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  1. OMG. You, are a Prince! Thank you so much!! I love it.
  2. OH! I really like how you did that!! How did you do that?? I am not a coder, I'm a designer who tries to code and usually ends up crying over her keyboard instead.
  3. Hey! I've had a terrible time trying to get data tables of prices to work without using markup blocks. I don't want to use markup because I want the data to be in my SEO and searchable on the site. I also need the client's staff to be able to edit the tables easily and all that markup frightens them. I didn't want to use any third party thing such as embedded google sheets etc. I needed it to be beautiful. Obviously. I'm frustrated by the lack of help from the once amazing squarespace support as all I get is canned answers and links to help articles I have already read. SO! After much thrashing and raging I FINALLY worked out a solution where I use the menu block to layout the data price list in an intuitive, searchable, responsive way. Have a look below: https://kate-burns-9zlf.squarespace.com/squarespace-table-issue Yes, it does require rejigging your data, yes, it does require you thinking in a different way about presenting a lot of information, no it is not good for all data tables. BUT! I think it's pretty good and keeps inside the world of squarespace. I thought it might help some people so I'm posting here. Thanks!
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