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  1. Have a 7.0 site I want the description (caption) to appear on hover over. allnaturalkitchen.com.au/products PW: ENTER This is the closest thread I can find to the feature I'm wanting.
  2. Share when you get it! I'll have to remove the feature if I don't figure it out. Launching next week and it looks so bad on mobile
  3. I've put this on the below site. Interested to hear how people have centred the text and wrap? (So the text doesn't go to the top) Tried a couple different CSS add ons and hasn't worked. www.allnaturalkitchen.com.au PW ENTER
  4. No I haven't - I've been trying to make some tweaks because it's not really responsive at all. So if I can't get it responsive I'll probably remove it cause it's a bit of a turn off!
  5. Absolutely! www.allnaturalkitchen.com.au PW: ENTER It's the about page
  6. Was this mobile responsive to people? Mine wasn't.. hmmm
  7. It didn’t work in any! I had to create an image the same look as the site and then just upload it.. really annoying because it doesn’t have the hover over effect and you can kind of just tell.. keep me updated!
  8. Super interested if anyone knows how to fix the MENU burger icon sticking up to the top right when scrolling on mobile. Doing my absolute head in. www.sparkproperty.com.au PW: enter When you scroll there will be a duplication of the word MENU..
  9. Just joining the thread. My client offers free shipping for all her products (wedding dresses, thousands). But shes just introduced a couple smaller things that she needs to add postage to.. As the rest of the store is free shipping, I'm only going to add weight to the products needing a cost and then add them that way.. but very messy!
  11. I have the exact same issue on my mobile site for www.intherawjuice.com.au have removed all css and individually reloaded - it was once fine then just bam - started to jitter. it’s on all images throughout the site for me - I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro.
  12. Site URL: https://www.intherawjuice.com.au Hi all I had seen a post previously and couldn’t re find it on jittery scrolling on mobile. I’ve removed all custom css and added back in individually, still happens. it was normally and fine then just randomly - jittery. It shouldn’t be the file size of the images either?
  13. Sorry - might be blend too much in the background!
  14. Site URL: https://www.arlo.squarespace.com Hey crew, I've been looking at wanting to do particles.js in the header of a homepage I'm creating. Just a template play around at the moment - not for a client. arlo.squarespace.com PW: enter I plan on the header being a "blob" colour shape that blends into the section below. Some particles I've looked at; https://codepen.io/Tollo/pen/YzKEqGm https://codepen.io/VincentGarreau/pen/pnlso https://codepen.io/samarkandiy/pen/xGEOLN Just wondering if anyone has success stories, examples and how to im
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