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  1. Anyone else seeing their Squarespace site loading much slower on Android than other devices? I'm seeing average page load speed of 2secs on Safari but 11secs on Android Webview! This is the only browser with this issue & given how common Android devices are it's a big problem!
  2. Site URL: https://www.sussexseamstress.com Hi Anyone else see results like this in their Google Analytics? My Squarespace site seems much slower on Chrome than on other browsers. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your help, Paul. I understand your point, and that's helpful to know. Since writing this I actually tried adding PayPal as an option to see if that would improve things. I was expecting to see a Pay with PayPal logo or button, just as I see the Apple Pay button - however, all it does is adds "or PayPal" to the tiny text - no PayPal button or logo. So, although I understand your point & agree that it may not affect check-out as badly as I anticipated, I still regard this as poor usability, i.e. tiny, faded text that doesn't look like an interactive element of the page.
  4. Hi Is there a way to change the appearance of the "or check out with credit card" text on the checkout page? It is very small & very light, and extremely unclear on mobile. Even if the customer does see it, it doesn't look like either a link or a button. So usability is very poor IMO. The impression given is that only Apply Pay is accepted, which could lead to abandoned carts. See below. Many thanks.
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