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  1. Will Paypal supply the code, or do I need someone to write it for us? Does the code go on each separate product listing? Or just on the product page as a whole?
  2. Site URL: https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ My client's competitors offer PayPal credit options right in the shopping cart -- to spread interest-free payments over 4 months (Pay In 4) or 6 months. Is this possible in Squarespace? If not, is there a viable workaround that preserves the standard shopping cart? Inventory management isn't an issue for my client as he handles it a different way. There are other "split payment" options available besides PayPal. My client just already uses PayPal so that's the first choice if it can work. He does have a button link on his site that leads to the 6-month credit option. Any way at all to add a credible interest-free payment option to a squarespace site?
  3. I could never get the test site uploads to stop just making duplicates with new SKU numbers. So I duplicated the real site again, and selected 3 products from the same page to export. Tested importing those back -- worked fine. Changed prices on one. Worked fine. That's a baby step toward uploading a whole page, but it's encouraging. Images look fine, no duplicate SKU numbers. Tech support had told me that my problem was that I hadn't used the format of their upload sample csv, clearing the contents of the Product ID, Variant ID, Product Page, and Hosted Image URLs -- just keep those column headings. I stopped getting rejected uploads but of course that's when the upload created copies with new SKU numbers and usually, no image. The new uploads of the 3 products didn't clear any column contents at all, so I'll keep testing more elaborate spreadsheets tomorrow.
  4. Site URL: https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ Last December I tested the whole bulk editing process on a copy of my client's site, so I could be sure the same procedures would work on January 1 when every price had to be updated. Now I'm in the same process for an August 1 update, and have not succeeded yet in making any test imports work. Of course the test site uses different SKU numbers, so I export the test site inventory, make a test change, and import it back to the site. The import result is just duplicate products with completely new SKU numbers -- no change to the products displayed on the test site. It worked so well last December that I didn't make many notes on how I did the bulk editing...except for notes on how to get the variants updated. Tech support hasn't solved this with me yet. Anyone else have ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Meanwhile, I'll keep trying different things and if I find a solution, will post it here.
  5. I had a similar problem when I wanted to offer tiny originals with or without an easel, with a choice of easels, at heartpainter.com. Decided to publish the easels as separate products, categorized by the size of tiny painting for which they were appropriate. I made it clear on the easel product pages that I'd only sell them with purchase of a painting. Frames could be separate products in a similar way, on the same product page as the original paintings, categorized by the size painting they fit. This also gives you the option of different frame styles or colors. Be sure to tag as well as categorize, which will make it easier to use summary blocks and to link to paintings and frames from event or blog entries, painting gallery pages, etc.
  6. Not sure what help you're asking for. What I did for a client with a lot of products was figure out the best way (from a prospective customer's point of view) to organize the products into product pages, and within those, into categories. I added tags to make it easier for me to filter products for blog pages and summary blocks. This can be hard work, but it's just part of the job. Some 7.0 templates make this easier than others. See https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ for my example. The Bedford template I used makes it easy to navigate categories within a menu item.
  7. Beverly, I read your question and the solution about making a blog post easy to print, but when I looked for examples from sites that seemed to be related to your post, I couldn't find any. I looked at the blog posts from the veterans newsletter site, and then from the design company that made it. No dice. Do you have an example I could look at? 

    Thanks in advance!

    1. beverly


      Thank you, Catherine. I appreciate the time and effort. I was able to find CCS for a print button that seems to do the trick. I used it on the veteran's site, but then he decided he didn't want a print option, so I removed it. Thank you, again. 


  8. Site URL: http://https%3A%20heartpainter.com An example might be at https://letsgo.studio/ I'm not positive that I'd want to use this...but it intrigues me. Doesn't seem to slow site loading.
  9. I found a solution to the cookie banner that lacks a yes/no option but still satisfies me as an improvement over what I had. I added a link to the banner text "cookies" to a separate Cookies in secondary navigation, which also summarizes a Privacy policy. I'm sure that this draft of the Cookies page will be improved as I go on. It's a start.
  10. Site URL: https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ Tips, please, on how to list dimensions for a product that will always ship in more than one package -- because part of it is drop shipped from another location. Some of my client's products are shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse in Buffalo, NY. Other products are shipped separately from my client's own warehouse in Texas. A customer may combine these in one order. And my client offers some packages as products -- which combine products from both locations into one product. Need help in thinking this through! My client really, really wants to switch from shipping by weight, to carrier-calculated shipping. Fine for most of his 420 or so products, but not for these complicated ones. Some of you must have solved this! Please help!
  11. Paul, sorry I wasn't clear. I meant, could you add the missing Shopping features to the list you posted about the main features Squarespace lacks, referring to your link "You'll find my list of the missing ecommerce features here." It could help others who are considering Squarespace for a commerce site.
  12. Paul, could you add to your list of features Squarespace lacks, the shipping features? That's where I'm thinking about switching a client to another platform. Shipping issues are driving us nuts. Part of it is the inability to test carrier-calculated shipping on a site copy with just a few products. The only option seems to be to add dimensions to over 400 products of varied sizes, just to test to see if it works well for my client's needs. The other big shipping issue is carrier-calculated shipping for foreign sales.
  13. Would you mind sharing why you were considering switching from Big Commerce? I keep looking at other commerce solutions because my client is so frustrated by Squarespace shipping options.
  14. Site URL: https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ Need tips on best practices for an "overnight" price increase on over 400 products that takes effect on Jan. 1. The maximum prices are set by the manufacturer, so the prices can't change on the site till that date. The site has 8 separate product pages, each with quite a few categories and of course, tags. Have studied the bulk editing directions, with concern about matching existing images. Also, many product descriptions include bullet lists, which the bulk edit directions say could cause the import to fail. There are probably hyperlinks as well. And some products are in more than one category (on the same page). A few products are duplicated on other pages but with different urls and All we need to change are the prices -- nothing else. It's a shame that the Inventory list says nothing about the product page. I have realized that I can make a copy of the site as it is before trying the bulk editing. Maybe do a test run on one page of the site copy. Would really appreciate tips because the timing is going to be short and it must work!
  15. Not sure what you mean. With the Bedford template, each product collection page (which might be what you mean by a store) shows the categories within that. See for example https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/fuji-spray-guns
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