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  1. Here's what worked best for me in the CSS Editor: // Reduces the spacing between the Menu nav text and the site title/logo #mobile-navigation-label { max-height: 10px } // Reduces the padding and margin around the logo/title div.siteTitle.sqs-frontend-overlay-editor-widget-host { padding: 10px !important; margin: 10px !important; } // Reduces the padding around the navigation #nav { padding: 0px !important; margin-left: 40px !important; margin-top: 10px !important; } // Reduces the headers overall height #container { margin-top:20px !important; }
  2. It looks like reducing the size of the site title / logo is the only option for reducing the height of the header for desktop and mobile. I wrote a custom code solution to reduce the height further for both that I'm posting here in case it's helpful for others.
  3. Here's what worked for me in the CSS Editor:
  4. Just looking to hide the blog post pagination / navigation that displays at the bottom of individual posts where it says "newer post" and "older post" with links.
  5. It looks like a platform update changed the way the underlines work, so this should work for Text Block underlines instead now. Either site-wide in the CSS Editor: a {text-decoration-line:none !important;} Or page-specific wrapped in <style> tags in the Page Header Code Injection: <style> a {text-decoration-line:none !important;} </style>
  6. Here's what worked for me in the CSS Editor: .header-burger {display:none}
  7. The navigation is empty on this version 7.1 site but the navigation icon still displays for mobile, so I'm looking to hide that.
  8. Here's what worked for me in the CSS Editor: .Site-inner--index {background-color: red !important;} Just replace "red" with your own color code and that should work!
  9. Looking to update the background color for the access denied screen for Member Areas on a Brine template with version 7.0 when using the Index Page specifically.
  10. Wanting to hide the "Sign In" link from the site navigation that displays automatically when Customer Accounts is enabled on a Montauk site.
  11. Here's what worked for me in the CSS Editor: .tracks .title a { font-size:22px !important; } If you want to increase the track title and the time display on the right use this instead: .tracks .title a, .track-time { font-size:22px !important; }
  12. Looking to increase the font size of the tracks titles on the right side of my Album Page and there's no built-in style for this.
  13. Here's what worked for me in the CSS Editor: .header-menu-nav-item a { font-size: 20px !important; }
  14. I'm not finding an option with version 7.1 yet to adjust the mobile navigation font size, any options?
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