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  1. Would you mind sharing why you were considering switching from Big Commerce? I keep looking at other commerce solutions because my client is so frustrated by Squarespace shipping options.
  2. Site URL: https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ Need tips on best practices for an "overnight" price increase on over 400 products that takes effect on Jan. 1. The maximum prices are set by the manufacturer, so the prices can't change on the site till that date. The site has 8 separate product pages, each with quite a few categories and of course, tags. Have studied the bulk editing directions, with concern about matching existing images. Also, many product descriptions include bullet lists, which the bulk edit directions say could cause the import to fail. There are probably hyperlinks as
  3. Not sure what you mean. With the Bedford template, each product collection page (which might be what you mean by a store) shows the categories within that. See for example https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/fuji-spray-guns
  4. The Bedford template does this. See for example https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/fuji-spray-guns
  5. I took a look. What are the search terms for which you're aiming at ranking? Are there any other companies (perhaps located elsewhere in the world) that offer a similar service? If I google something like "staycation marketing consultant" or "staycation marketing service" I get either general marketing agencies, or a lot of blog articles. I can't really tell from your pages (as a visitor) what terms you're emphasizing. It does seem as if your desired clients fall into some discrete categories. So you may need some landing pages or at least blog articles to focus on them specifically. A l
  6. You can get technical help on this at GoDaddy, too. Some of the custom email addresses are not as secure as newer methods. I switched to GSuite and went through the various security steps. The email addresses stay the same, but they're much more secure. I think it's worth the $6/month. And moving to GSuite directly, rather than via Squarespace, gives much more flexibility and better options. (I'm pretty sure I got that advice here!)
  7. I have just copied the product, moved one copy to another product page, then changed the product description and/or title to fit the new context, changed the metadescription accordingly, changed the url and seo info etc. This will mess up your inventory count unless you adjust your inventory data accordingly, set your minimum inventory alerts to fit your needs, etc. The client for whom I did this has not had any problems.
  8. I'm having the same issue with a 7.0 site that hasn't changed. When I researched it further, though, I found that it was only an issue with one page, and instead of being about text size and clickable spacing, it was simply one video I'd added. For some reason the same video was fine on the client's Videos page, but when embedded in a regular page, showed overlapping text on top of the video image. Taking that video off fixed the errors.
  9. Some templates let you put a banner with some text at the top of a Products page. Otherwise, the main workaround is to have the Products page unlisted, and make a page in navigation that incorporates both text and summary blocks that show the products. You can set it up so that the summary block shows the title, price, description, etc. or however you choose. Usually then you make it so that clicking on a product in the summary block takes the user to the product on the Products page so they can read more detail and make a purchase.
  10. Since this site doesn't sell anything, would your wish list plugin be useful for this, Paul? Or can the viewer using the wish list not add any notes at all? A plugin to make this possible would be very handy for a lot of us, if it didn't replace the shopping cart.
  11. For each blog post, your settings include an Options tab. Here's where you can view the automatic url for that specific post, and change it to a different one if you like. When you link to that blog post, use Page, then go to that blog page, and after the "blog/" (or what url your blog uses) add that specific url. Of course, don't add the "blog/" twice. When you're doing a lot of these internal links, it's handy to copy and paste the urls to a notepad or some similar text note.
  12. Interesting. Can you explain how using the Announcement bar for cookies solves the issue of not being able to give a user a chance to say yes or no to cookies, and to set preferences?
  13. What happens if you add a social media block under each image? Or you could make each image a blog post, and enable sharing. These approaches would work best with templates that show the separate icons and not just the basic sharing image. I wish all the 7.0 templates offered that.
  14. I enjoy puzzling over other designer's problems here without any pay for my time. More relaxing than when a client is paying!
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