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Found 24 results

  1. I hope I selected the right category. I would like to take any new registrants/subscribers and have them automatically entered into my CRM. Unfortunately, when I go to create a Zap in Zapier, the only option for Squarespace is a "new form submission", not a sign up in the members area. This doesn't appear to be what I want because when I test the zap, it doesn't pull my customer's info that just came in this morning; the information shown in the Zap from the test looks like dummy info. Is there any option to create a zap to copy my customers info into my CRM for automation? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://cricket-goose-dc4a.squarespace.com/ Hi, After a Customer purchases a product, is there a way to send the order information to Zapier. I just need the email address. Customer Support sent me in the direction of the forum to look for a solution, however I have not found the answers yet. Cheers Tim
  3. Have been struggling to get our site forms to integrate properly. Have a newsletter signup form on our main page and have mailchimp selected as a storage option and have worked to integrate Notion with Zapier. From my current perspective, I have setup both of these connections right, but no entries are being pushed to either of these platforms. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Site URL: http://redbow.org.nz/our-programmes Hi, I'm using Zapier as storage option for my Newsletter and Form blocks. It seems like Squarespace integration with Zapier is quite immature. Zapier makes a request to Squarespace to pull the data of the forms available as follows when creating a trigger: POST Request: https://zapier.com/api/v4/implementations/choices/ Body: { "selected_api": "SquarespaceConvertedCLIAPI@1.8.0", "authentication_id": 33781047, "params": {"formId": ""}, "page": 0, "prefill": "form.id.name", "system_context": {"gulliver": {"zap_id": "159360612"}} } Content-Type: application/json Other headers: Not provided for security reasons, but they are not relevant to investigate this matter. Response: { "success": true, "choices": [ { "key": "613ae6bf6bbdea61fd41c5b1", "label": "Newsletter Form", "sample": "613ae6bf6bbdea61fd41c5b1" }, { "key": "61898128dbf09e656ab1039f", "label": "Newsletter Form", "sample": "61898128dbf09e656ab1039f" }, { "key": "61ad7d1f5bbad1528304a4a3", "label": "Sign up form", "sample": "61ad7d1f5bbad1528304a4a3" }, { "key": "62b6801d6bc8b546cafb9434", "label": "Sign up - Join TRB Journey", "sample": "62b6801d6bc8b546cafb9434" }, { "key": "62b69d8a88dc6309c35ba9b0", "label": "Contact Us - Question or Feedback", "sample": "62b69d8a88dc6309c35ba9b0" }, { "key": "62b6a534fd8b381bc8241701", "label": "Contact Us - Support", "sample": "62b6a534fd8b381bc8241701" } ], "next_page": null } There are 6 forms in that list, I have a total of 9 forms in my site. I can't locate one of the forms in that list at all. That's a mystery, although it bothers me, that's not the problem. The problem is that the forms that should display in Zapier are not displaying, and the reason is that Squarespace is returning that as response, so Zapier just shows what Squarespace sends. There is a form at the bottom of the page www.redbow.org.nz/our-programmes. The form's data-form-id, that's how Squarespace refers to the form Id is: 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e does not display in the response above but it's an active form using Zapier as storage option. Back in Zapier: - When creating a new Zap the form with id 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e doesn't display. - If the Zap where the form 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e is used as part of the trigger is turned off and on, an error happens. These wrong behaviors are due to the response of the POST request above. To me this is a critical bug in the Squarespace API. I have tried to find the API related to forms but I have only been able to find apis related to Ecommerce stuff. I would appreciate if a Squarespace Expert could have a look into this matter. It's my understanding that Zapier logged a support ticket called "Published form missing from New Form Submission dynamic dropdown #4" for Squarespace to look into this. There are more people affected. If someone has more information about this issue, please share the love. The reason why I'm putting this information here is because this bug has given me huge headaches and still does. So I wanted to share it with other customers that might be facing the same problem. I have had also very bad experiences dealing with Squarespace support until the took my matters seriously, so I hope I get better results with the community. Last but not the least, from my deep testing I think this issue might be related with disabling and enabling pages with forms. Thank you for your time, Natalia
  5. Site URL: https://www.id-wellness.com Hello, I am wanting to integrate a large fitness video library on my website for access of my members. I don't want to use YouTube or Vimeo as the videos are only available for the members. I've looked at the Squarespace Video Library but my videos are longer than 30 minutes so I can't use that. I have looked at other websites I could integrate such as Kajabi and Passion.io but am unsure of whether it's possible to integrate these. Passion.io is integratable via Zapier but Zapier seems to have limited uses on the Squarespace site so I'm unsure of whether this will work. Has anyone achieved this? Or used another app or builder I can integrate with Squarespace? Ideally that I can connect with my Squarespace Members areas? Thank you! Have a great day! Issi
  6. Site URL: http://www.cindyengel.com I just changed from mailchimp to squarespace but now find i cant populate my squarespace mailling list via zapier from an e-learning platform Thinkific. This is a serious problem for me. Is there a work around?
