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  1. Yes that's the one, many thanks for getting back to me!
  2. Hello! I use mailerlite to collect subscriber emails - I create the forms in mailerlite and then they give me a code to insert into squarespace. I have an existing working embed form in my footer for which I've changed the mailerlite fonts to my squarespace custom fonts because I can directly go into the code block and manually change the html font tags. However I've just added a pop-up form as well which works fine but it is generated only by the code injection I've inserted into my header. Is there a way to target this pop-up so I can use my custom fonts on the pop-up? Currently they are using a font I've set within mailerlite. I tried squarespace id finder but it didn't seem to come up with one for the popup. Thank you x https://www.whyyoucreate.com This is the header injection code I use for the pop-up: <!-- MailerLite Universal --> <script> (function(w,d,e,u,f,l,n){w[f]=w[f]||function(){(w[f].q=w[f].q||[]) .push(arguments);},l=d.createElement(e),l.async=1,l.src=u, n=d.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],n.parentNode.insertBefore(l,n);}) (window,document,'script','https://assets.mailerlite.com/js/universal.js','ml'); ml('account', '214425'); </script> <!-- End MailerLite Universal -->
  3. Does it matter the screen resolution / ratio of the size of window I choose to edit on? My pics are all 'fit' to block so if I design it on a different ratio than most people will look at it on then will that scupper the desired look?
  4. Ok thanks, I use a very large screen but don't usually edit using full screen so I can try that. Website; https://www.whyyoucreate.com/ Page from screenshots: https://www.whyyoucreate.com/strategy-sessions
  5. Hi all I've always had this issue and I wonder if it's something I've done wrong or just a quirk of Squarespace. Basically I go into edit my site, make all the text boxes the perfect size so they are as short as possible to fit the text inside. But then if I go onto my live site and change the size of my browser window, or look on a different device, huge gaps get added to the bottom of some of the text boxes. I'll put screenshots below... What I design it to look like: What it looks like if I make my browser window wider: Could anyone help me as I feel this looks quite unprofessional! Huge thanks, Bridie PS: this is my 'strategy sessions' webpage but it happens on every page I've ever made!
  6. Hello @tuanphan Thank you so much for your help so far. I'm finally returning to this and still want to correctly install it. I've worked out how to correctly add the code as well as the external stylesheets/pens that I'd missed before. However I still have the spacing issue I mentioned previously. I have identified the problem but I don't know how to fix it. In the Pen Settings under CSS, there is a bootstrap link to be added: Without adding it, the navigation on the left appears as bullet points (incorrect) - see screenshot below. But the code in every other way works fine. When I do add it, my whole webpage seems zoomed out... It affects the whole rest of the webpage too, see examples here: Can you suggest a way to fix this? I'd be so grateful!! Many thanks Bridie https://www.whyyoucreate.com/expert-session - this is the page
  7. Amazing, worked a dream. Huge thanks as always!
  8. Thanks @Ziggy! This worked for me as I was having the same problem. However as @CoorlasArchitecture said, there's still a "Script Disabled" warning underneath the code block, is there a way to hide that as well as so we can get rid of the spacing below? Attaching screenshot of this. The code I'm using is to embed a Mailerlite form.
  9. Oh that's worked brilliantly, thanks so much! And many thanks for the compliment, that means so much!!
  10. Hi, I think on all my pages the header text is scaling down to fit on the mobile width except for my contact page - for some reason the second and third headings on the page 'collaborations' and 'recommendations' are breaking across the page on mobile view. They have no custom css attached to them and i've tried removing all formatting, deleting and re-adding etc. Can anyone spot the problem please? It's this page: www.whyyoucreate.com/contact Password: cr3ate
  11. Ahh I knew it was going to be something 'silly' like that, thanks so much for your help!
  12. Thanks so much for your quick reply! I'm a bit of a beginner so not 100% sure I follow everything you've said, but to check in case of clarity, it's these links that are not going red for me: the first and third bullet point. I'm only trying to get them to go red automatically using the 'Site Styles' area, not custom css. (I think perhaps you are referring to my header button... as I had just tried changing that as want it lilac only on the homepage but then realised of course it changes it on every page so might just leave that to change with the theme...unless you know how I can get use custom css to have it a custom colour only on the homepage?)
