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  1. Hello, I've been searching for some answers all day and come close but nothing has worked so far. I'd like to entirely remove the hover effect that happens when I mouse over the thumbnail images on the Home page of my site which is set up as an Index in the Flatiron template. The url to my site is harrisonjohnson.work. Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Site URL: https://www.lindsayamoroso.com/ So I have a couple things I am trying to accomplish for the mobile navigation: I am wanting the word menu to be a hamburger style menu. I am concerned if I do this, how will I get an X button to close the menu. I am wanting the hamburger to be right aligned and on the same line as the logo. I am wanting the navigation to be sticky when you scroll. Bonus: Custom color background for the expanded menu. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.kwerling.com/ Hi all! Can someone help here? For my portfolio site, I wanted my logo to show on the left side of the top nav, and the two menu items to display on the far right, for balance. I found CSS on this forum to do exactly that, and it works great on the desktop and tablet versions of my site! The issue is that on mobile, it now displays both the default "menu" link above my logo, as well as the two items separately, right aligned underneath the logo. How do I adjust the CSS to display these two items, right aligned, only on desktop? And leave mobile as the default single menu item above the logo? ** Ideally, I would also replace the word "menu" with a hamburger icon on mobile, but I am fine settling with just removing the duplicate nav items, if that's much easier.** Here is the code I used that is working fine for desktop and tablet only: #navigator header#topBar ul#nav { display: block; float: right; }
  4. Site URL: http://www.peacelovecolor.com I've set up social media link information under 'social links' in the settings tab and have formatted the links under the footer section under design and site styles. Am using the Flatiron template. They don't show up in the footer. Why oh why oh why? I tried setting up a social media block, too - no luck. What am I doing incorrectly assuming it's me? Gracias - Victoria
  5. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/journal Is there a way to add some space left of date/line on blog page so it lines up with the logo above? Thanks for the help!
  6. Site URL: http://katyerin.com/work Hi there, I love almost everything about the flatiron template but I'm having one issue that's driving me absolutely crazy. I know the Gallery/Index page is designed to automatically order the project tiles in a way that "looks best," but the problem I'm having is that... it doesn't look best the way the template is trying to order them. It would look best if it ordered them in the order I put them in... that's... why I put them in that order... Does anyone know how to stop the template from auto-ordering the project tiles (WITHOUT using the "project squares" option)?
  7. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/ So does anyone know how to get the social icon links at the top in the Flatiron template? Next to the navigation?
  8. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/journal Anyone know how to hide the 'Share' button under the date on blog pages? I'm using Flatiron. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/journal So I can change the font for everything on my site in CSS all except the date on the blog pages (http://alextreadway.co.uk/journal) – Any ideas anyone?
  10. Site URL: https://www.oanadu.com/ Hello! How can I center Logo and navigation menu on Flatiron template? I want The logo on top and Navigation Menu below. I want the same for desktop and menu. Thank you!
  11. Site URL: http://tylerelise.com Hi there, I'm currently using this code in the custom CSS for my website to get the gallery images to have 8px of space between them: #container-content { padding-left: 8px!important; padding-right: 8px!important; } #grid .item { margin-left:-8px; a { border: 16px solid #fff; } /* Overlay size on hover */ .wrapper { margin: 16px; } } The issue I'm noticing is that the images now sit towards the bottom right corner and are off-center in the box. I've attached an image of what this looks like in edit view, you can see the content is sitting towards the bottom right of the container. It seems like something is effecting the right margin within the code (I've also attached a screenshot from the inspect view to show this). I'm wondering if maybe because it's a white border and not a margin the borders to the right of each image are now covering 8px of its neighboring image? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  12. Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to have some space between projects in the gallery of Flation. (Like the Wexley template) Thanks a lot! Jany
  13. Site URL: http://mattpjones.com I have spent the last week getting my website setup and all is going well! However, when I do desktop view the template forces my thumbnails side by side in a large browser window. Is there some way to not have it do this? Perhaps have padding or a max site width? Since this is a 7.0 template I am unable to adjust site width in the settings as far as I can tell. http://mattpjones.com Here is how it looks currently And I would like it to resemble tablet view, even when in desktop width: The site I am ideally looking to have mine like is http://www.justinmooredp.com/ They have the same template as me but I am guessing there is some custom code to keep the width fixed (regardless of browser size), and then add padding when it gets stretched out on a large display. I am on a 30 inch monitor and seeing like the screenshots above. Any help would be great!
