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  1. I shifted the Title to the body of the email and styled it within a DIV block to make it look like my Title <div style=" color: #1E1E1E; font-family:Helvetica; font-size:170%; font-weight: bold"> We've Saved Your Cart For You! </div> Or, shove it in something like this within the email if you need a link adding to somewhere: <a style=" color: #1E1E1E; font-family:Helvetica; text-decoration: none; font-size:150%; font-weight: bold" href="{website.baseUrl}">LINK TEXT</a> As for buttons,
  2. Agreed - it’s very simple, obvious and repeated data (surely?) so why SS hasn’t catered for it I don’t know.
  3. Hi all - Google Search console reached out by email to kindly tell me that one of my sites is affected by 39 instances of "Event markup issues". Opening the Events report in webmaster tools, I am confronted with this: If I look at an individual url within Google's structured data testing tool, I see this, telling me location and start date are missing (odd immediate spike in data from mid August...?): Now, I don't know code, but I am surprised to see lots of other posts talking about schema.org and the need to add code for things like this (similar problems occur for blog posts apparently)
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