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  1. It's coming up correctly for me. Try doing your search in a private/incognito window.
  2. Try adding this to your custom css: a { background:none !important; }
  3. The solution I was told was to not use transparent headers. I suppose as long as you use a text based logo you would be fine as well since it will switch to be friendly no matter if it's a light/dark background in the header. I find it strange that this feature is supported so poorly when it appears on almost every demo site. I just re-design an entire site in a less pleasing esthetic to fix this. 🥺
  4. There isn't. CSS allows you to only do some basic text manipulation, typically adding things before or after. The script does the following: Waits for the document to load. Searches for all the elements that have the class 'summary-metadata-item--tags'. Loops through each of these elements Replaces every occurrence of a comma (,) with an empty string ('') in the element. It's not really an elegant solution, but since you can't change the underlying HTML, it's the only solution at the moment.
  5. This feels wrong to do, but this javascript should remove it. Add it to your code injection under settings -> advanced for the page you want to change. <script> window.onload = function(){ var tags = document.getElementsByClassName('summary-metadata-item--tags'); for(i=0;i<tags.length;i++) tags[i].innerHTML = tags[i].innerHTML.replace(/\,/g,''); } </script>
  6. It appears they removed this feature when they rolled out the last update to the color theme. I'm in the same bind with White Minimal being my only option on pages without banners.
  7. I swear only a few weeks ago you use to be able to change the default color scheme from white minimal to anything else. Am I stuck with white minimal as the default header on pages without a background now?
  8. The easiest way to do this would make the button text orange by default, then on the Homepage under this under Settings -> Advanced -> Page Header Code Injection <style type="text/css"> .header-display .btn { color:white; } </style>
  9. You can use this code on the Post Blog Item Code Injection to invert the logo. <style type="text/css"> .header-title-logo { filter:invert(1); } </style> Guessing something similar is happening with the button. If you give me a link, I can take a look.
  10. It has to do with how you drag the boxes and position them next to each other. You want this line showing up between them and not the full box floating to the right. If you have the box floating to the right, it will put that above it in the mobile view. Hopefully that makes sense.
  11. Hm... it should work, just tried it on one of my sites and it showed up fine and it works if I add it via the developer console. Are you adding it in the Custom CSS under Design on the left?
  12. You can try adding this into Custom CSS, it should work. #site-title::after { content:"- ACD Copywriter"; font-size:0.6em; }
  13. Did you try this in the custom css? .Main-content { padding:0px !important; }
  14. This is normal. If you go to Settings -> Domains you'll see the built-in domain and you can change it to whatever you like.
  15. I'm guessing you provide parent consulting services regarding their childs development? I would state more clearly exactly what you do. You help parents with child development, but how? Selling a book? 1-on-1 consulting? Group consulting? Online courses? You probably need another tab on the top that says Services or Products or How we help? or Work with Us.
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