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  1. Site URL: https://www.vegapropertyemporium.com/home Hi, I'm trying to add a shadow to the bottom of my main menu/navigation bar on my website. It is a fixed menu that scrolls with the website. I would like it to be a black shadow https://www.vegapropertyemporium.com/home Thank you
  2. This is the Web page https://www.vegapropertyemporium.com/nowsellingnsw @tuanphan
  3. Site URL: http://www.vegapropertyemporium.com Hey there, is there a css code to make the carousel larger on mobile, even if it's just showing the first picture only on mobile and then clients can scroll across? Currently on the desktop website its showing 3 images across(which is fine for desktop) .. Pls see photo attached Thank you @tuanphan
  4. Site URL: http://www.vegapropertyemporium.com @Thurstings Hi there, Could you please help with custom css coding for my mojave template that i am editing at the moment, it's currently not a live template as it does not look good on mobile due to the proportions being out of whack. I really want it to look like the desktop version but have no idea what coding i need inserted..Are you able to help out? Thank you
  5. @tuanphan Are you able to help me with this css coding? I really need it urgently in order for the website to go live... Thank you
  6. No i didn't resolve, the last photos are when i have to actually click desktop view on the mobile. I need the permanent mobile view to look like that.. @tuanphan
  7. Site URL: http://www.vegapropertyemporium.com Hi there, the Mojave template doesn't have the correct proportions when viewing on mobile, I've attached photos on how it looks. The text is massive and doesn't fit in the screen, the pictures aren't fitting into the screen either. I definitely want it to replicate the desktop site in terms of how it's viewed. I've attached photos of how it looks on mobile, and then how it looks on mobile when i click desktop site. I need code for every single page as this is the issue on all pages. Also, on the now selling pages, the image carousel is extr
  8. Ok have a look now, I've just changed it... You will see how the writing and photos look too big for the screen. The large font is way too big, if you could make it half the size that would be great, and if the pictures can fit in the screen. Thanks
  9. Hello, Need to reduce the way the font and pictures are on mobile display (it's the Mojave template). Currently they are huge and are cut off. I need them all to be fitting inside of the mobile screen... This is all pages on the Mojave template...I haven't set that particular template as the "live template" as of yet because it looks really bad... Could you please help with the coding on this one ? Thanks so much! @tuanphan
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