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  1. Site URL: https://thedetoureffect.com/blog/digital-nomad-gift-ideas Hi there, I found out that I can give an image link a nofollow attribute by pasting this onto the end of the affiliate link: "rel="sponsored This works when you click on the image itself. But if I write a caption and try to include a link there, it doesn't work. Example: I chose the "overlap" design for my images here because it looks cooler than other methods of advertising/linking to products. I wrote long captions to go with each image and included some links in the caption. If I paste "rel="sponsored onto the end of those links, clicking on the links will bring up an error. So I removed "rel="sponsored from all of them, but this is going to hurt my SEO ranking. Any ideas? Thank you!
  2. As you wish, I have now checked the "Show Title and Description" box. If it's the block ID you're after, it's #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1534801545666_87139
  3. I unchecked "show title and description" for now since I don't want it to show the titles. Would you like me to re-check that box?
  4. Site URL: https://thedetoureffect.com/blog/la-fortuna Hey guys, I only want this change to happen on one image gallery on one page of my site, not all image galleries across my entire site. It's a slideshow image gallery. I want the image descriptions to show up (which include photo credit), but I do not want the titles of the images to show up (they are just SEO titles). And not just on hover; I want the descriptions to always be there and the titles to never be there. I found similar questions elsewhere on the forums and tried using the code suggested for other people but it's not working. Whatever code I use, should I also check or uncheck the "show title and description" area in the gallery design? I suppose if that box is checked, then the code should focus on hiding the title. If that box is unchecked, the code should focus on showing the description...? Any ideas? Thank you!
  5. Instead of products, I want to do this for just regular old image galleries, that don't have any products involved. Just an image gallery block with photography: https://thedetoureffect.com/blog/things-to-do-flagstaff-arizona
  6. That worked!! Thank you! (But, it also took the save button off my actual pins. I have custom code inserted individually into every single pin that I created in Canva, so that a save button will hover on those specific blocks. It's only all the regular images throughout my site, which are just images and not pins designed for Pinterest, that I want the "save" button to stop hovering on. Oh well, maybe I can't have both).
  7. Here's one page where I have a bunch of slideshow galleries: https://thedetoureffect.com/blog/grand-canyon-trip-planning I would prefer all those slideshows to be carousel-style instead, but I haven't made them into carousels yet because then they wouldn't have thumbnails or titles.
  8. @tuanphanany ideas as to why the "save" button still hovers over every image throughout blog even though I disabled it in the "marketing" tab?
  9. Site URL: https://thedetoureffect.com/ I saw someone post here about how to make thumbnails appear on a product carousel gallery. How would I do the same thing on an image carousel gallery? I only want this on some pages, not all, so I will probably inject it in a code block on a particular blog post and NOT in Design > Custom CSS
  10. Thanks for this! I wonder how I would do the same thing but for regular image galleries rather than product galleries? I guess replace ".ProductItem-gallery" with something else like ".image-gallery" or ".sqs-gallery-design-strip"?
  11. Here's a link: https://thedetoureffect.com/blog/working-on-the-road I attached some screenshots. Is it because I have this code block in the post?: <script async defer data-pin-hover="true" data-pin-tall="true" src="//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js"></script> I was reading about how to make sure my pins have metadata in them (like alt text, data-pin-description, etc). I can't edit those things if I do an image block, so I had to use a code block to insert my pin at the bottom of the page. But, as a result, a "save pin" button would not hover over it. So, I had to add the script code I pasted above. I thought that would make the "save" button hover ONLY over my code block for the pin, and not every other image on the page. Maybe that's not correct. Except...that can't be the reason, because the "save" button still hovers on my "all blog posts" page too, not just the individual post. Per the last screenshot.
  12. Awesome, that seems to have worked! Thanks a ton! I would have never been able to cobble that together myself. I went to Marketing > Pinterest Save Buttons > Disabled, and that hasn't stopped the save buttons from hovering over all my images on my "all blog posts" page nor my individual blog posts. Any ideas?
  13. Did you ever figure this out? I just changed mine to "disabled" and saved the change, and yet the pin button is still hovering over everything. Maybe I just need to give it some time to recognize the change?
  14. Sure, wow thanks for finding those! I don't have a tablet so I didn't realize. I do have the ability to click tablet vs mobile vs desktop view when I'm editing my blog posts though, and when I click tablet view that post in #3 looks fine? Towards the top of the page, it has two columns (my blog post plus the vertical bar on the righthand side that has my ads), but as you keep scrolling further down, that's when it looks like the text isn't spanning the width of the page, because my vertical bar doesn't have enough content to go down that far. Or is that not what you mean about text width? I'd love all the hell songs buttons to be even with each other! The pin thing is very annoying. I have code on my site that forces a pin button to show up every time anyone hovers over any image site-wide. I think I will just remove that, because on my actual blog posts where my Pinterest pins live, I have to insert individual code every time anyway. Because if I want the pins to have metadata, I have to insert them as code blocks instead of as images. Therefore the site-wide pin code doesn't work on those. And I don't think anyone is interested in pinning my other images.
  15. Oh ok well I went googling and found out I don't have to put the analytics code in my css for squarespace if it's already in my External API. I removed it and now my wrap text code works again. Solved! Thank you!
