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  1. This is resolved btw by squarespace! So if anyone else had this issue like we did, the shipping options are now working in descending order.
  2. Unfortunately, UPS has a bug at checkout and I brought it up to squarespace. We've had to turn off UPS on both of our websites currently until this is resolved. Yesterday our sister company, vibrantcoffeeroasters.com showed issues with UPS - it did not default to the cheaper option first at checkout (our $5 flat rate fee based off of weight), and it showed our UPS option first for $13 vs. what checkout is supposed to do, show the cheaper option. So we had to turn off UPS for now until it gets resolved. Today, our website, backyardbeans.com, would not show the free shipping option first (with automatic coupon code). It has always shown that one as first. Instead it decided to show UPS as the first option which has created confusion among our customers. They have to actually CLICK on the USPS option to see the coupon now apply. Which is incorrect. We've been using this platform since 2015 and this year we've been seeing issues with the Automatic Free Shipping Coupon -- not sure what is happening with checkout but clearly there is a bug. Is anyone else having these issues if you're using UPS as an option at checkout. We had to turn off UPS for both websites now.
  3. Here is another example, we are noticing it is happening with orders that are 10lbs + ...
  4. $193 - $31.20 = $161.80 not $173.70 --- it definitely has the discounts calculated correctly but it is not giving the free shipping anymore.
  5. Hello Squarespacers! Lately we've been getting e-mails from customers telling us that our website is charging them shipping, and we've been noticing this happens with orders that are 10lbs+ -- we offer free shipping on all USPS orders over $40, but the website still wants to charge shipping no matter what on larger weight orders. Has anyone been experiencing this lately? We've been running our website on squarespace since 2013 and have not had this issue before... ever! We also contacted squarsapce but they gave us a very vague email saying they wouldn't know when a fix would even happen. Here is a screenshot of an order I did today... if you do the math the total should be $161.80 NOT $173.70 -- what is going on here?!
  6. Hello everyone, How can I make the next size up the default for my squarespace 7.1 store? Currently it shows the cheapest option as my starting point, but the cheapest option is just a sample size. I'd like for the starting price to begin at my 10 oz option vs. the 4 oz option. See my store here: https://www.vibrantcoffeeroasters.com/shop/coffee If anyone has a solution for this that would be great! Thanks, Amanda
  7. Site URL: https://www.backyardbeans.com/catalog Hello Circle Members! I'm looking to remove breadcrumbs on only one shop collection which is located here www.backyardbeans.com/catalog -- I do not want to remove the breadcrumbs completely or I will lose breadcrumbs that I have set up at www.backyardbeans.com/shop -- is there a way to make sure that shop breadcrumbs can only appear on the /shop and not have them show up at /catalog? See my screenshot, I don't want the green text (the breadcrumbs) to show up for this shop at all. I only want it to show up for the one that is /shop... I'm also using Squarespace 7.0 Thanks!
  8. Yes, we are using subbly for subscriptions now because we have better control over the process. But that's not what the customer is talking about. I believe he is talking about this page before you checkout (you can only update quantities, and you cannot update grind options or sizes)
  9. Site URL: https://www.backyardbeans.com/shop Hi! I got this comment from a customer checking out today, and to be honest it is not the first time we got this: Your ordering site needs work. The patron must be able to change quantities without deleting and reordering. Does anyone know if this is possible? Is this a limitation on Squarespace? If so, does anyone know if Shopify has this as an option? We are looking to redesigning our site with a new launch this Summer, so if we can make improvements that get customers a better experience, I'm all for it. Thanks!
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