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  1. I might do 🙂 bangank36 - I have got a question more!!! The header is not following the margins of my layout when i scale down. What do i do? 🙂
  2. Theres 60 posts with the same layout so i need a code thats targets all the posts. 🙂
  3. YES Thank you here it is! https://www.mikkelsengroup.dk/projekt/laboratorie-logistikbygning-bispebjerg
  4. I really need help with this. I can't figure how to force a single column layout for ipad. I want the mobile layout to be the same on ipad. Can some one provide me with the correct CSS code for this?
  5. Hi guys - I tried to find som already uploaded content, but i gave up since theres over 500 images. I thought ok wheres the filter button? Like date uploaded, or search for names. But i couldn't find it. Do you know where it is? I also thought ok i will just delete some of the unsused files. But i can't find that either. Im lost 😞
  6. So yesterday I experienced a margin error that occured all across my website, including my backups. Today the error corrected itself without me getting notified. It's so awesome that Squarespace fixes issues so fast, but what happened to the report? - If this issue occured for all 7.1 Squarespace users, why is that not announced in the status anywhere? Or did I just experience something odd personally even though I was told by your costumer care that it happened to everyone? Im really confused here.
  7. Why oh why won't squarespace increase this to a much higher number. I work as an architect and we have more projects than 20 i mean come on? - People have to make summeryblocks and all kinds of workarounds. It has been over 3 years now come on 😞
  8. I created 2 rows for 2 text blocks which looks fine on desktop, but on mobile the text is to far apart and it creates linebreaks. How can i reduce the spacing between the 2 text blocks? I need a css code to work on multiple pages like this I used this CSS code to create the rows: @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .sqs-row .row { display: flex; p{font-size:0.8rem!important} width: 100% !important; } }
  9. I found a work around. "Link the slideshow to a new page with gallery block, with lightbox." 1. Upload the content you want to lightbox in a new gallerblock page. (non linked page of course) 2. Add the lightbox feature in this galleryblock and hit save and see the preview of the lightbox. Copy this URL (from the opened lightbox window) and paste it in the desired link button on the slide show. BOOM now you have lightbox connected with the slideshow. hehe 🙂 Its a messy workaround beacuse you have to upload the same content twice 😞
  10. I need help with this. I dont know how to discover my blog post link. It' doesent change in the browser when going from blog page to blog post. How do i locate the right url?
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