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  1. Client just sent me a Google Search Console warning for products. (Submitted site map Friday, Dec. 20.) Is it possible and also advisable to add any of these variables? I guess it would have to be a code block added to each product? (As I recall, there are 394 products.) https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/
  2. I'd try setting up the number of attendees as options within the product. Each option can have the price you set. You'd need to do this for each course. You can add a form to the course product also, if you want the buyer to able to choose more selections (like a specific date among those you list on the form) or names of attendees. The nice thing about the forms is that you can make one form and then use it for more than one course or other product.
  3. So there's no way to provide customers a way to see their previous orders?
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