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  1. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/p/study-05-gateway-5tz2x I'm testing out using "product reviews" on my product pages which is currently in beta. I'm using the etsy import feature. Example attempt: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/p/study-05-gateway-5tz2x I've already started to noodle a bit but I'm wondering if anyone can help me clean it up in one of two ways: 1. move below image/info and make full width 2. constrain so there isn't white space below image (the reviews could scroll but there wouldn't be white space below the image, or maybe constrain the number or reviews shown) //place reviews below additional details .I5QWflG8d { order: 7!important; } //hide title/image .EXF8_ab7F { display:none!important; } // hide 'posted on etsy' ._19HY3qkUe { display:none!important; } // remove divider line ._3JUIkAKJx { border: 0!important; opacity: 100%; }
  2. I don't have access to a test account, but you don't need one to see this page!
  3. I have not solved but it seems to be isolated to only my device... thank you for checking on your end!
  4. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/card Having issues with mobile view of my image: collage – everything looks great when I inspect, but not on an actual device white space is wild! URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/card css being used: images for reference
  5. Thanks @tuanphan 👍 wondering if you know how to now format the sale price. Ideally would love to have the original in black with a strike through. example: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/p/formation-09-rock-2
  6. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/p/fallacy-03-ludic-1 Hey there – Wondering how to move the product price to the right of the product title like this squarespace site: https://www.rebeccamapes.com/shop/ring-no-12-cream my site: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/p/fallacy-03-ludic-1
  7. Thanks @creedon Given the issues, I'm going to remove the quick view but I'll share a vid on this thread of me walking through the problem with some things I've tried incase anyone comes back to it. Me showing the issue: https://www.loom.com/share/4b2cfb58c92a4c6ba59091fbd48776bd A friend asking a few follow ups: https://share.getcloudapp.com/kpuDBBrx Me following up on the follow ups: https://www.loom.com/share/ce5a04c065cb4dbba1ef94f63ef21e0c *thank you for coming to my ted talk*
  8. Update: it's looking like what is breaking it is because I have multiple links in the descriptions I would really love to not have to go through and update all 200+ descriptions so any help you can give would be FAB
  9. added a video to better explain: https://www.loom.com/share/4b2cfb58c92a4c6ba59091fbd48776bd @tuanphan @bangank36 @paul2009 @creedon yall have been helpful in the past, wondering if you have any ideas?
  10. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/collection/essentials Hi All, Seeing some funky behavior on my "Quick View" Light box. Essentially, I have links in my product description which is causing the quantity and add to cart button go to those links vs. behave correctly. Any help you can provide would be MUCH appreciated b/c I have over 200 products with links in the description so I can't feasibly go and remove all the links. page: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/collection/essentials
  11. @tuanphan not seeing a solve for this and I also have the same q. Site: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/collection/essentials Issue: show full product details (.ProductItem-details-excerpt)
  12. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/wholesale Hi there – I would like to add a border to the top of my footer only on the member access page. If that's not possible, how do I hide the footer only on the login page?
  13. Thanks @tuanphan I have not found an answer but thanks for the tip.
  14. @Wolfsilon the $19 plugin did the trick. Purchase + installed in less than 10min ✌️
  15. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/collection/formless Hi there – I'm looking for a code snippet that will enable my summary blocks to reveal a second image on hover (exactly like the product page does). Page that I would like this to display on: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop Any help you could provide would be most appreciated!
  16. @paul2009 I have nested categories https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/filter/collections/formless Looking at the url for individual products, it kind of makes sense why this feature is so complex: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/p/abstraction-06-lake-1 The only info retained in the url is Shop > Product Name Depending on where I navigated to this product from, I would want to see: shop > earrings > abstraction 06 – lake shop > more filters > collections > formless > abstraction 06 – lake shop > more filters > shop by color > latte > abstraction 06 – lake etc.
  17. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop/filter/collections/recollection Hi all – Hoping someone can share a way to have item quantity/count show up after the category on a product page.
  18. Hi there – looking to update color and font style of "1 AVAILABLE" but can't seem to find how to target it. https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/cart pass: brineintopedro
  19. Site URL: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/ Hi there – I'm looking to have a "add-on items" section to my cart page. (example, gift wrap, best seller ect.). Specifically, I would like a grid of a single category or tag to display under "checkout". site: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/cart pass: brineintopedro
  20. Worked like a charm, and TYso much for adding the css id selector – next level 👏
  21. Site URL: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/shop/sale/2550 So, I don't currently have any item in a shop category but I don't want to delete it. Is there a way to display a message that says "check back soon" on empty pages? site:https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/shop/sale/2550 pass: brineintopedro
  22. Thanks, Will. That worked perfectly to hid the footer. I appreciate the assist!
  23. Site URL: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/search Hi there, I'm wondering how I can get a line above the footer section on my search results page like I have across the rest of the site. If that cannot be achieved, is there a way to hide the footer on the search page? The attachment is how it should look. Site: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com/search? Pass: brineintopedro
  24. @creedon worked perfectly! Wasn't sure exactly if I needed to change the page header code based on the above directions. I changed to 4:3 and got the result I was looking for. thank you 🙂
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