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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Does the Squarespace have any built in API to retrieve all the discount coupons from the merchant's site? I am from Constant Contact's software development team and here we are trying to integrate Squarespace with Constant Contact for our customers. We have a use case to extract the discount coupons from the Squarespace merchant site to Constant Contact. I was looking into the API documentation of Squarespace and couldn't find any API or webhook to extract the discount coupons. Can some one please help me on this?
  2. Site URL: https://www.naamnom.com/checkout Hi, On the checkout page, the default filler text for the Discount Code is "Discount Code" ... I want to be able to write "Care-Pon Code" . Please Advise! Thank you, Oshri
  3. Hello, I've recently opened up a membership community using the Squarespace Member Area feature. After a few months of testing we have come to a massive road block with regards to how membership fees are processed. We have a few beta members and we would like to offer them a few discounted months after purchasing while they test out the site. As well, in the future we would like them to be able to receive discounted months every time they refer a friend to sign up. What we have discovered: 1) Discount coupons can ONLY be applied at the time of initial member area sign up. There is NO WAY to discount any future monthly purchases or offer any type of referral program. 2) If you ever modify the purchase price of your membership area, it only impacts future purchases. There is NO WAY to modify existing members membership fees. Squarespace support suggested work around was ask our members to cancel their subscription, re-sign up at a reduced rate and then ask them to cancel AGAIN and sign up for a 3rd time at a new full rate!!!! I cannot believe that this is their actual solution. How unprofessional would that be for us to ask members to cancel and re-apply not once but twice. Apparently there is a feature on the Commerce side of SS that you can pause monthly subscriptions to products, however this same function is not available to the member area. I then tried to see if this was something I could manage in Stripe when processing their payments, but it wouldn't work. I would have to still CANCEL all my members in SS and then set them up as reoccurring payments in Stripe. This cannot be because as soon as I cancel them in SS they lose access to the membership area. If anyone has ANY recommendation on how I can get around this it would be greatly appreciated. I assume we will need to find a third party processing work around or move to an alternative platform that can manage things like discount coupons for existing members and allow us to have affiliate benefits.
  4. I am working with a client who has their customers buy packages at times for a set number of sessions. They get a code to enter and are supposed to use it as they book all sessions in the package. They forget sometimes and will book without the code. How can I go in after the fact and apply the code? Acuity tells me it not valid when I try to edit an appointment that has occurred already.
  5. helioshealth

    Coupon code

    Hi Everyone , We have just enhanced ecommerce feature on google analytics to retrieve data from square space. We place a test order with a coupon code at 20% off but don't see to see data in google analytics coming up? we can't even track coupon order n square space? Is there anyone that can explain how to track coupon order ? can we do it per product ? Thanks
  6. Does Squarespace not send the Coupon Code over to Enhanced Ecommerce reporting in Google Analytics? I'm not seeing them come in with orders. Thanks
  7. Ayodele

    Coupon code

    Site URL: https://musiciangeargarage.com Hello, I'm trying to setup a coupon for my store, but I couldn't get it setup to suit my desire functionality. I want to add the coupon to some selected item, and I want to maintain one code, I have tried to create it one by one for each product by squarespace asked me to change the code as it has been used before... How can I use a single coupon for selected products. Thanks
  8. Site URL: https://www.dirtkitchensnacks.com/checkout Hi Community, Is there a way to make automatic discounts apply after the customer selects their shipping method on the checkout screen? We'd like for customers to receive the discounts after the shipping charges are displayed. The problem we would like to avoid are customers seeing the automatic discounted subtotal and then being discouraged to make a purchase because the price increase after the shipping charges are added.
  9. I am trying to setup integration with an affiliate program. I'm sending an XHR to the affiliate on order confirmation (using the code-injection tool), but I can't figure out what the SquareSpace variable is to get the discount code. I need to include this in the JSON I'm sending. Does anyone know what that variable is called? What I have already is below. I've tested it with hardcoded data to confirm that it does work correctly, but I need to know what that "coupon" variable is on the SquareSpace side. <script type="text/javascript"> let request = new XMLHttpRequest; request.open("POST", "AFFILIATE_LINK"); request.setRequestHeader('Api-Key', 'APIKEY'); request.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json'); request.send(JSON.stringify({ "coupon": promoCodeThatINeedFromSquareSpace, "amount": {orderSubtotal}, "customer_id": {customerEmailAddress}, "external_id": {orderID} })); </script> Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Site URL: https://www.helensword.com Greetings from New Zealand! This is my first post, so I hope it works :-) Just wondering if anyone else would like to ask the Squarespace developers to make it possible to link coupon codes to the monthly or annual option. We are just finding it a bit difficult offering membership options that are greater than one month at a time recurring, and less than annual membership. Thanks, Victoria
  11. I have a user who has now used a free shipping code on two orders (separately) even though I have the box checked in the discount code as "limit once per email address". Am I missing something? I feel like this shouldn't be allowed. I don't want to necessarily cancel the order over a shipping charge but I also don't want it to keep happening. I've never had this happen before. Thanks!
  12. Hello all! I have a client using Squarespace's Member Areas to store and sell educational video content. We're now starting to work with university bookstores to sell semester-long memberships to the different member areas. The bookstores want us to sell them coupon codes which they can then, in turn, sell to students for a set price. The student enters in their purchased coupon code upon registration, which in turn provides them with 4 months access to the member area and educational content. Currently, we can create unique coupon codes within Squarespace for this, but I have to manually create and set parameters for each individual coupon code, which is wildly time consuming when we've got an order for 50 codes. (I have to name each code, type in the unique code, set the start and end dates, specify that it can only be used once, that it can be used for member areas, etc.) It's also not easy to view all of the different coupon codes -- Squarespace has it set up like a list that you have to scroll through in a side bar, I haven't found a way to view them all on a more spreadsheet type of list, which makes it difficult to check on the status of different codes (if they've been used already, etc). Can anyone think of a better way to create & manage these codes?
  13. Site URL: http://youreperfect.studio When creating a coupon code for a fixed $ amount off, users cannot choose an item less than that amount because it gives an error that a discount can't be greater than the cart amount. Is there a way to enable this? It seems like an obvious thing that if a user of my site has a $10 off promo code they could use it to get a $6 item at $0.
  14. Site URL: http://www.idonthaveaurl.com **I do not have a url because I am just getting into using squarespace right now. I want to know if this is even possible before buying a bunch of plugins and subscriptions. This is kind of complicated... but I really need help so any kind of advice is really appreciated. I have a business that I am starting and I need a very specific type of website for it to work. He is an example of what I would need it to do. *Website has membership access* Member logs in, sees a list of vendors with exclusive coupons. User clicks on a "coupon" that can be used a total of 3 times. Once the user clicks on the coupon it is open for 10 minutes before it closes. Once it is closed the user can only access that coupon 3 times. (it can be a one time use button or a button that is allowed to be pressed three times) This information is saved on the users account. I know this is kind of complex and is kind of a weird scenario, however this is really the only way that a website would be beneficial to my page. I am new to squarespace so any ideas as far as good plugins to look into, specific code, tips and tricks, anyone who has done anything similar. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the help. Thank you so much for reading this.
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