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  1. This is fantastic. I tried adding the markup block to the footer and it worked perfectly. @tuanphan coming through again! THANK YOU
  2. I'm looking for this as well for the Flatiron template.
  3. Thank you for the response! Does this specifically address the buggy navigation? Unfortunately I would need to upgrade to a more expensive plan to allow for code injection in the footer. Is there any alternative route that would only require custom CSS? I am still interested in a solution that just forces the password protected project to open in a new window as that would solve the issue as well.
  4. Oh for sure, thank you. The index is here: https://www.therealsamkirk.com And the gallery that breaks links when you try to go BACK from it is here: https://www.therealsamkirk.com/project-quicksilver/ To reproduce: - access the "work" page - click on the 3rd tile (project quicksilver) - use the browser functions to navigate back to the index - try to click on any project, doesn't work. NOTE: If you reload the page it will load the project you clicked on Pretty weird, but that's why I want to just force that project to open in a new tab.
  5. There's a bug in my template where if you go back from a password protected gallery to the index, none of the links work. To avoid this I'd like to open only this gallery in a new window. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello community. I'm using Flatiron 7.0 and I'd like to widen the description field on certain gallery pages, but not others. I know where the controls are in the design settings, (Project Meta Width) but I don't want to make the change for all pages. Here's the site in case it helps: http://theRealSamKirk.com And a screen shot of the layout aspect I'm trying to manipulate. Thanks in advance, community!
  7. @Lesum, apologies, I thought I added that! http://theRealSamKirk.com If you look at any of the project galleries, you'll see a couple lines at the top of the description in bold that summarize my role or involvement. I'd like to drop something similar at the bottom, but presented more like tags. See mockup below. I also rounded the corners and adjusted the text color, but that may not be possible, idk. and thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I'm using a 7.0 template (flatiron) that pulls from the gallery description to display text about the gallery being viewed. I'd like to highlight some of the language in the description to appear more like tags. The problem is, the only formatting options within a description block are bold, italic, or hyperlink. There are no included controls for text highlighting. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  9. Hey @tuanphan! I heard back from customer service and they did suggest a CSS fix. but it's not really a fix. It does reveal the full menu, but it doesn't display the site title. I just posted on the topic that the CS rep pointed me to: I'll post my screenshots here too. I'm certainly interested in the new menu code you mention, if it's different than the CSS fix I already tried. Thank you again!
  10. I know this is a really old thread, but the solution posted here doesn't seem to equate to a fix. While it does ensure the menu is in full view, it ends up concealing the site title. I'm attaching 2 screenshots - one shows how it should function, which is achievable only after scrolling - the other shows the result of the CSS fix, which does expose the full menu but does not display the site title. This is iPhone and Safari specific.
  11. I see this was posted almost 4 years ago in 2019. I just started using the flatiron template recently, and the issue is still unresolved. It happens on every flatiron site I've viewed on every iPhone since the X. I expect this bug is deep in the dustbin of the backlog at this point, but here's my site in case it provides any value: http://theRealSamKirk.com
  12. Thank you for sharing that post. Unfortunately it did not have an effect, but it was worth a shot 🙂 Here's the site, in case it helps. And thanks again! http://theRealSamKirk.com
  13. Hello Community! New user to Squarespace, first forum post. Huzzah! I'm using the flatiron 7.0 template and see that on mobile, the space between images within a gallery is much smaller, almost non-existent. I'm hoping I can insert some custom CSS to address this. I'm attaching a few screenshots. Note the desktop version has some nice space between the images, but not on the mobile view. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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