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  1. Hi, been trying to get this to work for a couple of hours now. I'm using the Avenue template to display my portfolio and it has a quite nice hover effect built in (it changes the opacity of the image). However, I would much rather to have a .gif play instead of that effect. I have managed to get this to work on separate pages with video and image blocks, but I really can't get this to work as all the images are presented on an index page. So to even find the right ID on an index page seems like a struggle, all the Chrome "Squarespace ID finder" gives me is the collection ID. I've also ventured into the actual code to see anything there, and there I found both a specific "collectionid" plus a specific "gallery-block" id for one of my images. But when trying to apply a code such as this one (that worked for an image block on a separate page), I can't get it to work for the images on my index page. Very much appreciate some help on this. The website is https://www.henrikhedin.com/ Thanks.
  2. I have Avenue 7.0 and have reached the 200 image limit in a store. I need to make a new store and need advice on moving existing content to the new page so I can have 2 stores. Thank you.
  3. Hello there, in Avenue template (7.0), an account login link is automatically displayed in the navigation of the website after activating member areas or customer accounts. Unfortunately, this cannot be turned off with the built-in functions. So I need to hide the account login link with custom code. Is there any help?
  4. Hi, I am very new to Squarespace and some of it is not totally intuitive yet. For instance, I can edit the header and navigation, but I can't get into the text blocks that come with the templates to edit the main captions then the page text. Any idea what I am doing wrong here? Appreciate the help!
  5. Site URL: https://www.mattreynoldsphotography.com/ Hello, hoping someone may be able to help. I am using the Avenue template. Have created a grid-gallery for images and have the box checked to open the image larger in a lightbox if clicked. For the individual images, I have titled each and for some I have a subtitle description area. On the desktop this works perfectly yet on Mobile my title and subtitle does not show up on the individual images when opened. On my phone there is a tiny button where I can enable to read it and then it shows but I don't think people will realize and want to force show it below the image each time. The same way it does on a desktop. Is there any code I can add to make this happen? www.MattReynoldsPhotography.com
  6. Hi! Please can someone help with custom code to force the cart icon to appear in the header in mobile view (so it's always visible), instead of in the hamburger menu (where no customer can find it seemingly). I think the template is Avenue, definitely a 7.0 template anyway! Thank you 🙂
  7. Hi there. Is there any way to show the actual shape/h-w ratios of the images in the gallery grid? It seems like its either all squares or it can be true ratios but we lose the clean look of the rows or it can be a collage style layout. I would like to see all my images as the shapes they are, lined up, bottom justified, height dependent, row by row. Is this possible? Thanks
  8. Hi there. Trying to have fixed height images in my thumbnail grid so that the layout looks cleaner. Do not want to crop the images so they are all square or the same ratio. Want to show the different ratios, but make them all the same height so the grid is clean. This is current fixed-width layout that Avenue template offers. Need all images to be same height. Thank you!
  9. How do I remove the "all" category from my shop. It lists ALL the products and I only want to list by category. I have tried all the code suggestions I could find on here but nothing seems to work. I am using Avenue. Version 7.0. Thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://www.bradpippin.com Hello, I'd like to duplicate some pages I've created a long time ago but there is no option to do it. I've clicked on the gear and it would usually be at the bottom of the General section, but it's not there.
  11. Site URL: http://www.calhadaway.com Hey guys, I am using the Avenue template and wanting to make the auto columns minimum amount from 1 to 2. So currently in mobile view it is a single column for the index page. But I would love 2 columns for it (But keep the wide screen view as 3 culumns. Example of what I want. https://alvarobeamudcortes.com/ Thank you so much!
  12. Site URL: https://www.audreypeluso.com/ I'm trying to disable one of my case studies (Lodi Bowling) for the time being. While I'm not ready to publish it, I'd still like the project thumbnail visible on my homepage. I can't seem to find a way to do this. Help please 😛
  13. Site URL: https://www.teemochon.com/ Hello! My website looks different on the mobile view than to the desktop view. I have index pages with images that go down vertically in the desktop view, however, when I change to the mobile view, it makes two rows of the index pages. I am trying to figure out how to keep my mobile view the same as the desktop view. I am using Avenue template.
