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  1. My gosh - you are amazing - great catch!! Thank you and yes!
  2. Actually @creedon, do you happen to know how to do the same thing for CTA button text? on desktop? Thank you!!!
  3. Perfect!! Thanks so much, @creedon! Happy holidays.
  4. Site URL: https://thefavoriteco.com/ Hi all, Just uploaded a new font into my site that's very lightweight. i love it but it's not that readable on mobile and so i want to dial up the font weights for paragraph fonts and any fonts used inside a button. Any suggestion on how to do this? Thanks!
  5. We sorted it - it was a sizing issue! Thank you!
  6. I just tried that - didn' work - is this a project i could give you to fix? Please LMK if you have bandwidth 🙂 Thank you! @tuanphan
  7. That worked!! Thanks so much! Just realized i have the same issue with blogs and forms - so likely similar formatting i presume! 💛 💛 Thanks again for the help!!
  8. Site URL: https://www.arrowsolutionsgroup.com/ Hi all, We just launched this site yesterday - but when we view the site on mobile - the logo turns into a white box. Has anyone ran into this? Assuming we need to upload a mobile-only logo but i can't find the specs anywhere. Thanks!
  9. oops it's live now - but you'll see what i mean. Thanks so much for replying!
  10. Site URL: https://bulldog-shallot-5srp.squarespace.com/blog-2 Hi all Wondering if anyone has ran into this. I loaded custom fonts into a site and they are rendering perfectly except for 2 places: A button in the nav and the blog - i checked design/fonts/advanced and it's tagged header - but not recognizing the headers i loaded in that are showing up on the rest of the site. Thanks so much!
  11. Thanks for posting! Will check it out this week!
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