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  1. @tuanphan Any ideas for this one? Thank you for looking
  2. @tuanphan Slightly more complex - I have a pointed divider that was added with Squarespace's new section divider styling (see screenshots). I have applied it to the bottom section on all pages including the blog list. I also want it to appear on the blog post detail pages but there's no option in the design menu for this (I have already sent a support ticket to Squarespace to add in this feature). I want the pointed edge to appear below pagination on ALL blog post pages and also work with the footer reveal coding added in so the footer reveals behind the divider on scroll (See other pages for proper functionality). I was able to add the design to the bottom of the footer to pull the coding from if needed but there is no option to add the design to the top of the footer. https://housestudios.squarespace.com/ pw: house
  3. Thanks @tuanphan Would this work with a footer reveal too? How do I add the divider to the top of the footer? I only see how to add to the bottom of a section? I've added to the bottom for testing here: https://housestudios.squarespace.com/ pw: house
  4. @tuanphan @bryncmorg I am also looking for a similar solution to this - I've utilized Squarespace's new section dividers to create a unique divider at the bottom (before footer reveal) of all pages for a client's site and the exception is that I am unable to get it work on blog post pages because I cannot add a section below the blog post. https://housestudios.squarespace.com/ pw: house
  5. @ZiggyWe are using iOS and it's specifically the pagination links to nav between portfolios - requiring a double click when trying to navigate on mobile. Works fine with single-click on desktop. No code for hover effects, although site animations are turned on.
  6. Post updated Site: https://ocelot-tomato-8d52.squarespace.com/portfolio1?password=ginger
  7. Hello - I am trying to solve for the double-click links on mobile that is happening when trying to navigate portfolios on mobile. The pagination links require clicking twice to actually navigate. This post says it may be the site animation but how can I turn off site navigation for pagination on mobile only? or on the mobile site as a whole on mobile only? Is there a better way to solve for the double-clicking of links on mobile to make it single-click? Site: https://ocelot-tomato-8d52.squarespace.com/portfolio1?password=ginger
  8. @paul2009 Running into this problem too, except I am using Fluid Engine to create an overlapping moodboard with captions, thus unable to go back to classic editor without a bunch of messy CSS to get the images how I like. The caption locations are not resizing appropriately for tablet or mobile or smaller screens (mobile I can adjust manually but not tablet or smaller screen sizes). Has there been an image caption solve for this yet? Site: https://www.alisonspada.com/work-iii-kc-copy/
  9. Logo placement looks good now but when you scroll down, the header still cuts the bottom of the logo above the tagline "Creative Direction + Brand Strategy" which in this case is embedded in the logo file. See screenshot. I want the header to cut below the logo tagline so you can still read it while scrolling (ie. more bottom padding).
  10. @tuanphan It is working but slightly buggy and the logo is not appearing at first when I load the site, only after I downsize the window and then make it larger again. and then when it is appearing, it cuts it horizontally when it scrolls down. Can you take a look? Screenshots: Thank you,
  11. @tuanphan Any luck here? Running into the same issue on another site. I added the above code but the logo is off-center https://www.alisonspada.com/ Looking for Logo (Center) and Navigation (Right)
  12. @tuanphanI figured it out 🙂 and got it to work in header on the specific pages I wanted with this code in the page header code injection: <style> .header-actions-action a[href*="substack"] { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/61e7443d8270c01ce2239916/t/6240b25db51f1159dbbe011b/1648407133383/substack2_blue.png); } </style> and on the social icon list in a specific block with this code in custom CSS: div #block-bf044cab69af258d3349 { .sqs-svg-icon--list a:nth-of-type(3){ background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/61e7443d8270c01ce2239916/t/6240b25db51f1159dbbe011b/1648407133383/substack2_blue.png); } }
  13. @tuanphan Close here - this code stacks the full event info into two columns like this: This code also only works on true mobile, not when I size my screen down to mobile on desktop - I'd like to see this here too. but i want to achieve different pairings side by side so it's: column one next to column two then column three next to column four + decrease spacing between these two rows so they look like they belong together then the next row (leave larger padding here to distinguish the next event) column one next to column two then column three next to column four and so on
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