  16. The syntax is in my Google Analytics code that is just directly copy/pasted from Google Analytics admin. The line in my custom CSS that is giving the syntax error is: <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
  17. Site URL: https://thedetoureffect.com/ Hi there, Hoping somebody can help me with some sleuthing. A few weeks ago I found code suggested on Skillshare that worked really well to wrap the text below my image grid gallery (it was getting cut off and you couldn't read the full title). All of the sudden this week I noticed it just suddenly stopped working, my text is once again not wrapping. See my uploaded image for an example. So then I looked on this forum for different code to try, and found this thread. None of the ideas here worked either. So maybe there's some other code I have elsewhere in my site that is preventing any of these from working? After getting the text wrap to work initially, I added two other unrelated codes later. One was Google Analytics which I just copy/pasted directly, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. The other was a featherlight thing that I got from this thread so I could have a pop-up when people click on my "pandemic planning" button. Maybe that messed up my text wrapping thing? Grateful for any ideas. My site is thedetoureffect.com. Everything we're talking about is on the home page.
  18. Did you figure this out? My unique CNAME code is also missing from Squarespace. It is located in my GoDaddy DNS Records, strangely, but I don't know how because within my Squarespace DNS Settings, only the www CNAME exists. My site works fine but it still matters because I'm having an issue elsewhere and the Squarespace support people keep telling me the missing CNAME is the reason, and I need to add it into my GoDaddy DNS. But it already IS located in my GoDaddy DNS Records. The place it is actually missing from is Squarespace
  19. Did you ever figure this out? My verify.squarespace.com numbers are missing too. I only have the one CNAME record, the www one, in my Squarespace DNS Settings. What's odd is that I DO have the verify.squarespace.com numbers in my GoDaddy DNS Records. It seems like maybe when I first set up my site 5 years ago, I must have copy/pasted that from Squarespace over into my GoDaddy record like they tell you to do. But sometime after that, it randomly must have disappeared out of my Squarespace DNS Settings.
  20. I have enabled rich pins so that when people pin images from my blog using my Pinterest Save Button, it fills in all the extra metadata from Squarespace, like the post title, post description, alt text, etc. I used this article to do it: https://thirtyeightvisuals.com/blog/pinterest-rich-pins-squarespace?fbclid=IwAR3MihzgrQd1XZXzwaOL5uoOftb4gzWsqe8oW-6CHzcgmhzVrk16fcKL9wA It works kind of well. Sometimes certain pins don't follow the rules. Like, in that link she shows how to make the author default to "My Name | My Blog Name" instead of simply "My Name". It only works about half the time; some pins will say the correct author and other pins still just say "My Name". Whatever, I can deal with that. Sometimes the title is not the blog title like it's supposed to be, which is a little more annoying, but it's an infrequent problem I can also deal with. But, I want to be able to change the description. Using the above, the main description defaults to my blog post description, and the secondary description defaults to my image alt text. Leaving alt text as-is is fine, but for the main description I want to create my own special description for the pin, mainly because some of my blog post descriptions are really long, I'd like the pin description to be more succinct without having to change my blog post description. Also I want to add hashtags to my pin description. I know on Wordpress they can edit data-pin-description, alt text, data-pin-title, data-pin-url, data-pin-media, etc etc when they upload an image. Squarespace users have no automated way of doing this, but I figured there must be a way to do it manually. So then I found these instructions: https://www.untangledbiz.com/blog/2018/11/7/why-alt-text-not-the-right-place-for-pin-descriptions This also....kind of works. I can put in the correct image and URL, but none of the other metadata tags populate correctly. Data-pin-description fills in the secondary description that's in small text at the bottom (which is usually just the image alt text), instead of the main description. What I'm wanting to edit is the main description. Using "alt="insert alt text here" doesn't work at all to change the alt text area back to what it's supposed to be. Data-pin-title doesn't work at all either, it's still defaulting to the blog post title. (This is a brand new tag Pinterest is implementing so maybe I shouldn't expect data-pin-title to work yet, but my Wordpress friends have gotten it to work). Any other ideas? How can I change my pin descriptions to something custom instead of just the blog post description? Doesn't seem like it should be this hard. Should I just give up and accept whatever the rich pin format gives me?
  21. These two posts have been helpful for me: This one explains exactly what you're asking - https://www.untangledbiz.com/blog/2018/11/7/why-alt-text-not-the-right-place-for-pin-descriptions This one explains how to make the most of rich pins if you don't feel like going through the trouble - https://thirtyeightvisuals.com/blog/pinterest-rich-pins-squarespace?fbclid=IwAR3MihzgrQd1XZXzwaOL5uoOftb4gzWsqe8oW-6CHzcgmhzVrk16fcKL9wA However, with both of these methods I still have a few issues. Using the first link for guidance, I tried filling in "data-pin-description". When I post the pin, the description I had typed in shows up as the secondary small-text description down at the bottom of the pin info, by my profile image (if you just enable rich pins per the second link from thirtyeightvisuals above, that small-text description defaults to being your image alt text description, or the image filename if you didn't type in an image description). It still continues to pull my post description for the main description. I have no idea why it's doing this. How much more clear could the command "data-pin-description" be? Wordpress people say to include "alt="insert alt text here" as well, for the small-text description area. But that doesn't do anything for me. There's a new metadata tag called "data-pin-title" that's also supposed to enable you to choose a title other than your blog post title, but that doesn't work for me either. If I just enable rich pins per the second link above, I have wayyy less problems. But every once in awhile, one of my pins won't follow the rules. Like, I've set the author to be "My Name | My Blogs Name". When I pin most pins, that is what the author field correctly states. But when I pin certain other ones, it just says "My Name" for the author. WHY. I'm with you, this is all confusing.
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