> $( ".reading-time" ).insertBefore ( "h1.BlogItem-title" ); </script> <!-- End of Blog Post Reading Time ---------------->
  7. Hi everyone - I've just followed these same steps but something isn't working right. I can see the 'reading time' in the footer of the front page (see attached image) - can someone tell me why this would be happening? The site is: www.eventplanningtemplates.co thanks! Rachella
  8. Site URL: http://www.eventplanningtemplates.co Hi all, I think this is a simple one for CSS code - I want to shift a line of text to the next line so that the word ‘Templates’ is not split across two lines when shown on mobiles. Can someone assist with the code? I think it first identify the text block ID, but what code should I use? thanks I’m advance! cheers Rachella
  9. Thanks for your response. We tried using only the email and the enhanced conversion didn't work with just that. Oh well, that's how it is then.
  10. Site URL: https://www.eventplanningtemplates.co Hi All I am wondering if anyone knows a work-around to enable Google Ads Enhanced Conversion to work with the Squarespace order confirmation page? Currently, the standard page shows the product purchased and customer email. That is not enough information for google ads 'enhanced conversions'... the full information required is show in the code: <script> var enhanced_conversion_data = { "email": 'customer_email', "phone_number": 'customer_phone', "first_name": 'customer_first_name', "last_name": 'customer_last_name', "home_address": { "street": 'street_address', "city":'city', "region": 'country_code', "postal_code": 'customer_zip', "country": 'customer_country' } }; </script> I've been chatting with Google Ads techs and they don't know, and Squarespace Help Desk says it's not possible. Does anyone know how to make Squarespace transactions work with this? Or is it just not possible? Thanks Rachella
  11. hello! I'm sorry to confuse you, I changed the text to: EVENT MANAGEMENT TOOLS FOR YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS I am referring to the space between page above it. The spacing between those pages is not good when viewed on mobile. I have taken a new screen shot for clarity. I've looked up how to reduce the spacing between pages more generally, but I think that's not what I want to do across the entire site, because it looks fine elsewhere. It's just between these two pages - it looks wrong when viewed on mobile. thanks for your help! Rachella
  12. Hello again - you helped me with spacing before, I am hoping you can assist with one more section! I would like to reduce the padding between two pages (not all through the site, just two specific pages). See attached image as reference. I would like the space reduced between the line of one page, and the text 'Building your dream event...' of the next page. https://eventkit-test-site.squarespace.com I'm sure it's a simple CSS design fix but I can't work it out. Thanks in advance! Rachella
  13. /* Resize footer images */ @media screen and (max-width: 640px) { footer .sqs-image .sqs-image-content img, footer .image-block { transform: scale(0.5) }}
  14. Thanks but no need to fix - I’ll be deleting that section. I have just been working on the shop page until now and will update the rest soon. I do have one question I’m sure you can help me with though! It’s about reducing the spacing around logo in the footer (when shown on mobile). I’ve added CSS to reduce the size of the logo on mobile but it seems to leave the space the same. Can you tell me what to add to also compress that space? here’s a pic. thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://eventkit-test-site.squarespace.com/shop/the-essentials-kit Hi All I'm after a Custom CSS fix to increase the space between the heading and the product image in the auto section of 'related products'. See image for reference. Hopefully there is an easy fix?! Thanks, Rachella
  16. Thanks, I checked it out and it doesn't include Kajabi unfortunately. I think I need to find a work around.
  17. Do you think this would help with sending purchase order info from Squarespace to Kajabi? When someone purchases a course on my Squarespace site, I want it to trigger the offer of a specific course in Kajabi.
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