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  1. Hello! I have a personal plan and I am wondering if it is possible to link a g suite email to my account to the URL I have registered through squarespace?
  2. Site URL: https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/ How do I set the opacity of the search block to be fully opaque? The following code works perfectly: .search-input {background-color: #50bdb8!important;} when I do this code nothing happens .search-input {background-color: #50bdb8!important;Opacity:1!important;} What am I doing wrong?
  3. Site URL: https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/archive/magicalcrisis Hello! password= test my site uses the maple theme which is part of the brine family, because of this it is supposed to have ajax loading/lazy loading of images. The ajax loading works properly on normal pages, but does not work on blog posts, this is especially clear when viewe on mobile, the images on the blog load slowly because there are so many high resolution images that are all being loaded out of order, so even if the viewport is at the top of the page, resources are being used to load images at the bottom thus making image loading at the top very slow this page works properly with the ajax https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/testajax this blog post does not https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/archive/magicalcrisis I only have the squarespace personal plan, I know that there is a lazy loading plugin available for plans with code injection however I would prefer not to upgrade just to get lazy load when it is supposed to be included. How can I make lazy load/ajax load work properly for blog posts on the personal plan while using the brine theme? it is my understanding that this is supposed to work automatically and is a bug. Is there a work around without upgrading?
  4. @humxahafeex thank you so so much for this- this is incredible and almost completely fixed the issue I have 2 questions~ 1. right now the nav bar looks absolutely perfect thank you so so muchπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ the only issue is that on blog posts the nav bar overlaps with the blog post title on mobile (see screen cap) - is there any way the code can be appended to fix this? 2. This strange thing happens on mobile when I view on mobile, if you have the site open and are scrolling down, then scroll to the right side, somehow the site gets confused and there becomes this weird blank nether zone where the site has no background in one third of the screen and all of them elements are kinda stuck halfway outside of the viewport-any idea what is going on/thoughts on an easy way to prevent this? (also attached image below)
  5. Hi @humxahafeex! Thank you so much for this this is so wonderful to learn that this is possible without the business plan!! Unfortunately I am so so basic with my understanding of CSS I am a bit confused how to implement this. Do you ever do installations of such code for pay? If so would it be possible to hire you to implement it on my site? Thank you so so much again!!
  6. Site URL: https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/ hello! https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/ password=test Are there any Lazy Load plugins or scripts that I can use with squarespace 7.0 on the personal plan? I am familiar with the plugin made by SquareStudio however I believe this requires Code Injection as made available by the business plan and I do not want to upgrade Thank you so much!!
  7. Wonderful thank you so so much for your help!! I am hoping to make the mobile nav menu match the desktop including the presence of the ARCHIVE, CONTACT, and TEXTS boxes- if you have any advice/code on how to achieve all of this in addition to making the header logo overlap with the banner this would all be infinitely appreciated!! Thank you so so much again!!
  8. Can you please clarify something for me- I do not want to use gallery block I don't think unless I misunderstand what gallery block is I simply want to put a summary block that shows my most recent blog posts on another page in 7.1 How do I do this? Thank you!!
  9. Site URL: https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/ https://plane-tunny-45nr.squarespace.com/ password=test Hello! I am very happy with the way my site looks until I view it on mobile- the header looks awful on mobile but unfortunately the brine theme does not allow disabling of mobile styles How can I make the mobile site render as close to the desktop version as possible? I have the personal plan so cannot do injected CSS, only custom CSS via the design menu I would be interested in completely avoiding all mobile re-styling if possible- but if this is not possible I would like to make the mobile navigation render as close to the desktop navigation as possible I have tried to use the following code to bring the logo and header down to overlap with the banner but it does not seem to work- can anyone recommend code or any other solutions to bring the header down to overlap with the banner? Also would LOVE to find a way to make the rest of the navigation render the same way it does on desktop ie. the boxes that say CONTACT, TEXTS, ARCHIVE rather than having to click into the menus /*Custom CSS Code for Brine Template – by mcdigitaldesign.com.au*/ /*Mobile Header Bar – Sit Over Banner Image*/ .Mobile-bar-branding { z-index:3 !important;} .Mobile-bar-branding {position:absolute;} .Mobile-bar-menu { z-index:3; padding-top: 60px; } .Mobile-bar { position:absolute; } /*Mobile Header Bar – Padding*/ .has-logo-image .Mobile-bar-branding { line-height: 0; padding-top: 60px; } /*Mobile Bottom Bar – fixed*/ .Mobile-bar–bottom { position: fixed !important; } /*Mobile Banner Content – Padding*/ @media only screen and (max-width: 1060px) { .Intro-content { padding-top: 150px !Important; } }
  10. Hello! Is there any way to make a blank space above the video banner in the Maple theme? I'd like the navigation menu and site title to be on top of a solid color and have the video begin below it I have the personal plan without css injection so this probably means I cannot create sections of the index page that are very vertically short correct?
  11. Thank you so much for this- this is extremely helpful to know!! I would love your help in figuring out how to do this in 7.0 - thank you!! How do I go about making the second summary block display the next batch of posts? ie- if the maximum blog posts in a grid is 30- The first summary block contains posts 1-30 How do I make the second do 31-61 The third do 62-72 fourth do 73-103 etc etc?
  12. Hello! I am trying to build a site in squarespace 7 I want to set up video backgrounds on some OR all of the pages- BUT I want them to be full page backgrounds- not just video banners, and I do not want to use cover pages, I want to use video backgrounds that fill the entire page not just a banner zone How can I set up full page video backgrounds in version 7? Is there a specific template that is best for this?
  13. Hello! I am experimenting with creating a site in squarespace 7.0 How do I make page elements such as gallery carousels full bleed / full width? Are there certain templates that one must use in order to achieve full width page elements?
  14. Hello! I am experimenting with creating a site using squarespace 7.0 How do I go about creating a full width/full bleed gallery carousel with autoplay? are there certain templates that are better to use than others for this? I am currently using Momentum but the gallery pages which are carousels do not seem to allow autoplay, and then I insert a gallery block into a blank page it is not full width- is there an easy way to make all page elements full width on a blank page in version 7? Thank you so much!!
  15. That Makes sense, however I cannot find Summary Block in the insert menu in 7.1 at all Where do I locate it?
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