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  1. Sorry - I edited the URL after my post! This should work> https://itsjensworld.com/art-prints-wall-shelf-desk-art/abstract-interlocking-shapes-no1-art-prints-wall-decor
  2. Site URL: https://itsjensworld.com/abstract-interlocking-shapes-no1-art-prints-wall-desk-shelf-art Hi, I'm on version 7.1 and have inserted a Gallery section into a page. Where do I (or can I?) find the font alteration settings for the captions under the Slideshow Reel? Thanks, Jen
  3. Hi, I'm in Version 7.1 and I want to increase the vertical spacing/padding between items in the drop down menu. So in the attached image, more vertical space between "Doodle Line Art" and "Lino Print Stars" etc. Also, I might want to change the font highlight colour when a submenu item is clicked on/selected, so if anyone has any code for that, it would be appreciated. Thanks
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