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  1. Good afternoon to the colleague, I know a a lot about SEO best-practices, the problem many of them not possible at Squarespace but I am happy to be a part of circle
  2. The problem fixed before the pandemic started but what to do Missing field "location.address with online hackathons and events during the pandemic 😷 ?
  3. Not every traffic sell, how training help, bring keywords which sell something on top results?
  4. SEO not just changed It's changing every update in search and it's not posseble even to speak about TIPS with out specific research. keawords just a little part of SEO
  5. Your CSS .pdf works amazing with visual information, only a problem it's only visualize but do not solve problems which squarespace have itself .
  6. There is no such thing as SEO extensions its only undestanding what strategy is possible for your growing and what you are trying to grow
  7. But who is your target market this is the question not easily answer for?
  8. These is key word which helpful in these situation. Semrush these is a tool I use very often, but works much better before the Pandemic started
  9. Of course if to everyone who speak about SEO think most of all about Long-tail keywords and research which just basic part what professional call SEO strategies. SEO not just keywords it's strategic thinking and competitive analysis UX of your site. Of course visualising site very helpful but site will be on top if yore structure growing and people finding something once in a wile
  10. It's not always true it's keywords only a part of incite optimization of the site, you can not get to a top result with using only keywords research.
  11. Yes social media strategy helps a lot work with branding and SEO issues, but not only in Squarespace CMS, how Squarespace helps? For example my Wordpress sites growing much better.
  12. yes I started use SEMRUSH in my own portfolio and client site, but after coved not so happy by results on search
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