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  1. I don't want to use the tag cloud, just the drop-down menu 🙂
  2. Hi vnx! Thanks for the tip! I tried putting that in the custom css block, but it just stopped the drop down menu from displaying anything at all. Was I supposed to put the code somewhere else? Thanks!
  3. Kind...of? I want EVERY single blog tag to show up in the drop down list (100s of them), but not to push down all the other content, and also for the visible list to be short and scrollable (since it will long). Seems like the archive drop-down menu will only display around 20-30 tags, when I need them all to be visible.
  4. Hi! I just started building a blog which will have around 300 entries when it is finished (an archive of past projects), and each post will have several different tags on it (meaning 100s of total tags). I am looking for way for the viewer to be able filter/browse ALL of the available blog tags somehow (that doesn't involve me buying a 'plugin'). I've tried the cloud and archive/summary options, but for some reason they only display a relatively small number of tags; there seems to be an invisible limit to what it will show. I can't figure how to to get any kind of block or cell to display EVERY tag in some fashion. Either I am overlooking a very obvious setting somewhere, or this is a pretty big design oversight. Fwiw, I'm using the Mojave template (Brine family). Thanks!
  5. I was just in touch with support and they told me it couldn't be done 😞
  6. Hello! I am building a blog (no public url yet), and I want the viewer to be able to browse the entries by tag, however when I put an archive drop-down menu in the intro section of the blog's homepage (Brine/Mojave...so no sidebar), clicking on the dropdown menu brings up the ENTIRE list (instead of a small, scrollable list) and it pushes ALL the blog content down to the bottom of the list. How can I code this so that the list drops down OVER the content AND is shortened to allow for scrolling within the tag list? Thanks!
  7. How can this be done without purchasing a 'plugin'?
  8. Hi all, thanks for having me! I've been into photography since the days of film, but only recently began to pivot away from web dev to full-time freelance photography. I'm based in NYC and shoot mostly portraits, events, and food. My portfolio: www.jinyc-photo.com
  9. Also looking for this as well!
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