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  1. Hi Ziggy, Thanks for your reply. I did this but unfortunately there is still a tiny gap - any ideas? Thanks a lot for your help
  2. Hello all, I'm designing a new section for my cleint's home page and would like to use alternating half page images, however I keep ending up with a tiny gap in the middle. Is there a way to make them align perfectly in the centre? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to change the colour of the title on one of my client's portfolio tiles on the home page from black to white on hover (see image attached) Tried to get the section ID but it's obviously selecting the entire portfolio. Can anyone help? https://shark-bumblebee-p366.squarespace.com/ Thanks in advance
  4. I didn't even think to look here 🤦🏼‍♀️ thanks so much!
  5. Hi there, I used the following code to position my client's logo in the center of all navigation on desktop (split navigation). Works well, however on mobile the logo is positioned on the left. I've tried a few things but can't seem to move it to the center. Is anyone able to help? site password: guardswell2023 Many thanks!
  6. Thank you Ziggy. You mentioned earlier hiding second and third events to stop tiles from stretching. Have you done this before? Would you mind sharing how if so? Thanks so much
  7. Alternatively, is there a way to display text only for all days - ideally in square format. I think it's the combination of image and text that really doesn't work for me! Thanks 🙂
  8. Hi there, I'm looking to find a way to prevent the tiles/thumbnails on my clients calendar from stretching vertically when we upload multiple events. As you can see in the image attached it looks pretty messy. Is there a way to keep them square format, but still hover over text to see more? Thanks in advance for any help! https://orchid-aardvark-ly75.squarespace.com/events
  9. Still nothing on this? I have one client who is looking to move platform because there's been no progress with this 😞
  10. I have several clients who would really like the ability to set weekly recurring events on their calendars. Please keep us posted of any updated 🙏 so much time wasted duplicating and changing details on weekly events.
  11. Hi there, I am trying to change the default link when a user clicks on a thumbnail image on an events calendar item so that it takes them to the contact page (https://bobcat-purple-8ttl.squarespace.com/contact) rather than open up an event listing (blog) page. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I'd like to replace the gallery block arrows/navigation with a custom image, like below. I'd ideally also like these to appear on the outside of the block, rather than over the top of images. Any help much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Hey Tuanphan, if you have any advice it'd be so appreciated 🙏 thanks
  14. Hi, thank you but sadly this hasn't seemed to work. I removed the previous piece of code - but maybe I'm missing something?
  15. Hi Tuanphan, I've actually just had a request from client to change the arrows to images of sideways facing hearts instead... And ideally display these on either side of the gallery block, instead of on top of the images. Do you have any advice for this please? Appreciate all your help so far! Images attached incase useful, but I know I'll need to upload these to the site custom files.
  16. Thank you @tuanphan! This worked, but I wondered how I can make the line/stroke width thicker/bolder too? Thanks
  17. Sorry, the pages below: https://bobcat-purple-8ttl.squarespace.com/civic-house https://bobcat-purple-8ttl.squarespace.com/civic-house-2
  18. Hi there, I tried using this same code for a slideshow on my website and nothing is changing. I've used similar code on other sites before and worked fine. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks! site: https://bobcat-purple-8ttl.squarespace.com/ password: eventful2023
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