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  1. Hi @tuanphan! No, I have not solved this yet. I am still not seeing any way to add folders or anything and am unsure how to code it.
  2. Hi there! I excitedly set up two Member Areas on my site for smaller group programs I'm offering, but I'm now working on a larger third one that will have much more content. Is there a way to organize the navigation? I would love to have folders with pages within them, but that doesn't appear to be a standard feature right now. Any coding or customizations anyone has come up with yet? I'm new to CSS, but am learning.
  3. I am struggling with something similar. Wishing there was a direct way within the Member Areas to offer a trial period or recurring discount, even different fee structures for the same content area (monthly and annual options for an example). I hope someone is able to chime in with some guidance or with any indication if this is on the radar for Squarespace.
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