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  1. I am looking for my asset library in hopes that from there I will be able to rename images I've uploaded to my website. I've tried to do this in the window that pops up when adding an image to a page from the library but couldn't find any way to do that from there. Would also love to know how to find the configuration page where my search has told me I will find the asset library? Would also love to know how to find the site manager of my site where my search has told me I will find the configuration page? I'm on 7.1 and I know some things have moved around a lot lately so maybe that's why my search for this information isn't turning up anything useful..
  2. Oh, so sorry. When I didn't get an answer I made a new post and received a solution at the link below. So sorry for not updating. Thank you for asking.
  3. Hello! If there is a way to adjust these things without code, I'd be happy to know that as well. I am on 7.1 (if it matters) and I am trying to remove this large gap between my header and where my products begin in the next section. Additionally, I'd like to make the font of this section header larger so that it looks like a heading and make the font of the product titles smaller so that they do not look like page headings. I'm baffled at the default setting for these three things that doesn't seem to be adjustable. Thank you in advance! This page is here: https://www.kimberlyessex.com/audio-library
  4. Anyone still here? I'm trying to do the same as the original question here: remove the large space between the header and the products here: https://www.kimberlyessex.com/audio-library Additionally, I'm wondering if there is any way to adjust font sizes on this page? The category font seems strangely small (I'd like to make that larger) and the product title font seems strangely large (I'd like to make that smaller.
  5. omg thank you! How is this supposed to make things easier?! I nearly forgot what the code was for before I found your comment here.
  6. Have there been any updates on this topic? This is the only thread I've been able to find. My site jumps around on mobile when reaching the end of any blog page. I do NOT use parallax. I did recently place ads on the site, but this problem preceded that. So the ads are NOT the problem. Rather, I was motivated to get this fixed because I don't want the perception to be that the ads are creating the glitchiness. My site: www.kimberlyessex.com
  7. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly: '.header-display-mobile .header-mobile-logo a'
  8. This 7.1 solution from @paul2009 worked perfectly for me on desktop but not on mobile. Any suggestions appreciated! My site is www.kimberlyessex.com
  9. Hi again @paul2009, I just realized the code you provided is not working on mobile though it works perfectly on desktop. I entered both the desktop and mobile codes just as you share them and added my url in just the same way to each. Any further suggestions appreciated. The site, again, is www.kimberlyessex.com. Thanks!
  10. I answered the second question myself from an old thread, lol, put this code below in my header injection and now the navigation links are opening in new tabs. <base target="_blank"/> Thank you again, so so much, @paul2009 !!
  11. <script> /* Desktop branding - redirect to another URL */ document.querySelector('.header-display-desktop .header-title-logo a').setAttribute('href', '/home'); /* Mobile branding - redirect to another URL */ document.querySelector('.header-display-mobile .header-title-logo a').setAttribute('href', '/home'); </script>
  12. Thank you, I wasn't able to find any other threads on this topic. I am using 7.1 which I am not seeing mentioned in this more recent thread you shared? I tried the two codes I saw you shared there and neither worked. I'm trying to link to an external site, so maybe I am making a mistake with how I am typing it? Here is how I tried entering the second code with the external link I would like my logo to link to: <script> /* Desktop branding - redirect to another URL */ document.querySelector('a.Header-branding').setAttribute('href', 'https://www.tarotandmeditations.com/'); /* Mobile branding - redirect to another URL */ document.querySelector('a.Mobile-bar-branding').setAttribute('href', 'https://www.tarotandmeditations.com/'); </script>
  13. Hello! Grateful for any help. I've recently connected my SquareSpace blog to a Podia site. I'm trying to make the two sites work together as seamlessly as possible and I would like to make the logo in my SquareSpace site header link to the homepage which is on Podia. I tried the ideas on this archived conversation but they didn't work for me:
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