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  1. I am going to sound stupid right now and have to say, I truly don't remember how I did it (turned it on or off). I just know I need it (personally that is). I know it doesn't provide total protections, but it does deter.
  2. I have 7.0 and would like to increase the space also. Would this custom code work for the spacing. I don't need the color, I just need more spacing. https://www.impromptuphotography.com/
  3. I would like to know this also for 7.0 https://www.impromptuphotography.com/
  4. Site URL: https://www.impromptuphotography.com/marketing-templates I keep getting this error all over my site. What's up? com/marketing-templates
  5. I have many digital products that I want to discontinue at the end of the month, but their standing on Google is not one that I want to give up or even break the link. Is there a way to have a digital product show as discontinued? I am working with the Avenue template also.
  6. This is for a photographer. I know I can get the slide shows to play. I would prefer this layout and just automate it (I hope that makes sense). https://www.rachellangloisphotography.com/?fbclid=IwAR0O1wx_cI-juX9bfRhKYohiPP1DC4jUTh-_qBHT0x_k7vBlZzhj2BpQvgg
  7. I am trying to get the "reel" to play also in a 7.1 template. If I am understanding all that I have found it's not possible in a "basic" plan? Seriously they need to tell you that in a clearer manner. I am digging and digging and can't find the "proper" answer to this.
  8. I am trying to figure this out also. The images are there but they won't play.
  9. My pages are set up as index pages and can do this in the old 7.0 Avenue template no custom code. Check your template.
  10. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!!!
  11. This code is AWESOME it worked really well on the Avenue Template as well. Now I have a brandless catalog for my clients. THANK YOU!
  12. https://www.impromptuphotography.com/ Thank you!!!! Sorry for some reason I didn't get a notification you answered.
  13. I did not use a code..... I used the files, folders and galleries.
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