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  1. The client finally launched their store; but given all of the other hurdles and obstacles of the business so far, they've tabled the idea of a VIP login portal. That said, it looks like the new account login feature on squarespace would successfully solve that use-case.
  2. Okay @tuanphan... first, you're pretty awesome. Just spent a bit looking through the custom code and advice on this very topic (logo walls) you gave others working in 7.1 I've ditched the image block idea, and have made a gallery section where I can add all the logos and control the row numbers-- now it displays 2/row on mobile. Added benefit is the gallery nicely organizes them making it easy to add more down the line. My only issue now, is as a separate "section" that gallery block can't fit over the single image background of the primary section of the page.... but the flat black doesn't look too bad. Adds some contrast before the footer.
  3. What's the best way to change the mobile display to 2 logos per row? Using the "Logo Wall" prebuilt from 7.1 it's just three image placeholders side-by-side which dynamically change to browser width. I do like the look of the 3/row on desktop. I guess I'm looking for a way to force them to downsize and have 2/row on mobile without re-creating a static image for the logo wall.
  4. Site URL: https://www.thevaultma.com Hi everyone, As I'm a copywriter and marketer first, and not truly a web designer I'd like some feedback on a site for my client before we go live. As the content and site are age restricted (will be live within the week), if anyone would like to give me some feedback please DM me and I'll send you the pass code for entrance. Once the site is live, the link above in this thread should work fine-- and I'd still appreciate any comments and thoughts as we continuously update it. Ryan
  5. Desperately following this topic. Client is hosting on YouTube. Was thinking of using a pro Vimeo account, but it appears the issue persists regardless of source url. I'd rather have the thumbnail exist for a second or two, and let the video play smoothly at 2K when it's ready.
  6. I'm also interested in this topic. Client's site right now has the calendar block over a dark background image. The desktop version looks fine because of the larger resolution and the full bleed EVENT THUMBNAIL images that fill in the dates where events exist. But it's difficult to read and identify on mobile. Hopefully SquareSpace adds functionality to adjust opacity on the calendar for 7.1 soon. Ryan
  7. I have a client (I manage their website and marketing) in the cannabis industry. They want a VIP customer login portal within the squarespace site-- no purchasing or order history (they're not using the built in Squarespace eCommerce), but a way for them to navigate pages with resources, guides, videos, promotions, etc that are not available to the public. Anyone know the best way to do this, or a dev that offers an add-on or code solution? Ryan
  8. I was trying to add a Video Block to my blog page from Facebook. Entering the direct URL to the video page didn’t work (Invalid URL), and using Facebook’s suggested embed code also didn’t work (by using the custom embed code button). Is there any solution to this? Thanks in advance! You guys rock!
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