  7. If i use Facebook Lead Ads to generate sign ups for my newsletter is it possible, maybe with Zapier, to connect to my Squarespace email campaign automation list? I know with Mailchimp this is possible but can´t figure out if its possible with Squarespace Email Campaigns tool. Best regards Jacob
  8. Site URL: https://www.madfitt.co.uk/ Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me integrate my website with moretrees. Ideally I would like customers to have the option at checkout to pay an additional £1 to plant a tree, but I have no idea how I would go about this. I have spent the last hour fumbling my way round Zapier to try and make this happen. But so far it's only asking to create a form. Is there another platform I can use instead of Moretrees that has this sort of integration? Thanks, Maddie
  9. Site URL: https://www.regenbrain.org/ Hello All- I am trying to import Squarespace form fields into a simple Smartsheet using Zapier. No matter how I try, guides i review, I can't get it to work properly. If I use a Google Sheet everything works seamlessly even importing the date the form was imported. However, my client can only uses Smartsheet. You can take a look at a form page here: https://www.regenbrain.org/physicians the password is RGB_22# Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. I would like to provide some free, downloadable content on my site, but I want to require people to submit their email before receiving it. Basically free downloads as lead magnets. I messaged Squarespace help, and they suggested using Zapier to send people the doc(s) after they fill out a form on my SS site. Does anyone know of a (preferably-two-step) Zap that would enable me to do this? Or if there's a completely different way to do it, I'm all ears.
  11. I'm setting up a paid service which includes capturing details to start an email sequence in Active Campaign. The issue is, when adding a form at checkout it goes into the Squarespace system, there is no way of connecting it through Zapier to feed the data to Active Campaign. Has anyone found a way around this? Another option is to re-direct customers after payment to a page with a standard Squarespace form but this also can't be done within the system. Can anyone help?
  12. Hi, How do you pass the customer name (and email address) directly into Stripe? From there I am triggering a Zap from Zapier to connect with my email provider so an automated message with their first name gets sent to them once they become a customer. I see no direct way in doing this but I assume there must be a way. Thank you
  13. Site URL: https://www.charlotteschryvers.com/ Hey there, I want to connect to Zapier in the storage tab of the newsletter block, but it just says "awaiting connection to Zapier" continously, without connecting. I've checked and my login to Zapier is active, so I'm not sure why it's doing this and I can't find any help online so far. Any ideas? Here is the screenshot with the message, attached. Thanks in advance! Charlotte
  14. Site URL: https://www.grantlantalawn.com/contact-us Hello! I'm looking for any help with setting up automatic email replies when a customer uses our contact form. I understand Zapier/Mailchimp can help with that? If one of these is free that's great otherwise happy to pay. Thank you very much! Grant
  15. Site URL: https://www.akrogoniaios.com/ I have setup a custom form (Product form) to collect some information, and collect a survey response before downloading (or buying) the digital product. How do I connect this form data to a storage such as Zapier or Mailchip?