  14. Site URL: https://finch-flute-hmxs.squarespace.com I am trying to move over to 7.1 and would like to replicate the way that flatiron displays projects in the index with the hover over title. I have tired lots of css that I have found on this Forum but cannot find anything that works. Thanks,
  15. Site URL: https://www.thefilmhousetv.squarespace.com Hi, I want to add a border around my image blocks like this: Here's how it looks so far: I want to also take out the underline every time I hover my pointer on it. Finally, my mobile view is a mess. I want to fix this as well. Thank you very much!
  16. Site URL: https://www.keisukekuniyoshi.com/ Hello everyone, I am having difficulty with customizing my tagline. I am trying to move it from under the site logo and placing the tagline on the same line as the logo and to the right. Would appreciate any feedback on this as I have searched the web and squarespace for any suggestions with no luck! 🙂
  17. It looks like reducing the size of the site title / logo is the only option for reducing the height of the header for desktop and mobile. I wrote a custom code solution to reduce the height further for both that I'm posting here in case it's helpful for others.
  18. Site URL: https://www.catherinegionfriddo.com/ I am having an issue where my top row of images gets cropped off when I navigate to my site. It does this about 80% of the time but not always, and when I refresh, it goes away. I contacted support and they said it's a known issue with the flatiron template (it wasn't always like this!). I also can't insert a white spacer between the header and the videos (I thought this might be a solve). I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and can suggest a custom code? I found another similar conversation but I'm not sure the issue is the same as they were talking about 7.1 and none of the custom code suggested helped with my issue. The screengrabs below show the difference between when it's cut off and when it's not. Thank you!
  19. How do I alter the height of the Header & Footer/Padding for Flat Iron Template? Many Thanks
  20. Site URL: https://www.doniastudio.co/new-page-1 I am looking for help on creating a "gallery" of images people can view my paintings than select and check out as a booking. I teach paint parties and would like to simplify the process. it would go something like this: Step 1: choose the painting Step 2: pick a date step 3 : tell me if its virtual or in person Step 4: how many people are attending Step 5: pay the invoice Currently I made a page with images and buttons but I am finding it wouldn't make sense to create a check out page for each item. Can anyone help?
  21. Using a cover page for a Flatiron site. I'd like to make the logo activate a link to enter the site. Currently using action "enter site" at bottom but would also like the logo to be active to enter site. Any ideas?
  22. Site URL: https://violet-gerbil-8lh8.squarespace.com/home-2 Hello, I am trying can I get different project width settings on desktop and mobile for my site: https://violet-gerbil-8lh8.squarespace.com/home-2 password: aslitest I would like to have 3 columns on mobile (which works with project width 110 px as it set now) and 6 columns on desktop. Any help on how to achieve it? On Site Styles the setting is for both desktop/mobile. Many Thanks, Cecilia
  23. Hello, on the Flatiron template, how can i change the word 'view' when you hover over a thumbnail? I would like to change it to the sign "+" Thank you
  24. Site URL: https://dijonmagazine.com/ I am needing to remove the clickthrough option on all galleries within my index page - I am using Flatiron.
  25. Hello! Having an issue where the mobile nav drops behind the Gallery Page content, hiding the menu links. When you scroll down it sort of pops everything down and then you can see the menu items. I don't have any custom scripts in the template, regular pages like "About" and "Contact" work fine (the nav drops in front of the content, doesn't push content down). Is this a flaw or are we not supposed to use Gallery Pages for main navigational areas? Here is my site, and I'm testing on an iPhone XS:http://www.sonnygamboa.com Thanks in advance for any insight! Sonny
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