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  1. No, I'm not sure what that does, but it's not what t I'm looking for. I want to the design of the gallery on a blag post to be masonry so just the images load that way, but there isn't an option for it. Thanks!
  2. Is there some CSS to make the gallery style/layout on a BLOG POST to Masonry? There isn't currently an option for this, there is a plug in that has been recommended but it doesn't work on blog posts, I have also searched and can't find anything... Many thanks!
  3. Yes I have updated my phone, the FB app, cleared caches everywhere, imcluding Android webview. I just don't understand what could be causing it and how no one knows absoloutly nothing about it?
  4. @Ziggy Ok so after hours and hours of more research, I duplicated my site and deleted everything to see what it was causing this. It's the text boxes/font, it looks like it's not breaking and going into mobile view. I tried resizing a few but its site wide so I can't do it for the whole site, is there a way to make it so the font breaks in to mobile view like it should? Or is there a way for FB browser to 'read' the correct code and stop messing it up? Thank you
  5. @Ziggy, Did you manage to find a solution to this at all? Thank you
  6. @Ziggy, but you used to be able to change the mobile break point on 7.0 Thank you for the code, I'm not sure what it's meant to do though. I just want the same view on tablet as on mobile because currently the spacing and everything is out of whack on every single page.
  7. Really? Why would that even not be a thing? It seems that 7.1 is really bad for quite a few things.
  8. Hi @Ziggy, Yeeaahhhh, thats not what I want to do really... I just want the the mobile view to display on tablet, its there really no way of doing this?
  9. Hiya, My website looks awful on tablet/ipad is there a way to force it to view like it does on a mobile but on the tablet/ipad? I'm using 7.1 - https://www.jadeeleanor.com and I thought I'd be able to do this with media break points but there doesn't seem to be an option for this? Thank you
  10. Hi @Ziggy, Yeah other phone browsers are fine, but when you open it up through Facebook it does that, you know when facebook opens something but doesn't actually open it up on Chrome or Safari, it's like FB's browser. Are you in the Squarespace Community group on FB? I made a post in there about it. Also when I view the website to edit in the Squarespace app it comes up comes up with that scaling but not on the Squarespace desktop website when viewing the mobile version - I've attached images. Thanks
  11. Hi@Ziggy Somehow I've managed to get the link that FB produces - https://www.jadeeleanor.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Du6W7acYIWBEIYx6IHb_mvCl2eYkk0xgZlCCXt_rpaTxyvXcXUaT_v_A so view that on a phone Thanks!
  12. Hi@Ziggy, Thanks so much, that worked!
  13. Hi @Ziggy Hhmm, ok it's definitely still doing it for me, even if I open that link above on my phone it does it too...
  14. Hiya, I've just made my new website live and shared it on FB but when you open the link from FB on some phone browsers the font doesn't resize properly, but if you view straight through a browser on a phone it's fine. Any ideas on what that could be/how I could fix that? Thank you! https://www.jadeeleanor.com (but it's fine when you click from here on a phone... I think)
  15. Hi @Ziggy, My site is live now if you want to have a look? https://www.jadeeleanor.com/blog Thank you!
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