  16. I'm working with a client that wants to make the onboarding process of new clients easier by sending an auto-response to their form submission. The auto-response message would vary accordingly to the submission of the client, so say the client can check off one of three boxes and every box would elicit a different auto-response. I imagine this would require a third-party app or some code, but is there a way to do this?
  17. Site URL: https://seasmartschool.com/awesome-animals Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to send out an email through Mailchimp when someone makes an order of a specific product on our site. Currently, when someone buys the product they get an email which has a 24-hour link and it's causing us a lot of problems (WHY Squarespace? Just WHY?) because they think what they've bought will disappear in 24 hours. I would like to change the product to a service, since what we're selling is an online class that they can take at any time. However, we still need to send them a link to access the class. This is where my idea to connect Mailchimp to Zapier comes in. From what I've figured out I can't connect Zapier to the commerce for an individual product but I was hoping maybe there's some way to get .csv file to auto-populate anytime someone makes an order for the product so I can connect that to Mailchimp with Zapier? That or Squarespace gives people the option to remove the 24-hour clause.
  18. Site URL: https://sealion-dolphin-9xgr.squarespace.com/ This question is one that I don't think anyone on here will necessarily be able to solve by replying on here but I would just like to know if you think it's possible. I want to create a booking form for a holiday rental site where customers can enter their required dates, number of people, do they need a travel cot etc etc and for this to populate a spreadsheet - all easily done with no custom work required. However the thing is there's multiple properties. So the customer will select which property they want from a drop down menu in the form. The tricky bit is that I want each property to populate a different tab in the excel spreadsheet in the google drive. Is this possible?? Is there maybe another way to do this?? ALSO we need the dates they put in to autofill a calendar or go into the spreadsheet in some way which allows for the person organising the booking to quickly see where the gaps are. Rather than just a list of booking dates which makes it tricky to see availability. I would be surprised if anyone can help with this but thought it was worth a shot! Thanks
  19. Site URL: https://www.satorisanitizer.com Need to connect quickbooks and squarespace for a client. I have NO idea how to do this. Looking for someone who can explain the benefits of cartspan, zapier, intuit developer, onesaas, automate, or anything else. Would love to just hire someone to do this. Happy to pay. Tried the whole 99designs route and after I filled out the form there was an error. yay. He uses Quickbooks Online. Thanks much.
  20. Site URL: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000641507-Adding-form-integrations-with-Zapier The contact form will not display and shows an error in editing view that storage still needs to be selected. Zapier has been configured properly with API key and testing was successful. Anyone know how to get contact form storage to update correctly?
  21. Hello, Could you please let me know any Rest API for upload/Share image in Square space website ?
  22. I'm looking to automate blog post creation from a Google Form. I've been able to do this between Google Forms and Mighty Networks using Zapier, such that when a new form submission comes in, which in turn creates a new row in the related Google Sheet, it triggers a Zapier Action that automatically creates and publishes a simple post on Mighty Networks with the contents of the new row. The Squarespace/Zapier integration doesn't seem equipped for that. Is there some other tool I can use? If not, could it be done with custom code?
  23. I'm looking to automate blog post creation from a Google Form. I've been able to do this between Google Forms and Mighty Networks using Zapier, such that when a new form submission comes in, which in turn creates a new row in the related Google Sheet, it triggers a Zapier Action that automatically creates and publishes a simple post on Mighty Networks with the contents of the new row. The Squarespace/Zapier integration doesn't seem equipped for that. Is there some other tool I can use? If not, could it be done with custom code?
  24. vagnew

    Zapier Integration

    Site URL: https://herring-violin-37dg.squarespace.com/ I have been working with Zapier to create a link between my ConvertKit signup form and my Survey Monkey survey. Ideally someone would use the form to "subscribe", the name and email would be added to ConvertKit contact list and the user would be redirected to my survey and take my survey for which I will send him/her a free offer. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this and could point me in the right direction. Thanks, Valerie
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