  14. Site URL: https://calliope-tomato-cn6j.squarespace.com/?p Hi! I am trying to reduce the padding around the images. Ive already set 'Padding around the gridded images' to 0 but there is still some padding. My current page setup is: > Blank page (select work) > It is populated by Galleries (each gallery an image tile and once clicked an video lightbox) - Videos are setup in my individual galleries that are in my index page (disabled) This allows me to 'Use Existing Gallery' in my Blank page (select work) and enable lightbox func to my video links Ive included an example of what im trying to achieve.
  15. Hi! Is it possible to add a caption below an image in a gallery, instead of having the caption overlay the image, using the Avenue template? Thanks!
  16. Site URL: http://www.orensoffer.com/ Hey I’m looking to see what this person used for CSS for the title and subtitles that are shown when you hover above the images. Also I like to know how I can keep my font small and contained inside the image when I get on the website with a mobile device. Whenever I look at the website in my iPhone, the title becomes too big and overlaps with others.
  17. Hi, Would anybody know how to have the "Select Size" button on Avenue template (7.0) product page look like the add to cart button (as in example image)? Thanks for any help,
  18. Hi, Would anybody know how to change the lightbox theme to light overlay (rather than dark overlay) for the images (both the feature and caroussel images) on a product detail page? I tried these with no success: .gallery-lightbox-background { background-color: white; } and: .product-lightbox-background { background-color: white; } I'm using Avenue template 7.0 Thank you,
  19. Hi, I'd like to have both gallery images and index page images display as a single column of images (rather than 2 columns) on mobile. I'm using Avenue template (7.0) Could anybody help with this? Thank you
  20. Hi, Would anybody know of a way to jump directly to the content of the product when the item is clicked, rather than see the title header each time? I've had no luck with anchors, could anybody suggest some coding? I wonder if the "Page Header Code Injection" in Advanced Store Settings could be part of the solution? I'm using Avenue template (7.0) Thank you in advance, (image as an example of jump to content)
  21. Site URL: https://www.ankeweckmann.com/#/too-cool-for-school/ Hi, I'm having a problem with longer headlines not displaying properly when viewing my site in mobile view. Instead of going across two lines to make it fit, the headline gets squished together and is unreadable. Does anybody else have this problem and is there a way to fix it? I don't want to change templates because I'm happy with my site otherwise. Thank you so much, Anke
  22. Hi all, Hover effects work on desktop, but I would like them to work as I scroll through mobile. The hover effects I have turn an image grey and have the site title on it, making it more inviting to click on. I would like the same for mobile when I scroll past an image. Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://undro.net/ I know this has been answered so many times but none of the answers are working for me. I am trying to change the color of one layout page in Avenue template. This one to be specific: https://undro.net/#/elnatt/ I have tried custom css .collection-type-index #elnaat background color: #F8F5EC !important; and page header injection <style> .Main { background-color: #F8F5EC !important; } </style> and different versions of these that don't seem to work. I have also seen this in places but it updates the whole website: body#collection-56ccfe89c2ea5165a6f983a1 { background: white; } body#collection-56ccfe89c2ea5165a6f983a1 #canvas { background-color: white !important; }
  24. Hi! I'm trying to change the font for the gallery image captions in the Avenue template. Right now they are set to the body style; I'd like to use the Heading 3 style instead. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  25. Site URL: https://www.isaacbower.com/ Hi I have a issue on my home page: when I scroll down, it displays more and more narrow. Much worse on mobile. I asked customer service and they said it looks ok in safe mode and that indicates custom code is the issue. I have a few bits of code in place that I want to keep, not sure how to figure out what the issue might be. In the screen shots (from my phone) the wider one is fairly normal, but the other one is from down at the bottom of home page. There are a series of image cards as you go down the page and this issue is making them appear narrower and narrower as you scroll down the page. It’s visible but more subtle on a laptop. In this same area of the site, I’ve had an Intermittent issue where the lines I’ve added between some of the image cards will suddenly display cropped off - only on the right side. I loose about 20% of the width of the lines. Then if I sign out and reload page, it sometimes fixes that. But not always - I found that if I delete one of the cropped-width lines and then put a new line back in its place, then all lines will be normal length again after reloading page. Not sure that’s even related to the other width issue but seems like it might be. Thanks for any thoughts on this.
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