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  1. FWIW, I just discovered an issue with my android phone and tablet, using Chrome browser, showing only the first image in a summary block list. It was fine earlier. Apparently this is an issue with the latest Chrome android update, and is resolved by uninstalling the updates. This takes Chrome back to its "factory version" and for me, did resolve the problem. So I'm wondering if there's something similar with some iOS browser updates. You might try clearing your browser's cache on your devices, then setting either your phone or ipad back to its earlier version of your browser, then restarting it. If that resolves the issue, of course you can let Apple know, and put a note on your site to alert viewers. I just made such a note on one of the sites I maintain: phelps refinishing fuji spray/news-1/chrome-updates-on-android-can-keep-some-images-from-showing
  2. It's OK. I realized that setting the sidebar to fixed is not good for mobile. And making the site great for mobile viewers takes priority.
  3. Site URL: https://heartpainter.com/ Any recommendations for shipping integration, based on experience? Shippo, ShippingEasy, and ShipStation all look like good candidates.
  4. Steve, your site looks wonderful! I like the way images pop into view gradually on the landing page and then as one scrolls down on an inner page. And your photography work is stunning.
  5. Site URL: https://heartpainter.com/ Discovered a major mistake I'd made in redoing my heartpainter site. Might save someone else some trouble. I'm using Wells, so navigation is in the left sidebar. I had thought it would be convenient for viewers if I set the navigation sidebar as fixed, so they could hop to another page after they'd scrolled down a bit. Works great on desktop. On tablet, it made it impossible to scroll down the navigation to see some of the secondary nav. Even worse, it caused trouble with turning the tablet view from vertical to landscape. Totally wrecked the page. (Text overlapping, no images, just a mess.) Using the back button restored the proper landscape view, but still...awful! Simple fix was to uncheck the sidebar as fixed. Hope this keeps someone else from making this mistake.
  6. Ah. Problem came up again -- from mobile menu to landscape view wrecks the site (overlapping text, blocks messed up etc.) Luckily I also noticed, checking the site on my tablet, that by fixing the sidebar I made the site more convenient on desktop, but made it impossible to see scroll down to see some of the secondary nav. When I unfixed the sidebar, the mobile menu to landscape now works fine. It's possible that this was my problem all along. Not sure.
  7. Site URL: https://heartpainter.com/ I remember reading that it's important to make sure every page on a site that you want indexed for SEO, is linked to at least one other page on the site in an outgoing path. Avoid dead ends that might stop all pages from being crawled. I have my product pages unlinked, because I can introduce them better on regular pages with summary blocks. (I'm using Wells template which doesn't let me show any introductory text on a product page.) The specific items in the blogs ("Stories" and "FAQ") already have links back to main pages. I could add a link to each product (in Additional Information) if that would be a good idea. What do you think?
  8. Jennifer, I find your comment alarming. I don't understand what you mean by "based on affiliate basically." It's a site that shows my own paintings and offers them for sale.
  9. I agree about transferring the G Suite to Google. When I was researching this for a client (and for my own sites), I concluded that it's better to start out that way and forgo the free year.
  10. Site URL: https://heartpainter.com/ Parts of my site works best when blogs and product pages are shown on linked pages that have both text and summary blocks. I have page descriptions and SEO descriptions on the linked pages. Not sure about the unlinked pages. Do these pages also need page descriptions and SEO descriptions? Or would adding them just interfere with Google's attention where I want it: to the linked pages in navigation. Background info: The individual products in the product pages have their own SEO descriptions, and the images have alt text and descriptive file names. Two of the unlinked pages are in blog format: Stories, and FAQ. Each post has its own SEO description, and images have captions and descriptive file names. The sole current event in Events also has an SEO description. I don't think that matters for the past events. So...will appreciate advice on whether or not to add page descriptions and SEO descriptions on those unlinked pages! Thanks in advance.
  11. I just left the mobile menu background the "nav active" color and everything works. Maybe it's my imagination that the menu background used to be black text on white. I've been working to revise the site over the last three weeks or so, but it had been a couple of years since I changed anything or scrutinized how everything looked.
  12. I just left the announcement bar the standard color. Everything works as long as I do.
  13. I found some custom css here that I put into Custom CSS as below, changing background to white. This recreated the problem of clicking on a mobile menu, then full size view, wrecking the design completely. So...any ideas as to why? I took the code out and the problem disappeared, but there must be a way to get back to a plain white menu in mobile views, with black text. Much easier to read and less distracting. Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS @media screen and (max-width:768px) { div#overlayNav { background: red; } }
  14. Site URL: https://heartpainter.com/ I changed some site design colors today, and didn't notice for quite a while that if the mobile menu background color is now the same as the "nav active" color, with white text. It used to be white with black text, which I'd prefer. Or at least, I'd like to be able to adjust the menu background by itself. This seems weird to me. I'm using Wells template, if that matters.
  15. Site URL: https://heartpainter.com/ After I changed the background color of the announcement bar (because black looked kind of harsh), I encountered huge problem in preview modes (tablet and phone) and in real life tests. On tablet, (Samsung Tab A 10.1 S pen), switching from vertical view to landscape view made everything in the design wrecked -- I didn't take a screen shot, but some nav links overlapped others, there was basically no organization among blocks. In mobile, clicking on a menu item did the same even in vertical view. It was just luck, since I'd made a lot of changes today, that I tried changing the announcement bar back first. That fixes it. However...I don't see why...seems as if the background color of the announcement bar should have zero effect like this. Ideas?
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