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  1. Site URL: https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/config/ Looking for help....when in mobile preview I dont want a horizontal scroll anywhere on my site when it comes to a simple page. Larger Gallery images arent so much of a problem at this stage. Can someone help me with how to move the hamburger?? to within the fame please? Thanks
  2. i am looking at that currently. If for instance I have four gallery's I want to make private for four clients do I need to create four separate private members areas? I dont want one password to be able to open the separate image gallery's
  3. using SS 7.1 I can not see a work around for a private client gallery where clients and sign in and vire images (of their wedding) then ultimately share the sign in details with other family members to purchase images. I am currently looking into private members areas. I am currently starting with pixiset client gallery and will likely link back to my SS site---painful work around
  4. Hi @rwp could you take a look at this page please. I can not find a code anywhere to fit the gallery to size on mobile
  5. i find I am having the same issue with a full section automatic playing gallery here
  6. i already ha jquery do i need to install a second one? <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.1.js"></script> is what i currentlt have in header injection
  7. wow. Yes Please Leopold. the first TWO LOOK OUTSTANDING and the accordion style FAQ also has my interest
  8. Hi Leopold I am keen for WhatsApp if available for 7.1 ? I have been looking at the other chat options but I really dont want to have to deal with Facebook since I have been off that problem for a year now
  9. are you trying to have the same gap between all of the images? I am working on that same situation currently. I had to make sure all vectors/images were the same size/ratio to start with
  10. i added that code to my gallery reel also ***AFTER**** i ensured all vectors/images were same ratio. works well
  11. following. Did you manage to sort this out? I am having the same problem
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