  13. Hiya, I've set my header links and text links to be red on this theme in Site Styles yet only some of them are correctly showing as red. Does anyone know why? https://www.whyyoucreate.com/contact password: cr3ate PS: the 'book a pr chat' link is H1 tag for SEO reasons, but as said above, the header links are set to be red so it should work, and in any case, the ordinary text link '@whyyoucreate' is also not working. Thanks so much to anyone that can help.
  14. Hiya, thanks, that code has helped - the code now is confined to the block perimeter, however there is still some weird spacing issues with the page... it should look like this one which is a duplicate without the code block: https://squid-raccoon-pxc9.squarespace.com/prservices And for me the tab links still do not work 🤔 All pages still password - cr3ate
  15. Hi @ReformDesign - though refreshing the forum many times last week I have only just seen that you replied, and you were so prompt too, so I apologise for my delayed response. This worked great, thanks so much!
  16. Hi! I am using the "Simple List" block on my homepage and it's not using my header font automatically for the section title and the button is showing up smaller than all my normal buttons. I've tried using custom css to fix but it doesn't work. Could someone help me fix the code? Cooper Hewitt Heavy Italic is my header font that I want it to be but it's using my body font (Kollektif) - both are custom fonts I've uploaded. On the same wavelength, the button in my header is also smaller than all my other buttons, so if it's ok to ask at the same time, I'd love the code to correct that one too. https://squid-raccoon-pxc9.squarespace.com/ password: cr3ate Thanks so much! .list-section-title p{ font-famiily: 'cooperhewitt-heavyitalic' !important; font-size: 4.5rem; } .list-item-content__description * { font-size: 1.2rem; } .list-item-content__button { font-size: 1.2rem; }
  17. Hi again, sorry I've also just realised that the links don't work - so the first one (Website Development) seems to jump the page to that link so that works but none of the others (Graphic Design etc) don't change the content 😞
  18. Thanks so much for the code @tuanphan 🙏 - one thing, the width is overrunning the block size and actually overrunning my website. Previously I had the width as 100% and it stayed within the confines of however big I made the actual block, is there a way to have it function like this? https://squid-raccoon-pxc9.squarespace.com/services password: cr3ate
  19. Ah no, so I've completely bulldozed into this without knowing what I'm doing at all. All I did was add these three codes. Is it easiest if I start afresh if you're able to let me know what code to put where? Or I can share with you the code I've used so you could see what's missing? Whatever is easiest... Thank you so so much! Bridie
  20. Ohhhhh dear apparently it's still not working even though I updated the links. When I visit the source url the font is there so I'm not sure why it's not showing for other people?
  21. Ohhhhh thank you! So I hadn't deleted them but as this was my second trial, I'd reuploaded the fonts but not changed the links in the code. Thank you for being my brain 😊
  22. Hi all, I've installed some custom fonts on my website by adding them as custom files then using custom css code. It works fine for me, but my husband just logged in as me on his computer to check and they don't work. Just wondering if this is because I'm still in trial mode (thinking the fonts haven't fully uploaded or something) or if there is an issue with my code? Could be a totally stupid question but not sure how to know!! Thanks so much https://squid-raccoon-pxc9.squarespace.com/ password: cr3ate
  23. Hi all! I'm using this code https://codepen.io/jhawes/pen/PPeBOp to create a tabbed content block to show my different services. I've added the HTML and JS as code block and I've put the CSS into my Custom CSS. I've also put JQuery code into my header using Code Injection. I've been having a good go at this for a few days but come across two things I can't seem to fix and wondering if anyone would kindly be able to help. When I paste the unedited HTML in, the side navigation links didn't look like JHawes. Firstly they showed as bullet list, so I took away the 'li' tags and made them divs. The side navigation was also not highlighted the way it is in JHawes code. Taking away the li tags did give the text a highlight but it is just around the word and not the full width of the side tab as it shows in his code. Anyone know how to do this? I'm still in a Squarespace trial but when I preview the site the first link (Half day) seems to work as it jumps the page to the top of that section, however, when I click on the others 'full access' 'power hour' etc, they don't work. So grateful to anyone that can advise. https://squid-raccoon-pxc9.squarespace.com/ password: cr3ate
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