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  1. Site URL: https://cricket-goose-dc4a.squarespace.com/ Hi, After a Customer purchases a product, is there a way to send the order information to Zapier. I just need the email address. Customer Support sent me in the direction of the forum to look for a solution, however I have not found the answers yet. Cheers Tim
  2. @jsummerhays46 I had the same issue. Annoying that orders aren't send through to Zapier so I used Stripe to get around the SquareSpace feature gap. I use Zapier to remove "Charge for" so I can send the email to Marketo. SquareSpace if you are listening, can you please solve the root issue.
  3. I am trying to solve the same problem... @SQUARESPACE??
  4. @Marianberry253 Are you using Zapier to pull order information? If so, how do you do this? Customer Service have not been very helpful in helping me solve this problem.
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